Both cats and guinea pigs, fish and rabbits have lived in our home πŸΆπŸ±πŸ‘

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you all 🧑

My children has had different animals both when we was living in Norway as well as in Spain, and my personal opinion is that children in general have positive benefits from being surrounded by some kind of animals.  It has various positive effects, also in relation to responsibility and positive emotions and realities.

I haven’t grown up with animals myself, but I think I did well anyway, even though I think animals have different positive effects on children.  I looked after our neighbour’s children instead, rolled the children in a stroller, and babysit, and sometimes I went for a walk with my neighbors’ dogs too.  But at that time, as now, I liked taking care of the children and people better than taking care animals. I’m probably more a “people person” than a “animal person”,- except when it comes to my oldest son’s dog, Zorro. He have really “stolen my heart”. After lived together with Zorro for 3 months I need to admit that I miss that dog 🐢 πŸ’™. And he is the first animal I can say I have missed. Lucky for me I can visit him (and my son too) when I get my car back 😊.

Anyway,- my children have had animals in different shapes, sizes and forms. And it was fine for me, even a lots of the responsibility was mine for two reasons. My kids was kids, and this “responsibility- feeling” for another living creature doesn’t just comes during the night when you are a child. So they needed to learn to take care of and learn the responsibility.

In Norway we did live on a farm, our own Prairie. At the farm there was both cows, sheeps and horses, and after a tiny little while two cats too 😊. My sons cats,- Anna and Perry. A male and a female,- just not in the “direction” we thought. Anna was the male and Perry the female. Anyway,- I did manage to avoid to get more cats. Phu 😊.

All my three children loved this two cats, and why daughter didn’t got any cat on her own at that moment was because she was just 3 years old. In my mind a bit to young to learn about the responsibility of taking care for an other living creature, but not to young to hug the cats, play with them and enjoying their company 🐱

After a while there also moved in two guinea pigs. We got the “messenge” that it was two female, something that obviously was very correct. But the people from the animal store just forgot to mention that this guinea pigs was pregnant 🐹.

So one morning there was a bit more then two guinea pigs in our home 😳. I was a student for became a teacher at that moment, and gave away guinea pigs to other students at my school πŸ˜…. But after a while I just needed to deliver the guinea pigs back to the store. It became to many of them and to much responsibility for me πŸ˜…. Three children, studies and work and a “bunch” of guinea pigs was a bit to much for me πŸ˜…. And I think it became a bit overwhelming for my children with the “big production” of guinea pigs too, so they in a way lost the interest.

But then my daughter’s two rabbits moved in instead, or more correctly, outside in their own “cabin” πŸ‡. And she was at that time big enough to take care of her two rabbits with some help from me. Unfortunately they did died after a while. I’m not sure why, but we did had a nice funeral for them both. And her grandad, my dad, created a tree cross for them too.

We even had two big sal water aquariums at the Prairie, something I did really enjoyed. It was a exam and research project I had when I was studying science. And I manage a pretty good grade for it too 😊.

After we moved to Spain the first animals we got was a small aquarium with fishes. But I’m obviously better to take care of sal water aquariums then fresh water, because the fishes did died and died and died 😳.

I’m using the aquarium in my kitchen now as a kind of decorating 😊,- and I still have the different assortment to the aquarium too 😊….in case….one day someone need it 😊

Then two small hamsters did moved in to our home. My daughter wanted a cat, but for me it was easier to have two hamsters. So she got two hamsters for her 15 year old birthday 🐭. She did take very good care of them, but unfortunately they did died during the hot summer even we did try to find places for them where it was not to warm for them to stay and live.

I also still have the different assortment to the hamsters,- and using some as decorations too 😊

And then a tiny little cat moved in for a while. My daughter named him Pizza. But he was not very healthy and moved out to a friend of us, before it actually was just necessary to go to the veterinary with him.

In my mind I think and believe that this animals have brought something good and positive into my childrens life, in one or another way. They like to be surrounded by animals, and I see they give the animals love, hugs and attention. And I think to be sourrende by animals has learned my children respect and responsibility, emotions for other living creatures.

My oldest son has his own dog now, and I know my daughter is going to get a cat as soon as she have the possibility for that.

Me and my son in the middle are more “people person” ,- we both take care of the animals as best as we can,- but we are much better with humans both of us. I’m not sure he is going to get an animal, but I never know 😊.

It’s good we are all different,- and it’s nothing wrong to be a “people person” or a “animal person”,- we need both in our society πŸ’š. Or what do you think?

I’m very grateful for the possibility to let my children have this different animals during the years they had been growing up. I think it has been a positive experience for all three of them in different levels in life.

I’m not going to have any new animal, I already have one, and some “buddies” of him too. He is very shy so I need to borrow a photo from internet. He doesn’t want me to take any photos of him, then he runs away 😊. But I have a geggo/ lizard in my patio, and some friends of him too. And that’s enough animals for me to take care of 🦎.

Since the lizard that lives in my patio is a bit shy,- I borrow this photo from internet 🦎

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are, – with our without any animals in your home 🧑 Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧑

Zorro,- my oldest son’s dog 😊. The sweetest dog I know πŸ₯°

There are “people persons” and “animal persons”. I’m a “people person”,- but still my children have had different kinds of animals in our home when they did grow up. Because I think to grow up with animals are a good thing and give different positive values and effects for a person 😊. And even I’m a “people person” I’m so “in love” with my oldest son’s dog,- Zorro πŸ₯°.

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