Look what I did find at my door πŸ₯°πŸ’›

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you during this time we all are going through,- together 🧑

It’s a bit over 2 weeks since my oldest son and his friend did moved out and in to their own home. That will say a bit more then 2 weeks I have been on my own 😊. I miss my oldest son, but I don’t mind to be a bit on my own now at all, to have the home “in order”, in the way I like and want to have it, and just take care of my self and have the responsibility for only me 😊. It feels pretty good actually πŸ₯°.

The first week after he/ them moved out it was a bit “empty” in a way, in my home, but the “emptiness” didn’t stay very long 😊. He is, either, not so fare away, and we are texting or chatting several times during the week 😊. And I know he is enjoy his new home, the place where they are living and his job,- and all is fine with him,- as fare as we know. The surgery is done, and he is going to a check and control at the hospital next week 😊.


To be honest,- I have really enjoyed to be on my own in my home, and I’m starting to get into a my daily and weekly rhythm and routine, that’s suits me and my jobs, my plans, my interest and my different hobbies, my life 😊. Actually finding my own rhythm and routines, and no one else’s 😊. But this rhythm and routine just for my self didn’t last very long πŸ˜…. One of the first days this week my daughter “dropped up” at my door and wanted to spend her holiday here πŸ˜…. That’s fine for me, it’s actually over 5 weeks since last time I did see her and hugged her πŸ’›. So it was very good to see her, kiss her and hug her again πŸ₯°. And she is not going to move in…..yet, just spend her holiday here, be here some days this week.

She and my son in the middle should actually been at holiday together to Norway this week, visiting friends and family there,- but that was cancelled for them both. They have actually planned this holiday- trip to Norway since the end of December. But that’s life for most people around in the world at the moment,- different plans get cancelled, or changed.

At the moment my son in the middle are enjoying his holiday in his home, and my daughter is camping here 🌞. And I’m enjoying her company as well as I’m actually very aware I’m finish with living together with my children 😊. And that’s the way it is. Every age has it’s own charm, and we are living through different epochs in our life too.


I will always be a mammi for my children, my love for them are unconditional, and I will always be there for them,- no matter what 🧑. But I’m actually finish with this “taking care of”, “have the responsibility for ” , “raising up” 24 hours, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year 😊. As well as my children actually don’t need me at the same way anymore either, as they needed me for just some few years ago 😊. They are in their own way “finish” with me too, at the same time they are not. “The mammi/ children- concept” are just changing. That’s all 😊.

Life is changing and then also the “needs”, situation and “responsibility” is changing too 😊. It’s a very natural process when you have children that’s growing up and are able to manage the life on their own 😊. And to be honest,- I don’t feel guilty anymore that I’m ready to take some “new steps” in my life,- and change my “mammi- concep” a bit, to take more care about myself and also a bit more focus on my life πŸ₯°. I did feel guilty for a long time. Quilty for being so ready to just take a bit more care about my self, use a bit more focus on my stuffs and things,- but I have in my own way except the changes, and our new “mammi and children” situation and changes 😊. But it was a process, it still is a process, and it’s going to be a process for a while too 😊.

How “legal” this holiday visit is, are another thing during this time we are living in here in Spain. We are still living with different restrictions here in South of Spain, but they are a little bit looser now. At the same time we are still in fase 0 in the area we are living in. But we are allowed to take a walk in the mornings and evenings now. Maybe, but just maybe, the situation in South of Spain will go over to fase 1 on Monday,- but I don’t know yet.

The legal “times” for a walk in Spain at the moment for different ages.

An other thing is this “balcony- police”. Neighbours and people that’s “watching over” other people. It means people who are private persons who make sure that “everyone else” complies with the different restrictions, but forget to take a tiny little look at themselves and whether they themselves actually follow the different restrictions πŸ€”. But that’s the way it is, – and also was before coronavirus and Covid19 “dropped up” in our world and society. There are and always will be someone who like to believe and think they are so much better then anyone else, and follow “all the rules”,- but can’t see all the trees in their own garden, just the wood in the neighbour’s garden πŸ˜‰.

I’m very lucky with my neighbours,- in general most of them have more then enough with their own wood in the garden and don’t care so much about their neighbours trees,- if you understand what I mean? At the same time my neighbours in general are very helpful in different situations,- but helpful in a good way 🧑. So I don’t think any of my neighbours are going to be a “balcony police” because my daughter is here, in my home, at holiday, at the moment 😊.


I have been working when my daughter has been here,- but we had also spent quality time together with the movie MammaMia and eating sushi, we have went for a walk together in the evenings, in the legal time for a walk. And she has enjoyed the sun at the balcony too 🌞. Well, a bit in between the sun and the rain,- it’s still raining a bit here in south β˜”. I think she have a good holiday, I’m trying my best to create a good holiday for her with homemade food, give her my attention and just be her mammi 😊. But of course it’s not the same as it has been for her to been in Norway and meeting up with her friends and family up there in the north.

I’m trying to enjoy every moment I have together with my daughter, as well as my sons,- because I know our “mammi and children” situation has changed and are changing 🧑.

My daughter told me that I have spoiled her and her brothers πŸ˜…. I’m not agree with her in that, because I have never had the possibility to spoil them…..with buying a lots of things and stuff to them πŸ›. I should wish I could buy a lots of things to them,- but okay maybe one day 😊. Because in my mind to spoil someone is to buy a lots of things and stuffs. And to be honest,- I don’t know why I have that imagination of being spoiled. Another thing,- I have a tiny negative impression of the world “being spoiled”,- but I can’t explain why it is like that.

But yes,- I have “spoiled” my children with more and less always be as available for them as possible πŸ’š. They have always had clean clothes, a clean home, and food on the table, as well as a lots of hugs and kisses. Maybe a child can be spoiled with that too? I don’t think so,- but I can be wrong.

My children are my life, has been my life for over 26 years, and are going to be my life until the day I’m passing away. I will always have space, room and place for them in my home, no matter what,- even I really do like to live on my own,- there will always be room for my children ❀.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧑.

See you soon 😊

My daughter and me this week 🧑. And she has approved use of this photo 😊.

My daughter “dropped up” on my door this week, and wanted to have her holiday together with her mammi 🧑. The “mammi- children concept” are changing, my children are growing up and out 😊. And I’m also more ready now for this new changes, then I was before 🧑. It’s a new epoch in both my children and my life,- and it feels fine 😊

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