Is the earth in crisis? β˜€οΈπŸŒŽπŸŒ›

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you during this time we all are going through,- together 🧑

For years it has been “talking” about, written about, discussing about, arguing about the climate crisis, changes and challenges, and that our earth is in crisis 🌎. But is our earth actually in a crisis? Or are the world, the society and human that’s are in crisis?

The world and the earth are in my mind two different things. The earth is our globe and the world are the different societies, countries, people and cultures and more, that live and exist on the globe. And if I choose to look at the earth and the world in this two different perspective,- is then the earth in crisis? 🌎

The earth ( and the universe as well) don’t need us, human and all our different creatures,- but we, human really need the earth and all the earth’s incredible creatures 🌎.

The earth don’t need me at all, but I need the sun and the rain, the threes and the flowers, the fruits and the vegetables, the meet and the fish. I need this to survive. I need the air, I need the food, I need the water and I need the light 🌞. But the earth, the water, the sun, the flowers, the threes, fish, vegetables, animals and fruits actually don’t need me so very much. If we take this in a holistic and short version perspective. I need them and this, they don’t need me.

The climate crisis is something we human has created, at the same time the climate and the climate crisis has always been there, and changed natural “all the time” during thousands of thousands years. And during this changes also the evolution comes in. Plants, threes, animals on the earth as well as in the sea, flowers, vegetables and fruits, vegetables and so on has going through different evolutions during thousands of years. Some evolutions has been “helped” by human, special during the last thousand years, but in general the evolution is something that has always been there as long as the earth has existed 🌏. Evolution is natural changes in a natural cycles, also the climate changes.

I have mention this before,- every 10.000 year the earth are going into a new ice- period or ice- age, if you prefer. From 1645 to 1715 we did had a mini ice- age, and it can seems that we are “on the way” to a new mini ice- age again, or, maybe a bigger one this time ? β„β˜ƒοΈ

In my view, there is no reason for any “doomsday prophecy”, as this is a completely natural process for the globe and our universe.  But we live in an age where all news is spreading quickly, worldwide, both good and bad news, true and false news. It wasn’t like that for 2000 or 7000 years ago. We didn’t even knew what they was doing, or what was going on the other “side” of the world. Now we knows “everything” that’s happening “everywhere”. And even in just a second.

In 1645 we didn’t had all the different things and stuff we have now, not either all the, for example plastic garbage or CO2- emissions and so on,- still there was climate changes and challenges as well as climate crisis, but the climate crisis was more and less just for the human. Remember that the animals, both in the ocean as well as on the land are better to survive with out us than with us. And if, for example a dog can’t survive without a person it’s because the human has created the dog to be a part of the human- life πŸ•. This was just an example, maybe for some a stupid example, but it’s still an realistic example.

For at least the last 10- 20 years, we, the world over, have experienced various natural disasters, natural disasters for humans, but that is not to say that it is a unnatural disaster for the earth.

There are famines and droughts, floods and losses of crops, storms and forest fires (and yes, a forest fire is not necessarily caused by humans, but simply a completely natural phenomenon), cyclones and tsunami, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.  Processes that are natural to the earth, also a form of evolution, change, but destroy for us humans.

Last year and this year, 2020, it has been discovered that the sun has gone to sleep, it is less active than it has been before.  It is about as active as it was in 1645 🌞. Could our human activity be the cause of it?  If so, how?  Could the cause be all the spacecraft and satellites we shoot up there in the universe?  At the same time, in 1645, the universe was not full of voyages, rockets and satellites, so why was the sun dormant then?  In my mind, because it is a natural process.

Despite the fact that there is much less CO2 emissions now after coronavirus and Covid19, and land borders are closed, aircraft are put on the ground, trains are stopped, cars are parked in the garage, factories have had to close, cruise ships no longer sail  and so on, the North Pole and icebergs continue to melt.  Despite a minimal emission of CO2 than just 3 months ago.  Why?  Why do icebergs and the North Pole continue to melt?  Shouldn’t this have stopped up a tiny little bit during the last two months? If it is not a natural process for the globe, then? β„β˜ƒοΈ

As the earth moves towards a new ice age, it first gets warmer, and many different natural disasters happens, before it actually gets colder, much colder.

We humans have not treated our earth with respect, we have created and organized many different things to make OUR lives easier and more comfortable.  Mother Earth gives us what we need, – but Mother Earth manages perfectly without us humans.  In fact, we were the last creatures washed up by the sea.

Of course, our people’s bad habits have accelerated a natural process in relation to climate change and climate crisis, climate crisis for humans themselves.  But climate change will happen and come whatever we humans are trying to do to prevent it.  Maybe we should instead prepare for how to “survive” and deal with the various climate changes? Because one thing is for sure,- we can’t actually not stop it,- the earth is much, much stronger than us humans.

Of course, it is good that we humans have managed to reduce CO2 emissions, and that we recycle our waste.  At the same time, – were we humans getting the CO2 emissions, or the earth itself?  It is a small virus which is why there is less CO2 emissions now.  Whether or not this coronavirus is menaceous I will not go into today, nor either to much about the coronavirus and the world situation due to coronavirus and Covid19.  I can write about that another day. But a virus is a virus, and there has been and are still going to many different viruses. And it is a virus that’s the reason why the CO2 emissions is much less the just for two- thred months ago.

What I can say about the pandemic that is raging in the today’s world community is, yes – it is, as far as we know, the first pandemic that has shut down our whole world.  At the same time, in 1347 to 1351 when the Black Death ravaged, and in 1918 to 1920, when the Spanish sickness ravaged, we did not have these open borders between countries as we have in 2020. It was not possible to fly a virus from a country or continent in just hours.  Or send the virus lightning fast across borders, or leave it on hundreds of cruise ships.  First, we were living in a completely different world community now than in both 1347 and 1918, and we were the smaller number of people who could be affected. So to close down the whole world was not necessary in the same way as it in now in 2020. Mankind has been exposed to pandemics many times, although it is the first time an entire world is closing its doors to avoid the transmission and transmission of coronavirus and Covid19.  One of the reasons is because the virus has a much greater chance of spreading in today’s society than 200 years ago. And it did and it still does,- because of our different “travel- habits” that we didn’t had for 200 years ago.

Heite Kampanjer Hos DX

Climate changes, climate challenges and climate crisis was in fact in focus many years before the coronavirus and Covid19 “dropped up” like it has done this year, in 2020. My focus today is, – is the earth, our globe in a crisis? Or is it we, the human that’s actually are going into different climate crisis because the earth just “lives out” it’s natural process? And isn’t the humanity that actually are going through a “climate” crisis just because of all our different creatures during so many years? Different creatures created by humans and for humans just to make our life in general a bit more easier and a bit more comfortable for us self? But are so bad for us at the same time.

We should continue treat our earth, Mother Earth, with respect, and continue to recycling our garbage. But Mother eEarth will still go through the nature natural cycles and processes as it has done during thousands and thousands of years. Maybe we should think a bit more about how to survive and prepare us for the climate changes and climate challenges that will comes? Because we can’t stop them, the earth, the globe, is so much stronger than the humanity, and the earth don’t need us, but we really need all the great and incredible facilities the earth and the globe give us 🌏.

This is just some thoughts, my thoughts, in a time when there’s a lots of changes and challenges in our society, as well as a lots of focus on the humanity and the climate changes, climate challenges, of course climate crises, and our Mother Earth, that’s will continue to do what it’s doing for so many, many years 🌏.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧑.

See you soon 😊.

Is our earth, our globe in a climate crisis, or is it just a natural cycles and process Mother Earth has been through during thousands and thousands of years? 🌏

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