Eating carrots daily did not worked as I wished – but still it’s a healthy vegetable πŸ₯•πŸ’š

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you during this time we all are going through,- together 🧑

I’m in general eating healthy and with that I mean I’m eating different food and meals every day, as well as fruits and vegetables. But I’m not a “health- guru”. I eat the food I want to eat, I eat because I’m hungry and because I like food in general 😊. At the same time there are a couple of things I do eat more and less daily because of healthy reasons 😊.

I eat my daily blueberries because they taste so good and because they have a lots of antioxidants. I drink my fresh lemon shot with honey every morning because it’s antibacterial. I drink ginger tea now and then because the ginger helps my system to get rid of different waste materials in the body. I could probably drink this tea every morning too, but I don’t. I also drink ginger when I’m nauseous because it actually helps to get rid of the nausea 🍡.

I eat paprika, tomato, cauliflower and broccoli too, as well as potatoes, onions and carrots, advocate and more, but not every day because I vary between different vegetables and what I eat for example for dinner.  Some vegetables are suitable for meat, while others are perfect for chicken or fish.  And the sauce, I love the sauce at my dinner, different, tasty and sauces with a tiny little touch or two with cream mixed into πŸ›.

I also eat oatmeal soup or oatmeal mixed in my yogurt, closely every morning, with a tiny touch of honey and cinnamon πŸ₯£.

And now and then I do really enjoy to eat chips and snacks, drink coca cola, eat chocolate and icecream with the best conscience in the world 😊. And I eat icecream more then one time during the week 😊.

Different food, fruits and vegetables contains various vitamins, minerals and various trace elements needed by the body. Some food, fruits and vegetables can be a good idea for the body to eat every day, other a few times during the week.

I have been even bothered to get sun eczema the first time I spend in the sun after a winter without letting the sun shine on my body.  To avoid sun eczema, I started taking betacarotena tablets a few weeks before the sun season began, and it has helped tremendously.  Since I started taking beta-carotene tablets, I have not had sun eczema for the first few days or the first time in the sun after the wintertime. But then I did read that the betacarotena tablets can be a bit “heavy stuff” for my liver. And I actually don’t want that either. I don’t want to get sun eczema or that my liver “struggling” a bit because of the betacarotena tablets.

So I did started reading about betacarotena and did find out that carrots could be a very good replacement for the betacarotena tablets. I did knew that’s there are a lot of betacarotena in carrots, but it’s good to have a “refreshment” too what else the carrots could be good for πŸ₯•,- and that’s different things,- its actually also good for the eyes and eyesight.

Anyway,- last Spring I did started to eat a fresh carrot every day, not just for dinner but more as a snacks too, and of course with the “purpose” of give my skin enough betacarotena to handle the first the sunbeams that shine on my winter white body lubricated with factor 30 this Spring. (I always use factor 30 in the sun and in the summer, both on my face and on my body during all the summer, all the time I’m in the sun). And hopefully I would not get any sun eczema this Spring and summer the first time and days I did spent in the sun 🌞.

But that didn’t happen, unfortunately πŸ˜”. Last Saturday I did spent a couple of hours, it was less then 2 hours ( half time on my front and halftime on my back) in the sun, and had also factor 30 both in my face and my body,- but the sun eczema did “popped up” this yearπŸ˜”. So my daily carrots snacks consume during this last year didn’t have any special effects for the betacarotena, my skin and the sun eczema πŸ˜”. But still it has been good for my health to eat carrots, just not with the “mission” I had in my mind 😊🌞πŸ₯•.

This is sun eczema under my breast- but I have already also starting “scratching” on the eczema before I did take this photo, – so it looks even worse because of the “scratching” too.

But I actually did recognized an other positive effect with eating this daily carrot snacks during the last year,- and that’s I for some reasons don’t need to use my glasses in so many situations as I did a year ago. I still need to use my glasses when I’m writing at my computer or my phone, but I actually don’t need to use them when I’m doing my work as a costumer service agent any more. And not either when I’m reading books. I’m not sure if it’s the “daily carrot eating” that’s the reason for this,- but I know carrots can be,- as I mention, good for the eyes and eyesight. So in my imagination I think the carrots snacks did have a tiny good effect on my eyes and eyesight πŸ€“.

An other good things,- I didn’t became a rabbit or a carrot πŸ‡. Someone told me “you became what you eat”, – so when I did carrot snacks every day I maybe could been a rabbit or a carrot? 😳 Just kidding, – I didn’t believe that πŸ˜…,- but it’s true someone actually told me that I was going to be a rabbit if I continue eating so much carrots every day πŸ₯•.

Anyway,- my daily carrot snacks during the last year didn’t had the effect I did eat it for,- to protect my skin for sun eczema. But I still think it was healthy to eat a carrot a day for my body, and I’m going to continue with my carrot snacks, maybe not daily, but very often. 😊. And,- yes,- even my liver is not to happy with betacarotena tablets I did went to the farmacia and bought some. I’m going to use betacarotena tablets some weeks before the sun starts shining just to avoid to get the sun eczema. I think my liver will handle some weeks with this tablets, special if I try to drink more ginger tea every day, special during the betacarotena tablets periode 😊.

This was my experience with the betacarotena and carrots, but it’s not sure others will have the same experience that I had 😊. We are different and we and our body and mind react differently 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑 Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧑

See you soon 😊

Me and my carrots, and some advocates too 😊

I have been eating carrots as snacks every day during the last year, because I wanted to try out the betacarotena effect from the carrots and if it could help a bit for sun eczema 🌞. But it didn’t had the effect I wanted this daily carrots snacks during the last year πŸ₯•. But,- I’m still going to eat carrots as snacks, maybe not just every day 😊.

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