What is happening around in the world now at days? πŸŒ

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you during this time we all are going through,- together 🧑

For many people now at days the life situation all over the world has changed, and unfortunately not to the best. It seems that there are different conflicts more and less “everywhere”,- and some bigger then others.

The coronavirus and Covid19 has changed our life, our society, our world, the people, the human, – and at the moment it seems to be to not very good changes either. And with some big challenges too.

It’s angry and worries, it’s illness and death, it’s hunger and “wars” and frustrating so many places for so many people. I feel like it’s “pulsing and bubbling” a bit everywhere.

Yes,- the coronavirus and Covid19 has changed our society and world, and the way people behave.

People losing their jobs, their homes, their “safety net” in life. People losing their love once. Some people are losing their minds too.


Or is it the coronavirus and Covid19 that has changed it “all”? Can it be the people? The different government around in the world? And the different ways they have handle the situation, the virus and illnesses? The people? Can that be the reason why there so much anger and worries? And not because of the coronavirus and Covid19.

The impression I get by different online media and also during the television it seems that it get worse and worse many places in the world, when some few countries seems to have a bit more control over the situation. And it seems that it is not the virus that’s create this very difficult situation, but people. People with to much power, and who are useing this power not in the best way for their society. (I don’t think I need to mention any name….)

Like I mention,- it is the impression I get through different media channels,- because I’m not in the all different places or countries. So my impression can be wrong.

I m here, in Spain, and live my life very quiet and in its own way “normal”. Not quite the same “normal” way as I did for 4 months ago,- there are some changes, differences and challenges in my life too,- but really not like the once I see on the television or read about in the online news. I’m in a good place and in a good situation for me,- something I’m incredibly Grateful for 🧑.

Will we be able to turn this negative “world and society” situation to a better situation then we have at the moment?


I actually think so,- but it will take time. It takes time to build up something new and better, safty and stable,- and it can just take a second to “blow it all away” again,- if we don’t built it wisely.

I don’t write very much about the coronavirus and Covid19,- I think the “situation” is already “covered” very well from many other online media channels,- and my tiny little blog, my words and thoughts will not make do many different in the world anyway . And I don’t have knowledge enough either to “cover” “all and everything” that’s happening in the world and this “corona- situation”. I have just knowledge about what’s happen around me, in my life and here in Spain, as well as a bit in Norway. So,- I do care about the corona- situation we all are going through,- but I haven’t the possibility to “cover” it more then from my own life and my own experiences.

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But,- of course I have different thoughts about “the situation” we all are going through,- the same situation, at the same time so very different. And I have my own experiences too during the last months from quarantine and curfew, and living in Spain.

I choose to believe that when the different “storms” around in the world are calming down,- thing will be better for most of us. After a storm the sun is shining again β˜€οΈ. But it will take time,- and the “normal” we was use to when 2020 started is gone forever. But there’s a lots of possibilities to build up a “new normal”,- after the storm 🧑. We just need to be patient. And that’s not always easy when “our world around us falls apart”. But I chose to believe it is possible to get a new, good normal again, – one day β˜€οΈπŸŒ.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧑.

See you soon 😊

The the view from my balcony πŸ’š 🌏

It is a lots of things that happen around in the world and the different society now at days. It feels like it’s storming in every corner in the world 🌊. I choose to believe that everything will be fine,- but it will take time,- and hopefully we use that time wisely too πŸ’™.

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