Thank you easy April 🧑 ,- and Welcome sweet May πŸ’š

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you during this time we all are going through,- together 🧑

April is suddenly over, and the month went supricely fast, mush faster then I had in my mind with the thought that we has been in quarantine and curfew all month, all weeks, all days,- no exception. Ah,- that’s not totally true,- it’s always exceptions , always 😊. Also in quarantine and curfew 😊.

April gave me my first child 26 years ago, something I’m very grateful for πŸ’™. But it was not very much of a birthday- party for my oldest son this year, but he did got his chocolate cake, and I did made some tasty canapes to him and his friend so they had some snacks during their working day 😊. And I’m very grateful for the opportunity to be together with my oldest son on his birthday πŸ’™.

April gave us a lots of rain, something that’s good for the plants, earth, animals and, of course, us, the human 🌧. And the weather did made it easier to be in quarantine and curfew. In a way it has been the “perfect” quarantine and curfew weather when you first need to stay indoors and home closely 24/ 7 β˜”. I’m Thankful for the rain, both because the water- tanks in the area are more filled up with water for the summer, the plants and flowers are growing, and I didn’t had to biggest “needs” to be outside, it became easier to live with quarantine and curfew when its raining “all day long” 😊.

I’m Thankful for the small walks I did have to the food store, once a week during April. And I’m Thankful for the tiny trip I got with my son’s dog one day in April πŸ•.

I’m Thankful for that my son also, and at least, got the surgery in the end of this April,- and hopefully will slowly be and get better now πŸ’™. And I m also Thankful for that my son and his friend got the possibility to move to their own home in April 🏑. Its good for both the two young men and their animals πŸ•πŸˆ. And it’s good for me too, even I do miss my oldest son, and his dog, even his friend I do miss a bit. At the same time, its good to be a bit on my own now 😊.

I’m Thankful for the possibility and opportunity to live together with my oldest son one more time πŸ’™, maybe for the last time, I don’t know, no one knows what the future will bring. But I m very grateful for the 3 months we did live together now, even there was a couple of days we all was a bit tired of each other 😊.

I’m very grateful for both my jobs, even my “social and health service online job” did cut the salary a bit more for the next upcoming month, May. But that, unfortunately, is the way it is during this very special time we all are going through. I’m still very grateful for having both of my jobs, as well as the possibility to work in some extra money on a couple of other online jobs as a freelance chatter and as a freelance writer πŸ’œ.

I’m grateful for the sun that’s has been showing up the last days in April 🌞, and I’m grateful for my home and the possibility to enjoy the sun outside in the pato.

April wasn’t so challenge, it has more and less being about staying home, do my jobs, wash the clothes and clean the home, make and eat food, do my work out, and socializing together with my oldest son and his friend 😊. And it has been chatting up with my family and friends 😊.

There has been a couple of “ice cubes in my stomach” when I think about the future, because I know there will be changes and challenges, and I don’t know what kind of changes and challenges there will be in the future. Can they be worse and more difficult then I already have been through and experiencing during the last 6- 7 years? Or ? πŸ€” And will I manage even bigger changes and challenges then I already have been through during the last 6- 7 years? πŸ˜” I don’t know,- so I try my best to shake the ice cubes out of my stomach, and just let the sun defrost the ice cubes, and instead provide water and nourishment for good thoughts and feelings so that they can grow instead πŸŒ·πŸŒΎπŸ’š. It’s not always easy, but most of the time it’s working in a positive way πŸ’š.

So Thank you, April for the small and daily experiences you have given me πŸ’š. Not the biggest changes and challenges this month, it has been more challenges in my mind then it what in the reality,- and I’m grateful for that, that the different challenges just have been in my mind πŸ’œ. I’m grateful for my children, my family and friends. I’m grateful for my jobs, my home and the possibility to pay the rent, the bills and expenses, and have food “on the table” 🧑. Thank you April,- you was so much easier to live through this year than last year,- something I’m incredibly grateful for ❣

Welcome sweet and soft May 🧑. I don’t know what you will teach me or show me. I don’t know what kind of changes and challenges you will give me, but I know you will bring me some kind of changes and challenges, and I know I will also teach and learn me something new, maybe about myself, or maybe about something else 😊. I know you will give me some new experiences in life too, hopefully not to big 😊.

I also know May will give me the opportunity and possibility to go for a tiny little walk, because the restrictions in Spain will allow us to go for a walk soon 😊. Something I’m really looking forward too 😍. I also think I will get the opportunity and possibility to meet my children a bit more during May, and my friends here in Spain as well. Something I really are looking forward to πŸ₯°.

I actually also know I can date a bit, if I want. I have actually been invited for a couple of dates during April with the opportunity and possibility to meet in May,- but we see what’s happen 😊. At the moment I just need to be “with me and myself”, fill up a bit with energy so I’m available to give a bit more from my self to other people around me 🧑.

So,- Welcome sweet and soft May, I don’t know what you will bring into my life,- I just wish you Welcome with the different good opportunities and possibilities you will bring and give me in my life πŸ’š. I’m looking forward to meet you, sweet and soft May, you’re very welcome with your kindness, sweetness and goodness 🧑.

I hope you too have some things you can be grateful for during April even I know this year April has been a bit more challenging for many people around in the world then maybe last years April was 🧑. For me last years April was hard, really thought,- so I’m incredibly Thankful for how this years April has been and has given me ❀. And I hope you have something good to look forward to in May, and that you can welcome May with joy and happiness πŸ’š.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧑.

See you soon 😊

Thank you April for being so nice and soft this year. Thank you April for the different, not to big, experiences you gave me, and for the opportunity to live together with my oldest son as well πŸ’™. Welcome sweet and soft May, I m looking forward to meet you with your kindness, sweetness and goodness you can and will bring into my life 🧑,- and the also the possibility for a tiny “legal” walk outside during the days in May 😊.

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