Look at these magical feathers πŸŒΎπŸ‚πŸŒΏ

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you during this time we all are going through,- together 🧑

I have been painting a bit during the last weeks, and I had an imagination about painting three magical feathers. Three magical feathers for good luck, and good wishes for the future. One feather for peace. One feather for hope, and one feather for a good future for all of us πŸ’›.

This is my first “feather- painting, and I’m happy with it at the same time it didn’t became totally the way I wanted it to be 😊. At the same time in a very magical way the colours in the painting are changing a bit during the different directions and the different lighting. Its fascinating to look at,- and I have try my very best to show you this strange and magical colour effect with taking different photos from different directions and with a bit different lights. But of course,- the best and most correct effect will always be “in the real life” 😊.

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Feathers are fascinating me,- and I want to try to paint more paintings where the feathers are the design. And there’s a saying ” Exercise Makes Master”. So I just get to practice and practice drawing and painting feathers,- and then they hopefully will be better and better, little by little by practicing 😊.

Feathers are a strong symbol, and widely used as a symbol in various religions, faiths and beliefs.  Feathers are also a strong symbol if they appear in your dreams, and feathers adorn a dream catcher.

Feathers are a symbol of bird and freedom.  It is the strongest symbol of the air, at the same time so light, and hovers so softly and elegantly in its own way.  At the same time so powerful and vigorous in its hover.


Feathers symbolize both change and protection, freedom and hope.

The colors I used when painting the feathers are white, brown and gray.  Each color has different symbolism, while simultaneously symbolizing hope, purity, spirit, protection, peace, joy and happiness.  They also symbolize health and balance, of banishing the old and receiving the new in life.

And it was exactly what I wanted this painting, the design and the colours to represent 🧑. Special when we all are in this strange and new time we all are in, and the new time we are going to meet.

It’s the same painting,- just from different directions and in a bit different lights.

You can see the different colours I have been using in this painting, at the same time it depends what light and direction you are looking at, and what colours that’s shows. Very fascinating, and I even didn’t know I could create something like that 😊. So I’m a bit proud too, even the feathers could be painted better. I just need to exercise, and hopefully they will be better after some exercising 😊.

I have also painted two other paintings where the design are a bit like angel- wings, and some of the colours are the same as in this painting. I will show you them another day 😊.

This is a painting I did started on when Spain went in “lock down”,- and we got quarantine and curfew all of us. And the numbers of sick people went higher and higher as well as the numbers on people that pasted away because of the illness Covid19 also got extremely high πŸ’›. I did think about them all,- the sick ones, and the people that lost some of their loved ones,- without even got the possibility to say goodbye πŸ’”. And all the people that have lost their jobs, their safety net in life here in Spain πŸ˜”.

I know,- how hard life can be, how difficult it can be to see and find, feel and believe that things in life will and can be better again after som really heavy life experiences. I know it’s so difficult to believe that the lights will shine in life again after a really hard and tough time. And that’s why I did paint this painting, “This three magical feathers”,- because I hope so much that all the people who are in a tough time now, that are having a hard time to believe “in better days” hopefully will get this believe back, and that there will fly magical feathers into their life, and give them hope, peace, protection and happiness for the future πŸ’š.

And,- of course I really do wish the same for you as well 🧑.

And I also wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧑

See you soon 😊

The three magical feathers- one for peace, one for hope, and one for a good future 🧑. Size in the painting is 18*24 cm

This painting is actually a kind of magical on it’s own,- and if you reading my post you will maybe be able to see how the colours in the feathers are changing – it’s more photos in my post πŸ₯°. My “Three Magical Feathers”,- one feather for peace, one feather for hope, and one feather for a good future 🧑.

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