…and suddenly “everything” just happen so fast πŸ‘πŸ›

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you during this time we all are going through,- together 🧑.

And there this two young men I have been living together with during the last 12 weeks “just left the building” 😊. Everything happen very fast when it first happen, this moving- day we all three of us has been waiting for 😊. We just didn’t know it was today, this afternoon 😊.

The moving- company did texted my son at daytime today, and could be ready to help my son and his friend with the moving- process already 2 hours later, and of course at that time when I did started at my schedule working hours in my home,- so I wasn’t even able to help them out, put things and stuffs into the cars πŸ™„.

And I really did get mixed feelings about it all,- I actually felt a kind of sadness at the same time as I felt a bit “relieved”, and also so very happy for my son and his friend too 🧑.

Sadness because I was not able to help them or give them a good “good bye- see you soon”. I was working and couldn’t leave the line. And also sad because I don’t know when Im going to see him again. And sad because, yes, I do miss my son already, – even I know this are the best living situation for both of us,- to not live together 😊.

I felt relive because now they will get the space and place they need, their own home, and they can for real starting to live their own life, and start working for real with their dreams 😊. And I felt a bit relieved to be able to get my home “back again”, my life back again, and have not boxes and bags “everywhere”, and also be a bit just me, not a mammi for awhile. Because I very easily “falling” into my mammi- role when I live together with my children, even when they are become young adults 😊. And I’m so happy they don’t need to wait anymore for moving, it has been a tiny exhausting situation for them also to wait.

I should wish one thing during this 12 weeks, and that is that I had have a bit more time, alone- time together with my oldest son. Just me and him πŸ’™. I didn’t have that during this weeks. But maybe, one day, an other day, we can spend some time together, just him and me? I hope so πŸ’™.

I’m not sure when I see my son or them both again, hopefully it would be not to long. He is borrowing my car now, so he needs to come back with that one day,- and I’m also going to visit them “up there in the mountains” one day 😊. Something I really looking forward to do πŸ₯°.

I was a bit nervous for their driving trip up to the mountains this afternoon. Not because I thought anything could happen with them in the car, but because I, unfortunately, know the police can be a bit “crazy” even when you have your paper in order. So,- it was actually the police I was worried about,- but all went well. Their trip went well,- and my son did exactly what he did promise me to do,- called me up when they was got to their new home 🏑.

I’m very, very happy for them. And it was suddenly so very quiet in my home 😊. A kind of quietness that was a tiny bit strange and also a bit “scary” in the beginning,- but very nice and relaxing after a couple of hours, and when I did started to re- organize my home back to “normal” again 😊.

I’m so grateful for this “living together time” I have had together with my oldest son during this 12 last weeks πŸ’™. We have been tired of each other, we have really wanted and wished for an other living situation, and we have been waiting for this day to come all three of us,- and it wasn’t the most ideal or best living situation we had, but still good enough under the circumstances. And I’m so happy and grateful for every second he was here, my son, in my home ❀.

If we had knew it would been 12 weeks and not 3- 4 as we thought, I had probably organize my home differently for this two young men 😊. But okay,- it became the way it became 😊. And even we has been tired of this living together situation, and tired of each other I’m still so, so grateful for this time, this weeks together with him, my oldest son ❀. I actually can’t find big enough words for how grateful I m for this time with him, this weeks ❀.

And I know when my daughter as well as my son in the middle are moving back home, there will be days where both them and me wish that we wasn’t living together 24/7. And that’s normal when my children are young adults and I’m a mature woman 😊. But I also know I will be so grateful for every second I’m going to live together with them both as well,- even both them and me also are going to be a bit tired of each other and the living together situation ❀.

I really love my children so much, I can’t actually explain it with words ❀. And I love to have them all three around me,- but I don’t want to live together with them “forever” ❀.

Now I’m going to live alone for some weeks, and try to enjoy that time, before my daughter and my son in the middle are moving back home during the summer,- and are going live together with me for some months 🌞.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. Thank you so much for dropping my blog today too 🧑.

See you soon 😊

A tiny bit of my son and his friend things and stuff,- ready for moving ot from my home and into their new home 😊. And my car in my son’s new home, and a tiny part of their house, up there in the mountains 🧑

The moving-day we have been waiting for just suddenly did “showed up” this afternoon πŸ‘πŸ›. And my oldest son and his friend are now putting things in order in their new home 🏑. I’m very grateful for this 12 weeks together with my oldest son πŸ’™.

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