What is it with this banana “show off” thing? πŸŒπŸ“±πŸ€”

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you during this time we all are going through,- together 🧑

Well,- my “days” at Tinder is over for a while πŸ˜…. That didn’t last very long,- it became to much “banana show off photos” for me πŸ˜…. And I’m not ready to run around and date either,- special not when it so much focus on “the banana” and not so much focus on the person 🍌😳.

I don’t mind a banan, but I do mind it very much when I get a banana I haven’t ask for πŸ™„.

I know I can write penis instead of banana, and vagina instead of orchid,- and if I had have a conversation about this, not a written text, I have also probably use the words penis and vagina,- but in my textes I prefer to find a nice synonym for this two 🍌🌺. Why? Well,- why not ? 😊. But it is because I don’t know who are reading my textes,- and I like to try to take a little bit consideration for my readers. Because not everyone likes words like the penis and vagina are used – regardless of how natural (and different!) a vagina is on a female body and a penis is on a male body. My text get also a “nicer touch”, in my mind at least, when I use some nicer and funnier words for this 😊.

I have been writing about this before, – this “need” many,- not all,- but many men have to send a photo of their banana, and then especially even when I haven’t asked for such a picture 😳. And it’s not just to me,- they like to send this photos to many other and different women too. Some women do ask for a picture of the banana,- fine,- but why send it to the once that did ask for it, and even didn’t want it? πŸ€”


For me,- when I get a photo like that, all my interest for that man just disappear in a second. It doesn’t matter if I was a tiny little interested or much, all my interest is gone,- and in general it doesn’t come back either.

Let me give you 3 example from this few days I was on Tinder,- and no,- I’m not going to show or share the photos, – they are already deleted πŸ˜…. But I will tell you what I got and the messenge,- it’s better that way,- and “nicer” too 😊.

First one was just a photo, nothing more nothing less, of a banana that was very ready to be “eaten”. I didn’t expect that photo at all because our conversation was about something else, but nothing special. But suddenly I got this photo. With a messenge that he was very “fruity” on me. How could he be that? I think he was in general “fruity” and had a “need” to send this photo to me. It hasn’t anything with me to do. I did stopped the conversation, and blocked him as well. Not of my interest.

The next one I had a conversation with did the same,- but he also did asked me for one back. A photo from my orchid. Because he felt he did “deserved” it after showing me his “fruity” banana. I told him I hadn’t ask for a photo like this from him,- and he didn’t “deserved” anything from me. Then block and delete.

The third one I did early understood was very proud of his banana. He did brag very much about the fact that I really was going to enjoy and like his banana. He was pretty sure his banana was going to satisfy me in a way I never has been satisfied before πŸ™„. I did reply with “it doesn’t matter how big your banana is as long as you don’t have a clue how to use it”. A stupid answer from me,- I realise that after…. πŸ™„. And “boooom”,- of course I got a photo of his banana too πŸ™„. And yes,- the banana was big, so big that I actually felt pain inside me,- because I knew it could have been a very painful process to “put” that banana inside my orchid 😳. But maybe men don’t think about that? That a big banana is not necessary very “attractive”, good or satisfying for a woman? At least not for all women,- there’s of course women that prefer “bigger is better”,- even when it is like the world’s largest python snake 🐍. It’s not even a close to a tasty banana 🍌😳.

Well,- my interest for him did despair too,- and I know I haven’t managed to have sex with that “snake” he showed me either,- even if I haven’t lost the interest 😳.

Any way, – why this need to send photos like this? I know a man’s banana is his “friend”,- and I know some men even give their banana a name. But what I don’t understand, and probably are never going to understand, is why send a photo like this to a woman you don’t know? Why do a man think this “photo” will “sell him in”? And why send it to someone who doesn’t want a photo like this and haven’t even ask for it? πŸ€”

For me it’s not very attractive or sensual,- it’s just “simple”. And it really doesn’t “turn me on” or makes me “fruity”. Its more the opposite.

Another tiny little thing,- “the banana size”. Of course the size matters, but in general not in the way a man think and believe. It’s good to be able to feel the banana inside the orchid, and in general most bananas, in different sizes and forms actually manage to do that, have that “possibility” to actually “fill” up the orchid in a satisfying way. The challenge is actually with a to big banana, and also when a man have not a clue how to use his banana in the orchid,- no matter of what size it have πŸ™„.

And like men are different women are different too,- we have different orchids that manage different “things”. I know what my orchid manage, and I know what’s satisfying me,- a man doesn’t know that as long as I haven’t told him. But,- it seems that many men thinks that women in general like the same thing when it comes to erotic, sex and banana. It’s not like that,- women like sex and bananas differently too, as men like sex differently and also have different bananas.

Anyway,- I should wish a man, that has this need to send a photo from his banana “here and there and everywhere” had a tiny bit of respect for a woman,- and at least didn’t just sending a photo like this unmotivated to a woman, or at least ask if she wants such a picture, and respect if she says no thanks. My experience is that photos like this are just “jumping up” no matter what,- and I really don’t want it or like it.

Like I mention,- I will probably never understand why a man have this need to send a photo from his banana to a woman he don’t know. It is was it is,,a and it’s going to continue too πŸ™„.


But what I know,- and that is a bit different from this/my “banana- thoughts”,- is that before I did “close down” my profile at Tinder I actually got in contact with two men. Both from UK, one in the same age as me, the other one 10 years older than me 😊. And I have had normal and pleasant chat- conversations with them both.

I actually just “need” one man ( and one banana) πŸ˜…,- but I don’t know what kind of man before I get to know the man a bit better. So,- I see,- maybe the contact will disappear between both men very soon, or maybe I will get a bit better contact with one of them. I don’t know at the moment 😊. What I do know, – at this point I have contact with them both, because I don’t know them yet 😊. Wrong or right? I actually don’t do anything wrong, and maybe not right either, in some people’s ” eyes”. But its, at least, nothing wrong to get to know someone 😊.

It was just some few thoughts about banana and unwanted photos, but I think I can’t do to much with it,- except from delete,- and try to accept that that’s the way it is,- some men have a need to send pictures of their banana “here and there and everywhere” for some reason I probably never is going to understand.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧑

See you soon 😊

One of my cactus,- with different “shapes and sizes” like most bananas comes in too 🍌

I didn’t had any banana in my home today,- but this picture of my cactus in my patio is also a good “picture” at that bananas comes in different forms, sizes and shapes,- but it’s not necessarily that “bigger is better”. To big can actually feel like a cactus too 🌡. And,- it’s not necessary to send photos of a man’s banana to someone that doesn’t want to photo like that πŸ™„πŸ˜³.

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