My first born child and oldest son is 26 year today too πŸ’™

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊. I hope all is fine with you during this days, weeks and months we all are going through,- together 🧑

Today it’s 26 year since I became a mammi for the first time,- and it was to a lovely son πŸ’™. He was the sweetest baby I have ever seen πŸ₯°. And I was so proud of him πŸ₯°,- and Im still incredibly proud of him πŸ’™. He has been growing up to be a great young man, an entertainer and with a creative mind, a hard worker man and a dreamer too πŸ’™. And a man who really work, he work hard to reach his dreams,- and he will reach them too,- every one of them,- step by step, little by little πŸ’™.

And,- as you probably know, – at the moment he is living together with me, his mammi,- 5 weeks “on overtime” because of the quarantine and curfew we are living with here in Spain 🌻.

The plan was that he and his friend should live together with me for just some weeks to save up some money, and to find a good and cheap place for them to rent and live, and also a place where there was allowed to have animals. My son has his dog Zorro, and his friend have two cats. Lucky for them the cats and the dog gets along 😊.

My son’s ( and his friend too) plans and wishes was actually to buy a caravan each and start to re- build those, at the same time as they started to “drive on the road” for finding a cheap place to rent, and continue the re- building- process at the caravans there.

Their “dream” are to drive on “a road- trip” “around the world”. Both have jobs that also does this dream possible for them both, actually possible to realise. They can work, earn money and also be on a road- trip and have fun at the same time 😊.

I was not very thrilled over this “caravan- idea” in the beginning. But that’s because I’m his mammi,- and a mammi with some worries about if something should happen with him and so on….. I forgot that he is actually a young adult man 😊. To be honest,- it was mostly my own “selfish” reason that made me feel this not to thrilled over his caravan idea and dreams. So I needed to take a tiny “deep dive” into my self and “analyse” why I wasn’t so thrilled and happy over the caravans idea and dreams. And most of my “analysis” ended up with “it was about me as a mammi for him” and not because I didn’t want him to follow his dreams 😊. Difficult to explain, but I think parents to young adults children actually understand what I mean 😊.

Anyway,- I really don’t want to take this and his dreams away from him,- but I needed to get him to change them a bit. Something I’m really happy for now ( and he too 😊 ) ,- when “suddenly” coronavirus and Covid19 “entered” our life and world. Imagine those two young men “on the road” during this times we are in now πŸ˜”. With two unfinished caravans, no place to work at the caravans in a decent way, and on top of that two cats and a dog to take care of too πŸ™„. And also be living with quarantine and curfew as well. Well,- it didn’t “ended” up like that at all,- phuha 😊.

My suggestion to my son, was to find a cheap place to live first, before they bought any caravans. A place with enough place and space for both the two young men to live and work, and room for “all” their animals as well, and also enough place and space so they could start re- building their caravans in the way they want to have them, and also use time so everything in the caravans and re- building process will be safe.

My son was not to happy over my suggestion in the beginning, but his friend was agree with me. They stopped very fast to look after caravans for sales and the possibility for re- building,- and started to look for their “prefect” place to live at the same time as they could start building up their “road- trip” dreams 😊. And they did find their “perfect” place in the mountains, just one hour driving trip from my home. A small finca with enough place for two young men, two cats and a dog, and it’s cheap as well to rent,- and with a lots of place and space outside for starting re- building two caravans, and without any neighbours they can distribute when they are working with their dreams 😊.

The plan was that they should start moving their things and stuff Sunday 15. March and sleep their first night in their own home Wednesday 18. March. Those plan did change a bit when Spain did “close down” Sunday 15. March. No moving was allowed at all,- and they needed to start to “collect” different papers and promotion to move to “their” home legal as well. Not the easiest job to do when you’re not allowed to move outside the door 24/7 except from in very few and necessary cases.

Now the different “moving- papers” should be in order, and they are allowed to move into their own home. But,- then my son got sick, and the moving- plans needed to change a bit again, at least to the doctors also did allowed it. Because they, my son and his friend will live more and less one hour from the hospital. Not the best distance when he has been at the hospital nearly every morning and afternoon for closely the two last weeks 😊. But,- he is going to have a surgery on Friday now,- and are allowed to move this Saturday, – if everything goes well under and after the surgery 😊.

Now my son, and his friend, will have his/ their own place to live, to work and to start realizing his/ their caravan dreams and road- trip dreams too 😊. And they will have more then enough time to do a good and safe job with the caravans as well as their road- trip plans,- because they will not be allowed to travel very fare with their caravans for a long time 😊.

Spain is slowly going to open up a bit 10. May, and then, slowly, step by step, more and more things will be legal to do 😊. But any caravan trip will not be allowed with the first 😊.

In this case and this situation I’m happy things in away happen the way they has happen for my son,- even that was actually not “the plan” at all, at the same time it seems like the “correct” puzzle- pieces have in a strange way fallen down in the correct places in “the picture”, in my oldest son’s “picture”. Maybe it sounds strange in a time like we all are going through at the moment,- but there are actually some good things too in this “corona- situation”. Some “puzzle- pieces” that fall in the correct places, unfortunately, just because it is a “corona- situation”.

My oldest son will be able to do and follow his dreams, just not in the speed and tempo he had planned, but a bit more slowly and safer tempo instead πŸ’™. Something I know its good, because he can have a bit of a rush when he have got something on his mind, and it’s not always he thinks through things and stuffs to well then 😊.

We haven’t had any birthday- party today, but I did made chocolate- cake, and a plate with some other snacks too, to this two young men, so they have something to “dig into” during the evening and night when they are working 😊.

I’m a incredibly proud mammi for my oldest son, and I love him so much ❀, – and I know he will reach every single goal, dream and wish he puts into his mind πŸ’™.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧑

See you soon 😊

My oldest son is 26 years today,- and I have promotion from him to use this photo in my blog πŸ’™.

My oldest son is 26 year today πŸ’™. I’m so proud of him πŸ’™. And I love him so much ❀. And I know he will reach every tiny little goal, dream and wish he have in his mind πŸ’š.

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