Different Social Media takes time use πŸ“²πŸ’»πŸ˜Š

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you all 🧑

I have different social media and communication channels like Facebook and Messager, Snapchat and two different Instagram accounts, I have even an Twitter App, and I have What’s Up too. And I have my WordPress App to my blog. And I even have a couple of emails as well πŸ˜….

I was good to use my different social media channels,- was. I’m not at the moment. Not at all!

Somewhere during the quarantine and curfew I started to use most of my social media channels less and less. Under the quarantine and curfew I was more and less home 24 hours closely 7 days a week. But still I started to use them less then “ever” πŸ€”. And I’m actually not sure why,- but I know it takes time to use all this different social media and communication channels.

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In general I’m using my Facebook to just post my textes from my blog at the moment. But before I also did “take a look” “around” and watched what my Facebook friends did post, what’s happen their life. Now I’m maybe scrolling a bit down, maybe two or three times a week, not even so much.

Facebook in it’s own way did “updated” me about what’s happen in my Facebook friends life, and even more important, helped me to remember birthdays 🎊. Now I have not a clue when people have birthdays, just because Im closely “never” is dropping by my Facebook page anymore. The birthdays I do remember are to my closets one, like my children, family and closets friends.

So,- if you read this and are a Facebook friend of my and I have forgot to Congratulate you with your birthday I’m very, very sorry for that πŸ˜”. It has been an very honest mistake just because I probably wasn’t scrolling into Facebook that day, at your birthday.

I’m using Messenger to communicate with my daughter and my son in the middle, and now and then some close friends. And I use What’s Up for the same reasons, communicating with my oldest son and my friends too 😊.

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I have two Instagram accounts. One is more like “my creative corner” account where I just posting my paintings and creative stuff I have been making. But during the last months I have forgot to post anything at that account 😳. And when I remember I should do it, but decide to do it a bit later because I haven’t “the time” at the moment,- and of course forget to do it later too 😳. I think I have four or five paintings that are finish and I should be posting there, on this “creative corner” Instagram account. But haven’t used time to do it, yet.

The other Instagram account I have, I have in general just used for posting some stuff/ photo and a tiny texts from my blog. But my last “post” there was from the Easter 😳. Also here,- because I forget, and think I can do it later, and then forget again πŸ˜…. And an other thing is,- I’m not sure what Instagram is used for? What is the purpose of the text, image, record?  Tell what happens in life?  Or “sell” a product? I think it is a combination of both, but mostly for “selling”. And the photos at Instagram is also a bit different, in a way more “styled up” πŸ˜ŠπŸ“Έ.

And Twitter,- what do we actually use Twitter for? πŸ€” Some years ago I did have an Twitter account too, now I just have the App πŸ˜…,- and I think I posted two or three things on my Twitter account at that time. I don’t understand “the concept” so I just leave it to that. But it is probably about “selling” here as well, I haven’t just find “the correct way to sell” on Twitter yet. And I have also understood it all this way, that Twitter is a bit about “sharing opinions” in different cases and situations. If I have understood it correctly?

Snapchat,- I actually use that to my family in Norway as a communication channel, and my mam, my sisters and my nieces are incredibly good to update me on Snapchat. Sending movies and photos, and we have a chat now and then too 😊. I’m not so good at all, to use my Snapchat for sharing anything, just for chatting with my family and some friends 😊

WordPress I’m using as much as I can to post my textes 😊. Because it is the platform I’m using to my blog 😊.

The different social media and communication channels I have, but at the moment I’m not using Twitter at all.

There’s a lots of different social media channels. TikTok is a new one, and if I do understand that one correctly it’s more and less for small “movies”. To watch and to share. To “sell”. And YouTube too, but still not in the same way as TikTok. It’s not easy to understand all this different social media channels concept and how to use them πŸ˜…. They are similar, but still not.

Most of the social media channels are about “to sell”. It can be a product, it can be your self, your life, tell about different happenings in your life,- and in general the good ones. The bad ons we don’t share to much.

But in one or another way it is about “selling”. And most of “it all” takes time too, to share, tell, sell and be updated on. Time to use, time to create any kind of a post or a text together with a good photo, and good photos don’t create themselves,- that’s for sure. But photos are one of the most important “issue” in a post,- no matter where you post it, on what kind of social media channels you are using. And it takes time to create a good photo that sells you, your text, your product πŸ“Έ.

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It takes time to find a good text too, even when it’s just three words, because the text sells as well. And then it is about to find the “correct” social media channel to use for the “mission” you had in mind. Why, what, where and how to “sell” your product.

It takes time to read through other peoples posts, texts and stories as well,- to “like”, and maybe even give a comment too. It takes time,- time to use social media channels. It takes time to post, and to keep your self “updated” about your own “followers” as well. And as more social media channels you are using as more time it goes on social media.

And yes,- I forgot all this “stories” on the different social media channels 😊. That’s also something to use time on 😊. It’s many different and nice “stories” “out there”,- but it takes time to post them, as well as look through them. And “the stories” are used a bit differently then when it comes to “just posting” 😊.

I know I need to be better to use some of my social media channels, special when it comes to my blog as well as trying to follow up my friends,- but it takes time,- special when some are using Snapchat more then Facebook, other using mostly stories to “inform about happenings” in their life, and some again are using Instagram or even Twitter. It’s not easy to “follow up” all this, and it’s take a bit time too 😊.

I’m not sure why I’m using my social media channels so little as I do, but I think it is about “the time”. Another reason is the different social media channels are different “concept”, used in a bit different way, at the same time as they are the same.

I have a tiny bit challenging to “follow up” how to use the different concept that’s in one way are used for the same reason (to sell) but still used differently.

Well,- my points today are, as I have mention a couple of times in my text,- different social media channels takes time to use, and even when “the concept” behind the different social media channels are the same,- to “update happenings in yourlife” or “to sell” in one or another way, it’s used differently, it takes time to use them in the “correct” way 😊. So I think for me it is about “the time”, and that’s the reason why I’m not very good to use my own different social media channels I have at the moment.

What about you? Do you feel social media use a lot of your time?

Anyway,- I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. Thank you so much for using for time today to drop by my blog 🧑

See you soon 😊

Me at my Snapchat account 😊

I’m using less time in different social media channels and accounts then I did before,- and for me the main reason is that it actually takes a bit time to use it, post, write, update 😊. But I can try to be better to use some of my social media channels and accounts πŸ’»πŸ˜Š.

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