Space and place to enjoy the summertime outside for all of us πŸ˜Šβ˜€οΈπŸ’š

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you all 🧑

It’s soon time for my two youngest children and a friend of my son in the middle to move into my home, a home that also has been my children’s home during the 6 last years 😊. I should actually start for real to learn to live on my own in 2020, but for the reason called “coronavirus and the different consequences this brought” in my life, my children’s life as well as many, many others life, thing has changed a bit, plans has changed a bit. And I will probably live more together with my children then alone in 2020. But that’s fine,- it’s my children πŸ’™β€.

For three months this year I did live together with my oldest son and a friend of him. Three- four weeks was the plan, but because of quarantine and curfew this weeks became 3 months instead. And it was more and less 3 months with rain too, so it was not very much possibility for spending time outside like it is now. This time there will be a lots of possibilities to be outside more and less all the time, so I have created space and place for all of us to be outside. Also so the young adults can have space and place to be together with their friends if they want 😊.

Our back patio with barbeque and place to eat 😊

I have two good patios, and together with the space and place inside the house there will be space and place for all four of us during this next months.

This time I have a bit more “experiences” to live together with my young adults children as well as their friends 😊. I know there will be days where I will be “tired” of my children, and I know there will be days where they will be tired of me. I know there will be days where I will be irritated over mess, clothes and dish wash, and I know my children will be irritated over me because they have created their own routines and rhythm during the period they have been living alone as young adults. But as long as we know about this we will manage this 😊.

I have a patio in the front of my home too, and that’s the patio we are using most of the time. It’s more open, and we can look at the ocean too. But it’s very sunny and can get extremely warm, so last year me and my daughter put a lots of umbrellas over the roof for covering for the sun. It was pretty cool during the summertime, but the winterstoroms destroyed my “umbrella art” as well as the function for covering for the sun.

My oldest son and his friend did helped me this Spring to remove all the broken and destroyed umbrellas,- so it was in it’s own way “ready for something new” 😊.

Our patio in the front, and as you can see it’s a lots of sun….and during the summertime when the sun is higher it will be even more β˜€οΈ.

And like I told you,- I have been saving money for be able to buy both some new pillows for the sofa- groups as well as an pavilion. Nothing expensive, fancy or fashion, but nice and good to sit on as well as great cover for the sun 😊. And last week I got it all delivered to my home 🏑.

Look at this,- cozy, comfortable and good cover for the sun during the next summer months β˜€οΈ.

I already had some different lights settings and my daughter did help me to put it up, and decorate it “here and there”. So it so nice and cozy during the evenings too. I’m very pleasant with the results, and I’m looking forward to both spend time with my children as well as my friends here. And I’m looking forward for my children to use it together with their friends too 😊.

Look at this,- this is how it looks like during the evenings 😊.

I’m so grateful for be able to do this, have this place and space, this home for me and for my children 😊. And I’m looking forward for many cozy days and evenings here, outside in our patio during warm summer days as well as soft summer evenings 😊. And both my son in the middle and my daughter are very happy with the results too 😊.

So,- now I’m more and less ready for living together with my children again, spend some quality time together with them, as well as they can and will have the possibility to use the different patios just together with their friends if they want, and no mammi “hanging around” them 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧑

See you soon 😊

Our patio is ready for warm summer days and soft summer evenings β˜€οΈπŸ˜Š

The summertime is long in Spain and we use a lots of time outside, and then it’s good to have space and place for enjoying the summer too β˜€οΈ. Your very welcome to “visit” our patios, you will find more photos in my post 😊. They are both ready for warm summer days as well as soft summer evenings together with my children as well as my friends, and my children’s friends too 🧑.

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