The same situation and incident affect us differently πŸ₯€ 🌎 πŸŒΎ

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you during this time we all are going through,- together 🧑

It is a strange time we all are going through,- together. At the same time we go through this time so differently. In one or an other way this corona- situation has affected us, but not necessarily in the same way.

For me the quarantine and curfew wasn’t to bad. I did live together with my oldest son and his friend most of the time, and I was able to meet both my son in the middle and my daughter as well. Not for a long time, but still for some minutes.

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The living together relationship with my oldest son and his friend last a bit longer then the plan was because of the quarantine and curfew. That was a bit hard for all of us, because we felt a bit we was “put on hold” in a living together relation we wasn’t prepared should last so long,- and we did have different goals before the quarantine and curfew happen. At the same time I can say I’m very grateful for this unexpected living together situation 😊. I’m grateful for I got the possibility to live together with my oldest son one more time πŸ’™. And I also learned to get to know his friend in a different way then before. His friend is not to bad at all,- even he is the worst dish- washer I have meet πŸ˜…. But except from that,- I can really understand why my oldest son and his friend have the good friendship they have 😊.

My days in quarantine and curfew was filled up with my work, and after a while with workout too, and I did paint and knit a bit as well,- and I did sleep a lot. And Im for some reason still very tired.

I did in my own way “create” a tiny bit of an “imagination life” in my home under the quarantine and curfew. With that I mean,- I went to my “workout studio” in my bedroom, and to the “beauty saloon” in my bathroom. I went to my “cafe” in my kitchen and to the “cinema” in my livingroom. And I went to my work too, every day in “my job corner” in my livingroom,- and it all worked out for me in it’s own way 😊.

The two months with quarantine and curfew actually went fast. But I have been so incredibly tired during the quarantine and curfew, and felt at sleep on my sofa as well as in my bed. I have been sleeping a lot 😴. Much, much more then what I in general do, and I actually sleep a bit more then many in general do too, because I’m struggling a bit with something called exhaustion. So I can get tired very fast if it is “to much” around me, and then I need to sleep. Short version of my exhaustion.

Under the quarantine and curfew I didn’t feel very comfortable to go to the store, or go outside my from my home at all. Not because of worries for the virus, but because of worries for the police. I was very comfortable in my home, and I like to just stay home too.

What I did missed most under the quarantine and curfew was to be able to go to the store without this very uncomfortable feeling of doing something illegal, and also to meet my children and my friends when I wanted to meet them. Not necessarily to meet them in a cafe or restaurant, but just to be able to invite them to my home.

Under quarantine and curfew I did learn to appreciate the living together time I had with my oldest son as well as looking forward to the living together time I’m going to have together with my two youngest children from next month. I also did learn that as long as I have contact with my children I can be able to live on my own for a while. I could probably “survived” in a cabin fare away from people as long as I could be able to be in contact with my children, be able to pay my expenses, have food on the table, and my different hobbies and interests around me like watching movies, paint, knit, read and write. And also have a “chat up” with my friends 😊. So a cabin fare away from people is not a strange thought for me,- but I’m not sure if this cabin should be in Spain or Norway.

Living in quarantine and with curfew had no negative psychological or mental affect on me in general. I had a good time in general in the quarantine and curfew. I’m actually struggling a bit more now when the quarantine and curfew is over, and we are in phase 1.

Changes happens in general in just a second, but to learn to live with the new changes can be a challenge and also take a bit more time then just a second to learn to live with them as well as know how to handle them.

For many people around in the world their life situations turned up side down in just one second during this corona- situation, but it will take a bit longer to learn to live with the different new changes, and, unfortunately, also challenges.

I have had two months in my own “bobble”, two months to sort out things in my mind and my thoughts. Well,- the “sort out” is actually not “sort out” at all πŸ˜…. But I have been thinking a lot during this two months. Two months to try to find a kind of solutions for my future, my dreams, wishes, hopes and goals. I don’t have any solution at the moment, because I’m in a strange way are waiting for something “more” and something more “unexpected” to happen. It’s like I have a kind of restlessness inside me, a restlessness I didn’t have when I was in quarantine and curfew. This uncomfortable restlessness has “showing up” the last days. And, yes,- it is a uncomfortable feeling, and I’m not sure why I feel that way,- but I’m “diving” into my self for trying to sort out why I have this uncomfortable restlessness inside me.

I know a lots of people around the world has lost their jobs, their home, their “security”. For me a safety net is to have a place to live, a home, a job and be able to pay my expenses. I have all this now, and Im incredibly Grateful for that ❀. But at the same time I have also been living without this safety net a couple of times during the lasts years. And that’s not a very good feeling at all. It’s actually very scary, special when you are alone and have children to support and take care of as well. I don’t think people who haven’t experienced this can imagine how scary it is to loose the “safety net” in their life, and also take care of, raising up and supporting their children at the same time. It’s not a very good feeling or situation.

My children has also been my safety net,- maybe ironic since it’s me that has taken care of them, but in their own way they have made me feel safe. And I’m losing that safety net now, slowly, because they are for real starting their own adults lifes. And that’s scares me,- in two different ways it’s scars me. First of all,- what kind of world are they, my children, going to face now when all and everything just became turned “up side down” from what we knew. And second,- I have not a clue how to just take care of myself. I’m not very good at that,- and I need to learn it,- and that’s scares me a bit too. Well,- to say I can’t take care of myself is a thrut with modification. Because I take care of myself,- I do eat and do my workout, I do take care of my health in different ways, and I take care of my skin and so on. I’m enjoying my time with my hobbies and I do my work as best as I can,- but at the same time,- it is a kind of “take care of myself” I’m not use to do, and I need to learn a bit about that one 😊.

The corona- situation has affected me as well as most of us, but not in the same way as for many others. We are all affected differently even it’s the same virus that’s “tumbling” around in our world and society.

I’m lucky and grateful ❀. I have my home, I have my jobs, okay,- my income has been cut a bit,- but still I have a salary and still I’m able to get “the wheels goes around”. I’m able to pay the rent and other expenses as well as have food on the table. Now at days that’s not a matter of course anymore for many people πŸ˜”. So in that way this new world situation hasn’t affected me in a negative way or direction. But it has affected my mind and thoughts, and also how to make plans for the future, my future.

For some reason I can’t explain, I’m not worried about the coronavirus, and to be sick, but I’m worried about all the different changes and challenges it gives and has given to so many people in the world as well as our life- and world situation. Changes and challenges are “on the way”, that’s for sure, but it’s not sure what kind of changes and challenges we can expect.

I know that when one door is closing a new door is open up. But I also know that we human, we people, me included, can have some struggling with open the new door as well as take a look at the new things that’s behind the new open door.

I needed, as well as many other, to change my plans and also the “road” to reach my goals, dreams and wishes.

I have made a 2,5 year plan and a 7,5 year plan with different goals I hope I will be able to reach them both. I don’t know what will happen, because as most of us know,- things can change in a second.

I have made up some thoughts about my work, my job, my hobbies as well as thoughts about relationships too,- and maybe even where I want to live later in my life 🏑.

The corona- situation and the corona- crisis is not the worst crisis I have been through in my life. This is a world wide situation, but still there are people that probably has been through much more personal and private crisis then this,- including me. And there will be people around the world that during this time will have their worst crisis in their life πŸ˜”. I think it is important to remember this,- and not judging anyone. Not judging anyone because this corona- situation is not the worst private and personal crisis someone has been through. Not judging anyone because the crisis they are going through are the worst they have experienced in their life. Not judging anyone because they are happy or sad. This situation has affected us so very differently and it’s important to remember that πŸ’›.

At this point I can’t say how much this corona- situation, this new world situation has affected me or will affect me and my life. I don’t know. But I do know if has affected me, special when it comes to changing my plans in life, goals and wishes, as well as my mind and thoughts, in it’s own way. And I’m actually not looking forward to move back to the working- office in the end of June. The reason why, is very simple,- it will be a “time- thief” to travel to and back from work. A “time- thief” I don’t like. Because one thing is for sure for me,- I really like to work from my home 😊. It gives me another “time” 😊.

Hopefully this “tiredness” I have been struggling a bit with during this corona- time will slowly go over to a bit more energy, and I will have more energy to write more textes to my blog too 😊. And not just drop by with some thoughts about “this and that” now and then 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧑. And even it can seems that this corona- situation is a negative world situation I really hope the situation has brought you something good and positive in your life too 🧑.

A lovely sunrise an early morning in South of Spain β˜€οΈ. We can look at the same sunrise but still see different things. It’s the same with the situation we all are going through,- this corona- situation. It’s the same “virus” that’s affects us, but it still affects us all so differently πŸ’›.

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