Yesterday was yesterday … πŸ™„

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you during this time we all are going through,- together 🧑

During this last 6 weeks with living in quarantine and with curfew I have actually manage it quite well. We are inside our home more and less 24/7 with some few exceptions like go to the food store or farmacia, walk your dog if you have a dog, or go to the doctor or hospital. So as you probably understand we are inside a lot during a day, week and yes, month, soon months.

I have a creative mind and soul, and manage to do different couples of things, keep myself active, even when I need to live with more and less 24/7 with curfew. I also have my scheduled working hours, so even when I’m home and working from my home, I need to “be at work on time”, and do my work well, as well 😊. So there are some schedule hours too in my daily life, scheduled for work.

I have my painting and knitting I can do. I have a lots of movies I can watch, something I have actually done too 🎞. And still some movies left to watch. Our television channels are a joke at the moment. They are not in very good function, so there’s not very much television to watch anymore. And I’m probably one of the few that haven’t invested my time, money and energy in Netflix. But still I have manage to “survive” without any Netflix 😊. ( but I need to admit I have started to consider Netflix now……we see what I do...). And I have a lots of books I can and do read as well, as well as my work out and exercises. I can “fix” my plants and flowers outside in my patios too. And food needs to be made, clothes need to be washed, and also trying to keep our home in a good “shape” in between the moving- boxes to my oldest son and his friend 😊. So the days goes by, actually a bit fast too 😊.

The 3- 4 weeks my son and his friend should be living here are at the moment become to 12 weeks 😳.

My days goes, I haven’t been struggling to much with being in 24/7 quarantine and curfew during the last6 weeks so fare. Of course I miss to have the possibility and opportunity to just go out for a nice walk. And I miss my children, my son in the middle and my daughter. I miss meeting up with my friends too, and yes,- to be honest it had been nice to meet this Italian (married) internet technician too….but that’s an other story.

And I need to admit I’m a bit jealous at my family and friends in Norway at the moment. They are allowed to be together in groups on max five people, but with distance between, but anyway, – they can actually meet their friends and family. They are also allowed to walk as many walks and trips they want to do during a day, in the mountains or to the beach, in the forest or just a long the road. They can go to the food store and just buy some few “unnecessary” food and they will not get any fee for that, or the police or going to check their recipe after the shopping. And a couple of more things. The hairdressers are going to open in Norway too, slowly and with restrictions, but wow,- it would be nice with a tiny little visit to the hairdresser now πŸ˜….

Anyway,- I have manage the days and weeks with quarantine and curfew quite well so fare until yesterday 😳.

Yesterday was my first really “down- day” during this quarantine and curfew time. I was actually not depressed, I just felt like “a accordion that was compressed and all air was squeezed out” 🎼. And I know exactly why I did felt it like that. All three of us in my home felt like that yesterday πŸ˜…. And we know why.

On Friday my oldest son was at the hospital….again….and he have at least two more visits left at the hospital before he will be well. We thought that Friday was the next last time at the hospital, but it wasn’t. It’s very, very good that the doctors use time on his “condition” and take care of the different nerves that’s are around his two “bumps”,- but it felt a bit like a kind of a “disappointment” too, because we really think he was soon finish with all this hospital visits for a while now. I know we shouldn’t be disappointed at all,- it means that the doctors does what they need to do in a very careful way so his nerves are not going to be destroyed. But still it felt a bit like a kind of disappointment to know there will be more long days at the hospital. Stupid feeling, I know, but still it did “come up” because we did had another imagination for this hospital visit then it become.

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The next “disappointment” was this longed for the move of these two young men. That one should been yesterday πŸ˜… ….again a new day. But it was re- schedule, again, because of the bad weather in the mountains πŸ”. We all three was, again, so prepared for the moving πŸ˜…,- but it didn’t happen…this time either. So that’s actually the other reasons why I did felt a bit like a “accordion that was pressed together and all air was squeezed out”. And the young men as well. We all three fall a tiny bit apart yesterday πŸ˜…. No fighting or anything like that, we just felt a bit “squeezed” I think. Our imagination for this weekend was a bit different then it became.

I know I’m very lucky. I haven’t been struggling to much during this 6 weeks, and yesterday’s “squeezed” feelings are actually a “luxury problem” considering to what so many people are going through during this days πŸ˜”. But still it’s allowed to feel a bit “squeezed” this days even when we are in a “lucky situation”. With “lucky situation” I mean we have a place to live, we have our jobs, we have food, we are more and less healthy, it least from Covid19 and the coronavirus, and a couple of more things, as fare as we know 😊. Yes, my son has a healthy challenge in his groin and with two bumps, one infected.  But the doctors are doing what they can to help him out, and also with removing both the bumps, they just need to do it a bit step by step. So all in all,- we have no reasons to complain, to “be down” or fell like a “accordion that was pressed together and all air was squeezed out”. But yesterday we all did feel a bit like that. And I think that’s okay to have one day like that during a period for 6 weeks with no possibility for doing “what ever you want to do”,- like for example just take a tiny little walk outside. Yesterday I really needed a walk outside, just to breath bit. Instead I didn’t do very much. I felt a bit “empty”.

I did my schedule working hours yesterday, I did eat, but I was on my sofa must of the time, just watching movies. I think I did watch one movie three times yesterday because I felt at sleep “all the time” πŸ˜…. I didn’t knit or paint yesterday, I didnt write, actually didn’t do very much more then what I really needed to do, like my job and eat food, and watching movies. And felt really “squeezed” and empty.

I’m not complaining, because like I mention, this was actually my really first “down day” during this 6 last weeks. And me, my son and his friend are, after all, in a “lucky situation”. I know there’s people around me that have much more and bigger challenges then me and we in my home have. But still I think we can have, allowed us too and feel on a “one down day” now and then. Like yesterday was,- even we all fall down because of something that’s actually are a “luxury problem” too during this time we all are going through. But that’s the way it is. We are just human.

Today is a new day, I feel much, much better 😊. “The air is back in the accordion” , and I’m ready to use this day for a little more than I did yesterday 😊. We still have not a clue when the young men are going to move out and into their own home, and we still don’t know when my oldest son are going to be finish with the different hospital visits,- but “the air is back”, the smiles are back, and I m ready for using this lovely Sunday….at home to paint, write, knit, my patio and also some schedule working hours too, and what ever that’s “drops into my mind” today, and I can do at and in my home as well. Today I feel lucky, and happy, and ready to use my day, my time, be creative, be “me” 😊.

I hope your days in general are good during this time we all are going through 🧑. But it’s also important to allowed your self to feel a bit like a “accordion that was pressed together and all air was squeezed out” now and then. It can even be a tiny little challenge in your daily life that squeeze out the air, a challenge that for two months ago you even haven’t felt squeezed for, or felt “down” for at all. But that’s fine, we are living in a very strange and different situation then we did for just two and a half months ago. It’s fine, it’s okay to be and feel “down a bit” even when you are in a “lucky situation” considering the time we are living in, and even the “challenge” that’s put you down are a “luxury problem”. Its still okay to feel a bit “squeezed” and “down”. But I hope you are doing well most of your days 🧑.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧑.

See you soon 😊.

I felt a bit “squeezed” yesterday,- and its okay to have a “down day” now and then during this time we all are going through.

Yesterday I felt more and less like ” a accordion that was pressed together and all air was squeezed out”. And it was “just” over a “luxury problem” too, that made me feel like that. But considering the situation we are living in, this more and less 24/7 during 6 weeks curfew, think it’s okay to feel a bit “squeezed” even just because of a “luxury problem”.

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