A fling or be a mistress? πŸ’„πŸ’…

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you during this time we all are going through,- together 🧑

In the beginning of this year I did started to fling a bit with a man,- nothing serious, just some flirting, fun and meeting up a couple of times. I actually did like that. In it’s own way it was relaxing and fun, and we did laugh a lot together as well as had some very nice conversations.

The flinging got an natural stop when Spain went into quarantine and curfew. We couldn’t meet up, but we did chat up now and then. Also the chatting got less and less after a while,- and I’m in away fine with it all. We are still friends, and still do chat up now and then, but not very often anymore. And of course we haven’t met/ seeing each other for around 4 months. Also natural,- we have been living in quarantine and curfew for 2 months, and first now Spain is slowly open up a bit. Something that means we can meet friends and family in our home or at a cafe, bar or restaurant.

I haven’t use my “freedom” to meet friends yet,- but I’m going there,- slowly and in my own natural tempo 😊. I’m probably going to met “the fling” again too, but I don’t think it will be anymore “flinging” between us. I think it has been to much time away from the “flinging”, and I don’t think I feel for it anymore, even Idid likecit at that point. And, – for me it was a very nice experience,- and I’m not strange for the thoughts to have a “fling” again, instead of a relationship. It felt easier, and more relaxed 😊.


And then it was also this internet technician I did meet in my home in the start of this year. I don’t think I have felt an attraction like that in my life to an other man so fast. And I also know he felt it in the same way for me.

Nothing happened between us that day, and nothing special happened between us a month later when I met him again. He is a married man. If he hasn’t been married I don’t know what could happened the last time I met him, probably a lot πŸ˜‰.

He want to meet me again, he actually want me to be his mistress. And to be honest I have actually considered it too, because I did really like him. He was and is not a bad man, actually a man I easily could fall for,- and in a way I did too 😊.

Lucky for me, him and his wife too, the quarantine and curfew happen 😊. So it became a very easy stop for anymore and possibly meeting. And it also gave me a lots of time to think about this “mistress- situation”. We have been texting to each other a bit during this quarantine and curfew time. He has “sold him self” very well in, and given me a lots of good “arguments” too why we should meet again. After the quarantine and curfew was over.

I can see and understand his arguments, at the same time it doesn’t feel correct for me, and it would also be a situation I haven’t been very comfortable in.

One of his argument is that he is in away already unfaithful, because he thinking about me, and he is texting me. So, why not just “continue”? And that’s correct, in its own way he is unfaithful, and I have “helped” himmtoo,- because I have been responding his textes.

Another argument is that his wife will never know. But I’m not so sure about that. For the first I think maybe he would act differently home, and the second, women, in general, has this, the ability to sense different things. The third, things like this, like unfaithfulness, has a habit to revealed in some way.

I couldn’t be a mistress to an married man, even when the attraction between us was like it was. Yes,- I did consider it, because of the attraction I felt for him, and because he is a man I can easy fall for ,- but,- I have more reason to not do it. Be a mistress to an married man, to him.

I have been in the situation where a man was unfaithful to me,- and of course that did a lot to me and my self-esteem, and not in a very good way. And his wife doesn’t deserve to get an experience like that. She haven’t done me anything harm at all, she doesn’t even know I exist. I couldn’t do that to an other woman, even when I don’t know her.

I didn’t either like the “idea” of being “available” every second week, from Monday to Friday, from around 14.30 to 18.00, because that was the time he could meet me. And, of course, only in my home.

And I also know I had felt very uncomfortable with thinking about “what would my neighbours say”,- even that’s something I actually shouldn’t care about at all, and it’s not even sure they had thought very much over why he was visiting me in that time every second week. I have had so many students that have been here, that my neighbours had probably thought it was a student. But I would know it wasn’t a student.


And,- I don’t like the “sharing- situation” and the thoughts of being “the second woman”. I know there’s a lots of women that are “the second woman”, and I can really understand that is a difficult situation both to be in, and to leave from,- because there are feelings, it’s not “just the sex”. But I couldn’t put my self in that situation,- I’m not a good “sharer” when it comes to men πŸ˜…. I want to have him for myself if I first have him 😊.

The whole situation, the mistress- situation became to uncomfortable and to stressful for me just even in my imagination, mind and when I thought about it,- so how would it be for me in the real life then? πŸ€” And it didn’t felt correct for me to do it either.

I still like him, I still do think about him now and then, but I’m not responding his textes at the same way anymore as I did. And, yes,- he knows how I feel and he knows I’m not going to met him again.

For some a fling is and feels “correct”, for others to be a mistress is the “correct” thing and situation. For me,- I did like “the flinging”, it wasn’t anything stress about it, it was in it’s own way a fun and comfortable situation to be in. But if it was “correct” for me? Maybe, maybe not,- it didn’t last very long so I have actually no idea 😊. But I do know that “the mistress- situation” really did stress me up,- and that was even just in my mind.

One thing is for sure,- and that is that there are different kinds of relationships,- and some are correct for some, and others are correct for others 😊. For some marriage is correct, for others to live apart, for some it’s feel correct to be a mistress, for others not, for some to not have a relationship at all is correct, and others again have more then just one partner. We are different, we choose different, we feel comfortable in different relationships,- and in general that’s both fine and a personal “business ” 😊.

So at the moment it is just “me” and my different thoughts about the different relationships- situations there’s a possibility to have. At the moment I have a good relationship to myself,- and maybe that’s good enough for a while 😊. At least until for now 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧑

See you soon 😊

There’s different kinds of relationships around in the world 🌎. What can be a “correct” relationship for one doesn’t mean is correct for someone else πŸ₯€. What’s correct for me is not sure is correct for you,- and in general that’s fine,- I think. We feel comfortable in different situations and different relationships 😊.

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12 thoughts on “A fling or be a mistress? πŸ’„πŸ’…

  1. I love your post. It is genuine and it is a conversation that resonates with me. I have met men who are married and men who are looking for a good time. It’s a choice we have to make on a daily basis to be a mistress or keep flinging, our morals we have to hold on to tightly, our fleshy desires eating at us and the consequences we have to live with for the rest of our lives if we yield to these desires. I am happy you chose to move forward. Keep writing! Be blessed😊

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