Trying to “find” my natural hair colour by using Coca Cola πŸ˜³πŸ˜…

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you during this time we all are going through,- together 🧑

I’m not using a lots of my time on different online channels, but in the beginning of the quarantine and curfew I did read closely “everything” that was to read online πŸ˜…. It was very much about the coronavirus and Covid19, and the different situations around the world,- natural enough 😊. And also some other things and stuffs to read,- like washing your hair in or with Coca Cola 😳.

If you wash your hair with Coca Cola it should do at least three good things for your hair,- make thin hair look a bit more “fluffy”, shiny and also make your “natural” colour come back. Or at least make your hair lighter if you had been a bit unlucky with the home- colouring, and it became a bit to dark under that “process”.

Well,- my hair is a very Scandinavian hair,- so it’s not thick and “fluffy” if I don’t “style” it a tiny bit. And…well,- I have been colouring my hair for a while,- we talk years actually πŸ˜…. The last year I have actually been colouring the hair close to the roots one time every month, in my home. Because this hair has became a bit lighter then I actually did like πŸ™„.

During the last year I have been pretty sure that this “new” light hair is grey hair 😳. I’m good in my 40’s, and my menopause is “just around the corner”. Things and stuffs are happen with my body as well as my hair,- just because I’m getting older. That’s the way it is, – but I’m still not “prepared” for or “ready” to get grey hair πŸ™„.

I’m not the biggest hairdresser visitor either. Im going to the hairdresser once or twice a year. I get very bored to sit in the hairdressers chair,- even when I try to knit, read magazines or take look on different online media channels on my phone. At the same time I really want to go to the hairdresser now at days. My hair is a bit quarantine and curfew hair at the moment πŸ˜…. And with different colours and cutting combinations too πŸ˜….

I haven’t coloured my hair for at least 2 months now, I can do it if I want because I have home- colouring in my home, two boxes actually. But I’m also a bit curious about this “new” colour that’s slowly showing up in my hair. So I did think “why not try to find a tiny bit out about that or this new colours in my hair when Im in quarantine and have curfew anyway? ” 😊

Last Spring when I was to my hairdresser I did “whined” a bit about my “new grey hair”,- but my hairdresser told my that it was not grey, it was more like light brown or dark blond hair, but not grey. I didn’t believed her, I thought she just told my that to in away “comfort” me 😊. But now,- a year later I m not sure any more,- maybe my hairdresser was correct last Spring, and maybe I actually don’t have got grey hair, yet, but it’s just lighter the new hair that’s grown out? And then it can looks grey, special in between the different dark colours I have in my hair, and in different lighting? And to be honest,- I’m actually not sure what colour my natural hair are anymore. It was dark brown one time, but during pregnancy and things like that, the colours can, of course, been changing a bit. And of course,- I have been colouring my hair during many years as well.

I have also cut my hair, twice, during this quarantine and curfew time. First time I did ask my oldest son to cut it a bit, because its looked like I had take my fingers into some electricity. He is not a hairdresser and it was actually his first time he did cut someone else’s hair. His “hairdresser” job was okay enough, but I did cut a bit more my self a couple of weeks later. I’m not sure how clever this two “hairdresser- sessions” in my home was,- but well,- it is what it, is at the moment. And as long as I do manage to style my hair in a way I feel comfortable with, the only day in the week I m outside my home for shopping food and run some other errands, I’m at the moment okay with my “hair- situation”, but still very curious about this “new” colour in my hair.

I have ask both my son and his friend now a couple of times if there are any grey hair in my hair. Both says no, it’s just lighter, and also when I take a look in different light- settings on my own, my “new” hair looks lighter, and not grey. So, I’m starting to believe that maybe there’s some light brown or dark blond hair that wants to grow out, and not grey hair, yet ☺️.

I have try to take some photos of my new light (or grey 😳) hair in different lighting,- but its difficult to find out if it’s grey hair or light brown/ dark blond hair that’s growing up. And yes,- home hairdresser cutting gwas not the cleverest thing to do as you can see πŸ˜…

That’s also why I did try to wash my hair with coca cola this morning, or wash is not correct. I should, in a way, wash my hair with coca cola, and then rull my hair in, with still the coca cola in, into a towel for around 30 minute before I then washed my hair in the “normal” way with shampoo and conditioner. I wanted to find out what colour my hair actually have, so I wanted to try do wash out the other colours with coca cola this morning πŸ˜…. If it also became “fluffy” and shiny it will be a plus ☺️.

After my tiny coca cola hair wash,- it was not easy to try to show you the tiny little lighter colour changing with being my own photographer πŸ˜…

And in case its grey that’s “shows up” I have some home- colouring to use. If not,- I’m going to try to just have my natural hair colour, and try to get use to that 😊.

Well,- after my “coca- cola session” my hair colour did change a tiny bit and become a bit lighter. But not more “fluffy” or shiny πŸ˜….

My hair colour didn’t change as much as I thought, so I’m going to try this coca cola trick one more time. If that doesn’t help to see what kind of colours that’s actually are under all the other colours I think I’m going to try to squeeze some fresh lemon juice in it. And if my hair gets extremely electric or dry after the lemon- trick,- well then I can try to “calm it down” with some olive oil, aloe vera and advocate. And if that doesn’t help,- well then I just need to do the best of it until the hairdressers are open again here in Spain,- and that can be, maybe in June? πŸ€”

Coca cola for my hair, fresh lemon just in case I need to fresh up the new light colour,- and even new colours in case “it all” becomes a big mistake,- and olive oil, advocate and aloe vera in case my hair needs a really nice treatment after this “trying to find my natural- hair colour treatment” 😊. So,- yes,- I’m a bit “hair- prepared” πŸ˜….

The good thing with hair is that it is grows out again,- and there’s different “styling- solutions” to use in the meantime. I don’t like bad- hairdays,- I think most of us don’t like that. But I need to admit that during this quarantine and curfew time I’m just putting my hair up in a ponny tale,- closely every day, except from that day when I’m going to the food store. So I will probably “survive” some more bad- hairdays in my home before the hairdressers are going to be open as well as the possibility for socializing together with my friends too 😊.

I’m actually a bit vain when it comes to my hair,- but during the last 6 weeks I haven’t used very much time and energy to style my hair. At the same time,- I’m dreaming about my next hour at my hairdresser even that’s probably 2 months in the future 😊. And I’m also very curious about this new hair- colour that has trying to show up as best as it could during the last year 😊. I’m not ready for grey hair, but still curious 😊.

How are your hair- days during this quarantine and curfew time? Are you looking forward to be able to visit your hairdresser soon? 😊

I have in one way accepted my “hair- situation”, I haven’t to many chooses πŸ˜…. At the same time I’m doing my best to style my hair when I’m going outside my home for shopping food and run some errands,- one day in the week 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧑.

See you soon 😊

Me,- Sunday morning 26. April 2020 with coca cola in my hair πŸ˜…

I did try out this “coca cola- trick” for my hair this morning πŸ˜…. I’m a bit curious how my “natural” hair- colour actually looks like, – and a quarantine and curfew time can be a good time to find out of that. So fare,- I’m still not sure what my natural hair colour is πŸ˜…. I probably need to wait a month or two more,- and probably try the coca- cola trick again a couple of times too 😊.

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