Happiness and successfulness β˜€οΈπŸ˜ŠπŸ₯‚

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you during this time we all are going through,- together 🧑

Happiness and successfulness is that the same thing,- and can we be, feel and have both at the same time? 😊 I think so,- at least I feel I have both in my life, but in different ways and areas πŸ₯°.

Happiness and joy belongs together, as well as successfulness and proud in its own way do too. At the same time it is a difference between happiness and successfulness. And what’s make me feel happiness is not sure is the same as make you feel happiness 😊. And what make me feel successfulness is not sure makes you feel successfulness.

The different concepts are also defined and used slightly differently in psychology, religion and philosophy.  At the same time they are connected to the feeling of joy πŸ₯°. I’m not going to use a lots of time or have any kind of lecture to and for you about this different concepts,- just a tiny general “understanding” for trying to explain them in a short version. And when that’s said, – in general those different concepts are experiences a bit differently from person to person, and can be very individual,- at the same time as we in one way have common understanding of the various concepts. And it is actually a big “concept” this happiness and successfulness,- and I have tried to make my text as small as possible,- even it is so much more I wanted to put in it, to write about 😊.

Let’s starts with joy,- because joy is a condition that triggers the feeling of happiness. The feeling of joy is also individual, because what’s make me feel joy is not sure makes you feel joy. But in general joy is tho have a positive spirituality. Joy can’t be can not be measured, and has nothing to do with “acidity”, because, everyone will at one or more times become angry, sad and tired, but can still have a positive spirituality on life.

Joy is an attitude, while happiness is more about what happens, an event that creates or brings happiness.

Joy is more independent of the different circumstances you are in and a setting. Happiness is about what happens and is a feeling.


In general I’m a positive (and happy) person, but I can still feel on a lots of sadness and pain inside me. But I like to smile, I like to laugh and I have my own “mantra”, a “mantra” I have also try to teach me children,- they have heard it a lots of time when they was growing up as well as now. And I do know they all three are using this “mantra” now in their own way 😊.

My ( it has also actually become my kids too 😊) “mantra” is “it all will be fine”, “its going to be fine”. And in its own way it does, it goes fine, and it helps to “say” it,- even when there’s times when it’s very difficult to believe it. I still tell myself “it’s going to be fine”,- and little by little is like my mind starting to believe in it,- and things get a bit more easier in life. But like I mention, – its days where I don’t believe that, but I still use my “mantra” 😊.

Success means progress, and being proud is a feeling you can get when you experience progress in different goals you set, or different jobs and tasks you do.  Pride is about special moments, the moment your goal was accomplished in a way that gives you pleasure, gives you a sense of having accomplished something.  It may be small and mundane things, or larger things that take an exam, have done a great snd big job.  This is also an individual experience – although we, the general, have an understanding of what the terms mean.

Many associate success with money, power, admiration from others, various titles, status symbols, materialistic things While for others, success is a balance in life, good health, family and close friends, an inner peace of life, intrinsic value, dreams and goals achieved  , or something as “easy” as having a place to live.


One successfulness is not more “correct” or “important” then the other,- it’s all about what kind of successfulness that’s important for the person 😊.

Feeling proud and being proud is also individual, but the relationship depends on success, and what success each individual feels they have achieved.

Synonyms that are often associated with pride and proud are fame, conquest, luck, comfort, fulfillment, achievement, prestige, realization, satisfaction, triumph, wealth, well-being.  But also terms like arrogant, being best, arrogance and conceit. For some this will be some negative terms, for others positive terms. Still it’s a individual “experiences”,- at the same time as it can give outsiders a negative impression.  But after all, it is mostly about one’s self and one’s own success – although for some it is a success to find that others “look up to one” for a variety of reasons.

Anyway,- in my life I have some “settings” that’s make me feel joy and happiness, successfulness and proud at the same time,- and the biggest one and most important for me are my three children πŸ₯°. I have some others too,- but these three makes me feel an incredibly joy, happiness, successful and pride at the same time πŸ₯°.

Imagine, – I have been able to raise these three children more and less on my own,- and it went so well too, at least in my mind and my eyes.

And in this “case, setting and situation” I actually don’t think and care so much about what “all and everyone” think about my happiness and successfulness. In other cases, settings and situations I need to admit I can care a bit what “someone else is thinking about my successfulness”,- unfortunately,- because i I know I shouldn’t. But when it comes to my children I don’t care what other thinks about me as a mammi, or my happiness and successfulness. Because I know what and where I done my mistakes as a mammi,- but I also know what incredibly happiness and successfulness these three children gives me ❀. And that’s actually something no one can be able to take away from me 🧑.

Me and my three incredibly fantastic children in April 2017 πŸ₯°. I’m allowed to use this photo,- I have asked my children about permission 😊

When I think about my children I’m smiling, and feel just so incredibly grateful and happy. When I see and meet them, spending time together with them I’m smiling too, and I’m so incredibly proud of each and everyone one πŸ₯°. “My dramaking”, “My flowerpower child” and “My butterfly”. This is my favourite happiness and successfulness in my life ❀. But I have some others things too that both make me feel happiness, successfulness and proud,- at the same time as I have in a strange way no “needs” to tell about them 😊. And my other kind happiness and successfulness are in a bit different “level” in my life them my children,- but of course, still very important for me,- because they also create my life 😊. My happiness and my successfulness.

So,- my three children gives me joy and happiness, successfulness and pride at the same time ❀. They are my favourite happiness and successfulness in my life πŸ₯°.

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My attitude in general is joy, something Im grateful for, – we all have different attitudes,- and one of them is joy,- so I choose joy as one of my attitudes,- something that makes things a bit easier in my life, also happier,- even it can be “very dark and challenging” sometimes too 😳. And,- theres different things that’s make me happy and gives me this incredible great feeling of happiness πŸ₯°. My jobs makes me feel happiness, and my close and good friends, both in Norway and Spain, makes me feel happiness πŸ’š.

I feel happiness when I have a day of from work and can “help the once that doesn’t anything” (this is a Norwegian expression, but maybe it’s use in other countries too). When I can stay in the sun with music on my ears and a good book to read I feel happiness, joy and grateful. Not so much successfulness, but at the same time I can do that too 😊.

I also feel happiness when I can buy something I have been saving money for,- like yesterday I could buy a pavilion and some chair cushions for the garden furniture that is to my patio outside. I even could order it delivered to my home. Maybe it doesn’t sound very much for others, and its actually not an very exclusive pavilion or fancy pillows either, not even very expensive, not even “fashion or stylish”,- it all are actually very, very ordinary, – but for me it felt just so great to be able to do this 😊. And it made me happy too 😊.

I have been saving money for this since the beginning of March, actually before Spain went into lock down. So I felt so happy yesterday when I was able to buy this now 😊. And I can create a very cozy atmosphere outside in my patio for myself, my children and my friends 😊. We use a lots of our time outside during the summertime here in Spain,- and then it is important for me to create a place where it’s nice, joyful and relaxing to stay 😊. I will show you when it’s finished,- but yes,- a thing like that makes me feel happiness, but not successfulness. Or maybe a bit successfulness too,- because it was a goal to manage this,- and yesterday I was one step closer to create a very cozy, homely atmosphere outside, on step closer to my garden goal. ( I have different goals in different areas in my life- reaches step by step, little by little) 🌺.

Yes,- money makes me happy, actually not so successful, but very happy. Some will not be agree with me that “money makes happiness”,- but money in general makes a life a bit easier, – then also happier for many people,- also me 😊. And I don’t feel on any quilt for feeling that 😊. My next goal is to save money so I can go to the hairdresser, and get rid of my quarantine hair πŸ˜…. Then buy a new computer and go to the dentist, pay out some dept I have, and be able to travel to Norway for visiting my family and friends there as well as pick up our things and stuffs and get it all to Spain 😊,- but little by littl, stepby step,- I will not manage”all at once”,- it all will take some time to manage 😊. So yes,- money gives me a kind of happiness because I will be able to do a couple and different of things with the money. Things that gives me something and means something for me.

But it’s not just money that makes me feel happiness. I’m a bit more “complicated” then that πŸ˜…. The money was an example. I feel happiness when I meet my friends, and I feel happiness and when I manage to do different tasks in my life. I feel happiness when I manage my different goals, or just doing my hobbies like knit or paint. When the water flows in my shower I’m happy too.

I feel happiness when the sun is shining and I feel happiness when it goes well for someone in their life,- like a friend of mine just got his own apartment. I felt so happy for him 😊.

I was happy and proud when I had completed my different studies, and I have felt, and still do, happy and successful when I’m able to get a job I want to have,- and even do my job in a good way.

There are so many different things in my life that makes me happy and gives me the feeling of success.

But I need to admit that before, when I was younger, I thought that to be “successful” ment “the way other looked at me and my life”. What I did manage and could “show”, even a title or a kind of “power” in the different society, or a lots of money on the bank account, a big business and so on. I don’t care about that anymore. My success happens every day, every week, for every small goals I manageto do is a kind if successfulness for me,- and as long as it feels like a success for me,- that’s actually all that’s matter for me now 😊. And my tiny small daily “successes” makes me feel happy 😊.

I’m happy when I read a book, and I can feel of success because I was able to buy the book. I can feel of gratefulness and successfulness, even be proud, because I can read the book. All this things, just around this book, are actually not one of course for so many people in the world πŸ“š.

So yes,- I do feel happiness and successfulness in so many small and different situations in my life,- that’s all that’s matter for me,- because my happiness and my successfulness creates my life 😊🧑.

I hope you in some or another way feel happiness and successfulness in your life 🧑. Happiness can be a book, and successfulness can be able to both buy the book and read the book. Happiness and successfulness, – we can choose to create it in our life, it’s depends how we define happiness and successfulness for us self,- and successfulness doesn’t need to be a title or a lot of money in the bank account, or have a lots of power in the society, or have a big business. It is something, some goals you manage to do in your life,- and then again can gives this great feeling of happiness and successfulness for you 🧑. Well,- at least I choose to believe so 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧑.

See you soon 😊

Happiness and successfulness is different from person to person. What makes me happy, and gives me the feeling of success is not sure is the same as for you 😊. A book to read can gives happiness, and be able to both buy the book and read the book can be a and feel like success for someone else πŸ“š. I think the important thing with “happiness and successfulness ” is as long as it makes you feel happy and successful. Do you want to see my favourite happiness and successfulness in my life? You find it in my post πŸ₯°.

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