It wasn’t “the moving-day” today either πŸ‘😊

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you during this days, weeks and months we all are going through,- together 🧑

The plan was that my oldest son and his friend should been moving out from my home today and into their own home 🏑. But that didn’t happen this time either 😊. It’s feels a bit like they are glued into my home πŸ˜…. Just kidding,- but I need to admit, – with or without any quarantine and curfew, I m seriously ready for them to move out now 😊. But it’s not going to happen this week, either 😊. At the same time I know I’m one of the lucky mature parents during this quarantine and curfew time that’s actually are available to see, talk to and hug one of my children every day πŸ’™. But I’m also allowed to be tired of living together with my oldest son as well 😊. And to be honest, – I think he is a bit tired of living together with his mammi too 😊.

This time is not the quarantine and curfew that’s stopped their moving- plans, but my oldest son’s visits to the hospital this week. I’m not sure how many times he have been at the hospital in just some few days now, or how many tests he has taken. The good thing is that the doctors are following him up, and he will be treated for the infected bump he has. But we don’t know just what day they are going to move the bump, do the surgery. Hopefully it’s soon 😊.

In Spain the children lives together with their parents a bit longer then we are used to in Norway. But they live together differently then us from Norway, and it is more a part of their culture and traditions too,- to live together in generations. We are not used to that in Norway, and it’s not so big part of our traditions and cultures either.

I remember I did write a post this Autumn (October 2019) about a new area in my life πŸ˜…. About “my children moving out”, and about “finding myself”,- just be me, living in my own and just have the responsibility for me,- more and less 😊. And at that time I had a bit mixed feelings about to be and live alone, because that is something I actually haven’t done very much since I became a mammi in 1994. At the same time as I was really looking forward to just be me. Well,- that “new area” didn’t last very long. My daughter moved out in the beginning of October 2019, and my oldest son and his friend started moving into my home in the end of January,- and they are still living here πŸ˜….

I was actually starting to get very used to live on my own, and actually also enjoying it as well,- and felt my “freedom” slowly was entered into my life 😊. But not for to long πŸ˜….

The plan was that my son and his friend should starting moving out around 12. March,- but then Spain did closed down for two weeks, and then for two more weeks, and so on. The “closing down” feels like it never will stop,- but “soon” it will. We all actually know that, even it doesn’t feels like that 😊.

The boys have now fixed all the paper they need to have, so they can move legal in the quarantine and curfew time. So that part is fine. They can actually move out today,- if it hasn’t been for the different appointments my son have at the hospital this week.

The hospital will be more then one hour driving from their new home, and from my home it’s more and less 15- 20 minutes to drive. And when my son has two appointments during a day, one in the mornings and one in the afternoons it’s easier for them to just stay here until he get a “ready-signal” from the doctors to move as well. And of course be done with the surgery he is waiting for. Hopefully that one will be done soon 😊.

But “soon” is a word with different “definitions” or maybe its more correctly to write “understanding”,- so what’s “soon” for me, or us, are probably not the same “soon” for the doctors? I don’t know. What I do know,- is that my son hasn’t been at the hospital in general every day, twice a day if they haven’t taken this infected bump he has, seriously. So in this “case” I think both me, the two young men in my home and the doctors at the hospital have more and less the same understanding for “soon” 😊.

I need to admit,- even and no matter how much quarantine and curfew it is,- I’m very, very ready to live on my own for a tiny little while now 😊. I know my daughter is probably going to stand outside my door with her suitcases in the end if May or beginning of June πŸ›. I have knew this for a while, but it would be nice to just have some weeks on my own before my next child is moving back home 😊. I actually don’t mind to live a bit on my own now, even its still quarantine and curfew. I don’t mind at all 😊. The quarantine and curfew will not last “forever” anyway, one day it’s over, and maybe that’s “already” 10. May? 😊

I really love my children, to the moon and back again, and even a bit more then that too ❀. And I don’t mind to help them out a bit with staying in my, and also in away their home, for a while to help them out 😊. But I’m at the same time finish with “raising up”, and this “daily taking care of” and the responsibility it is to live together with my children (or some one else). Yiu know,- the animals don’t either live together with their children “forever”. So I think it is a part of “the life wheel”,- to move out, live on your own, get your young adults lifes, at the same time as we parents get our mature lifes when the children are “out of the house”. I don’t think I’m “the exception” that’s want to be on my own when the children are young adults 😊.

I don’t think I’m going to get a living together boyfriend for a long time either, – if I do meet a boyfriend 😊. I did had something “going on” before Spain “closed down” 15. March. I haven’t told you very much about that,- but I will one day 😊. And Im not sure anything is “going on” on that “area” anymore, either 😊. It’s a bit difficult when you’re not allowed to go out from your home to meet and see someone, and this “going on” is, or was, actually also very new 😊. Then it is also this “out of sight out of mind” is dropping by,- at least it is a bit like that for me 😊.

But I have also learned that we should never say never,- because we don’t know 😊. And it’s maybe and probably also a bit different to live together with a boyfriend then together with your young adults children, and also someone you never had choose to live together with if it wasn’t for the quarantine and curfew? 😊 But at the moment I’m a bit “hungry” for just live on my own,- with or without quarantine and curfew,, and hopefully start to “fling” a bit again too 😊. And I also know my oldest son and his friend are very ready to live on their own as well 😊. So,- maybe next week I will start living on my own again for a tiny little while? I actually don’t know anymore πŸ˜…. First of all,- I hope my oldest son will get well very soon πŸ’™,- and then we take it from there 😊.

I’m sending you a lots of good thoughts 🧑. I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧑.

See you soon 😊

My oldest son and me are both very ready for “a moving out” session 😊

Today was a new “moving- out” and “moving- in” day for my oldest son and his friend 😊. But that didn’t happen this time either πŸ˜…. I think they had glued their butt in the home here πŸ˜…. No,- just kidding 😊. Things happens, and plans changes,- something most of us know and had hopefully also have learned during this quarantine and curfew time we are living in 😊.

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