What is a “decent” job,- and why are some professions defined with “just a …” ? πŸ€”πŸ€

Hi❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you during this days, weeks and months we all are going through,- together 🧑

I have asked this question “What is a decent job ” a couple of times, and I did also write a post about it last Autumn 😊. I have heard from others around me tell me to “get a decent job”. My kids have heard it too, not from me, but from others around them,- “get education and get a decent job”. Even my students parents, when I was a teacher at high school in Norway, did ask me “will my child get a decent job with this school grades?”

So,- what is a decent education and a decent job? πŸ€” I have a tiny bit impression that it can be about “title, how much you earn, how long education, what kind of education”,- but this is just my impression……and an impression I have got by listening to other people around me when they have been talking about “decent” jobs. But I may be wrong.

But is a decent job a “title”? Or how much money you earn? How long you have been studying? Your education? Or what? How happy you are in your job? That you do a job you like and enjoy to do? Or a job that makes other people (understand as parents or close family/ friends) proud of you? Is a decent job to be a doctor of any kind, or type in the items in the food store? Roll up toilet paper on the roll? Or make different kinds of soaps? Pick up the garbage, or be a lawyer? Work as a teacher or nurse? Or fix the cars? Be a gardener or be a taxi driver? Be a writer, artist or entertainment of any kind? Work at a callsenter with costumer service and support of different kinds? Be a cleaner or a bartender? Take care of older people, children, and take care of animals? The list is long 😊. But are just “some” jobs in our society more “decent” then others? Are some professions more important then others in our society? And in case,- why? πŸ€”

The impression I have from other people around me is that to work in a food store, put the differents items in the correct shelf so its easier for the costumers to find the items, or take paid for the different items,- with other words, – work in a food store is not the most “decent” job you can have. Or create toilet paper, or make soaps. It hasn’t been very “decent” to work in a callsenter either,- even most people actually are calling a callsenter because they are costumer and need advice, service or help with their different products. That can be the plane ticket, or mobile phone, it can be the alarm system or the internet and so on 😊. To be a taxi- driver hasn’t been the most “lucrative” work either, or cleaning up after others, for example at the hospitals. There are actually a tiny bit of a list over “not the most lucrative jobs to have”, or “not a decent” job or profession to do πŸ˜”.

Have you heard someone say “I’m just a…..” and then mention what they are working with? I really don’t like this “just”! Most of us are not just in our work and working situations, in our profession. And why do they say “just”? They have heard and learn it from somewhere, from someone, from some place,- that they are “just a taxi- driver”, or “just working in the food store”, or ” are just a cleaner in the hospital”, or “just working at a callsenter”, or “just roll toilet paper on rolls”, and so on. Because this “just” doesn’t dropping by, totally on it’s own in a sentence !!! It comes from a place,- and in most situations it comes from people who think and mean that their job and profession are much more important then others.

You don’t hear many say “I’m just a lawyer”, or “I’m just a businessman/ woman”, or “I’m just a police “, or “I’m just the prime minister or president” πŸ˜‰. And a couple of more professions.

So why does some groups of profession define their work with “just” and others profession don’t even think about using the word “just” about their profession? πŸ€”

Just repeat my self now,- I know πŸ˜‰. But they have learned it from someone else, and from somewhere that their profession are “just”, and in general they have, unfortunately, learned this from people and persons that think, feel and mean that their job and jobs are more “decent” then the taxi- driver or the cleaner, the employee in the food store or the customer service agent at the call centre, and so on.

But let’s take a tiny little look at what kind of professions that’s actually are working now during the quarantine and curfew? Who do we really need to be at work now during this time? It’s “just” the taxi- driver who drives people to and from the hospital. It’s “just” the employees in the food store, it’s “just” the costumer service agent at the call centre, it’s “just” the cleaner and of course a couple of more. This is just some examples!

Of course all the professions in the health sector like nurses, doctors, porters and carers and some more,- always will do an important job, and always will be necessary in our society πŸ’›. And the police in their own way, as well as teachers and some others professions. It’s not this professions I have in my mind today. My focus today is what is actually “a decent job”, and why define so many great and necessary people their necessary job in our society as “just”? πŸ€”

In my mind mostly all kind of professions in our society are decent jobs and not a “just” job. There’s also exceptions here as well as there are in every “subject” in the world and univers. No rules without exception! But one thing is for sure,- we really do need the different people and their different professions in our society to get “the society wheels goes around” 🎑. And now, during quarantine and curfew, I really hope most people around us have learn and see that πŸ’›.

I hope that all the people that have been using “just” about their professions stop using that word. I hope all the people who think their job are more “decent” then someone else job, stop thinking that as well. I hope that during this coronavirus and Covid19 time we have learned that we all need each other differences and the different professions that are around us. I hope we have learned that the employees in the food store are just as important as the nurses, and that taxi drivers are just as important as the doctors, and that the garbage- driver is just as important as the police.

What should we have done without them who “just” create the toilet paper? The toilet paper was one of the first thing that it was empty for in most of the stores in most of the different countries during the lock down. What should we have done without those who “just” are mixing the soap? The soap we are using several of times during a day, and even more now at days then before.

Hopefully the imagination and impression for what “a decent job” is,- and “I’m just a……” will change a bit now….it’s on time…. πŸ€.

I’m sending you a lots of good thoughts 🧑. Be proud of you self and your profession 🧑. I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧑

See you soon 😊

Me at work from my home during the quarantine and curfew time 😊

Some will say my job as a costumer service agent on the phone is not “a decent” job πŸ™„. And some costumer service agents will also say they are “just” a costumer service agent on the phone πŸ˜”. Why are some professions and jobs more “decent” then others?πŸ€” And why define some employees their professions and job as “I’m just a…”? πŸ€”

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