We can’t change the history or the past πŸ“šπŸŒ

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you during this time we all are going through,- together 🧑

It has been a little quiet from me this past week, because I have both been working quite a bit (around 70 hours 😳), but also because I have been a bit of a spectator of things happening around the world nowadays.  Watching through news on TV and by reading various news updates online.

People “all over the world” seems angry, frustrated, worried, scared, violent in various ways. And of course I in one way really and seriously do understand. We are all going through a strange time, even we go through it differently.

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Many are losing their safety net, their love once, jobs, homes. It’s illness and death. It can seems that “the world are falling apart”. But it doesn’t, it can just look like that because we are in a very strange and new situation for all of us.

Of course there are a lots of people around in the world where “the world are falling apart” for real.


My thoughts this week has anyway more been about our history and past. Something we can’t change, and something that has teach and learn us a lots of different things as well as creat “us all” in one or another way. If it’s a good “creation” or not depends on how we choose to look at it all.

In our past and history it’s stories and happenings that has happen for different reasons. If the different happenings has been correct or wrong, we can be proud of them or not,- well,- I think that’s depends if what way we are looking at the history, and how we do understand it. And we do this differently. Look at it differently, understand it differently.

Now at days it’s up for both discussions as well as actions to try to “remove” different things that has happen in our past and history. Remove a bit culture as well as history. But it is actually not possible to do that. So I don’t understand why so many people are trying to do this so very hard ?

And what I do think about when it comes to our past and our history is different books, especially fiction to be removed and destroyed if possible, different movies to be removed and destroyed if it’s possible, parts and contents of series to be removed and destroyed if its possible,- yes even different children’s songs must be removed, and other songs as well….. and its also very important to remove and destroy different statues and other types of “memorials” from the past,- because they are racist, because they contain racism of different kinds, because the history and past have one or another kind of racism context.

I can understand why many people see this different things this way, and yes it is also correct,- there are many kinds of context from the past, from the history with more then even a tiny touch of racism in. But it’s past, it’s history even we like it or not. And I don’t say it’s a good history or a good past, or that the different histories or past did created a good future. But it is still in the past, something that’s not possible to change. And shouldn’t we be able to learn a bit about this instead of trying to destroy something that’s not possible to change or destroy?


We can destroy books, movies, statues, songs and so on,- but for what and why? The history and past will still be there. And shouldn’t it just be there as an reminder? Instead of creating so lots of anger and frustration?

We are talking about stories that may have created xenophobia and the concept of “different race” among people, human. Yes, maybe history and the past have created it, maybe not.  I choose not to think or discuss so much around that at this point. It’s for me anyway something I can’t change. It’s past. It’s history. A good one? A bad one? It actually doesn’t matter so much,- because it’s still something we can’t change.

But there’s something we can try to change and that’s the future,- and how and the way we are “looking at each other”. The way we look at the different the pigment strengths in our skin are.  These pigments that makes us have different color on our skin.  We can also stop looking at these different colors of the skin as “raging” in humans.  We are all one and the same race, the human race, at least in my eyes.


My opinion is that just leave the books, the movies, the status, the part of different series, the art, the songs. Don’t destroy it, don’t remove it. It is what is was, history and past. We do not have to be so hairy, or feel so oppressed for something like that.  Memorials are memorials although it may not remind everyone and everybody in the world of something positive and good,- it’s still history, it’s still the past, it’s still something we can’t change.

And,- yes,- I think some people “here and there” in the world now at days are a become bit “hairy”. Soon we need to remove the cartoon Donald Duck too, because maybe the “normal” ducks feel offend that we humans laugh and have fun at the expense of an unlucky duck like Donald Duck.  Yes, – I know I’m really putting it on the lead now with Donald Duck as a stupid example.  But a lot of this “remove this and remove that” is about feeling offended because of old history and the past. Something that has happen, something we can’t change. And it will not be changed even if we remove “offended” art of any kind either, I think. What we can change and do something good, create something good in, is with is the future.

Like I mention in the beginning of my text, this is my thoughts, my opinion,- and its not sure it’s correct, and it’s not sure it’s wrong either. It’s just some of my thoughts about what’s going on in our world at the moment. And my words are not ment to offend anyone,- it’s just my thoughts written down in my text.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧑.

See you soon 😊.

We can’t change the past and the history,- even when we try to remove different types and kinds of “memorials” like statues or books, songs or art. The history, the past will still be there. But we can do a lots of good things with the future, if we want.

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