New restrictions for the mask use in Spain πŸ˜·

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you all 🧑

From the 15. July 2020 there is some new restrictions for using the mouth and nose cover here in Spain. Some restrictions I have a tiny challenge to understand or see the point with 😳. But this new restrictions are for prevent and protect that there will not come a second “wave” with the coronavirus and Covid19, and prevent and protect that the virus will not be spread.

I don’t know how long this new restrictions will last. Until there is a vaccine for the coronavirus?

Well,- it’s a lots of things I don’t understand with the whole corona- situation to be honest 😳. It’s “just” a virus, and yes it can kills like many other diseases, bacteria and viruses can do,- and yes the virus can spread very fast. And yes,- the illness Covid19 can be a horrible disease to get for some people, and some people can die too from the disease,- but in general most people with the coronavirus survive. All in all,- “this is” like many other diseases and illnesses are. At the same time it is defined as an pandemi.

The new restrictions in Spain are that we need to use masks to cover our mouth and nose more and less 24/7 πŸ™„. The “exceptions” to not use masks are in our home, at the beach (but the distance needs to be kept at the beach πŸ–), when you’re doing workout or swimming in the pool, when you are eating and drinking at an restaurant, cafe or bar, or walking down the street with a cigarette between your lips 🚬. But even if you are totally alone outside in “the public room” you need the wear the mask 😷. (I’m actually not sure how you can spread or “give” the virus to anyone else when you are totally alone, or even get the virus, but obviously you can πŸ™„).

It’s seems that as long as you put something in your mouth, between your lips, (when you are away from your home like at an restauranter or a cafe) you actually can’t spread the virus or get the virus, for some strange reasons πŸ€”. It can be food, a drink or a cigarette,- then you can remove the mask, and enjoy the food, the drink or the cigarette as long as you will πŸ˜‰ without getting any virus. Or if you have the virus, you will not give the virus to someone else either, as long as you put something in your mouth. But as long as you are not putting something in your mouth and between your lips the virus “goes bananas” and spreads “all over”, and you need to wear the mask 😷.

To keep a virus in “quarantine” don’t and doesn’t prevent it protect people from getting the virus. We just keep the virus here instead, and let it really “grow up”, actually multiply it “big time”. Let’s just take an very easy and very stupid example with two cockroaches – and let’s just say its an male and a female too (it’s because I don’t like cockroach I’m using this as an example πŸ˜…). But if I have those two cockroaches in my home and just actually put them in quarantine so they can die, and so my neighbours don’t get them too. What will happen?

I just keep them in my home, alive, so they would not spreads “all over”, just stay there in my home and hopefully die. What will probably happen is that I will get more cockroaches in my home instead 😳. And then for real can spread them over to my neighbours as well, and then maybe my neighbours try to keep the cockroaches in quarantine too. And the same will happen there. Do you see my point? I told you,- it was a stupid example,– but it’s still a useful example.

Some will be agree with me, some will not be agree with me. That’s the way it is,- like in most “cases” in the world,- we see and understand things differently. Also when it comes to the coronavirus, corona- situation and Covid19.

Some will probably argue with arguments like if I had let this to cockroaches out from my home they still would be able to multiply,- and yes,- but not in the same way, or speed as in my home. Because the chances for that the cockroaches would be running in different directions is big. Maybe the female cockroach was “pregnant” and got some new cockroaches a new place too,- but the male cockroach would not be spreading very much. Like I told you,- it’s a stupid and simple example,- but it’s still an example. And of course I could “argue”, “discuss” and use more examples around this,- but for today I think this is enough 😊. Hopefully some see my point 😊.

The cockroaches will be spread, of course, and also in different directions, but still less. It’s the same with the virus. There will always be some kind of virus sourrende around us, as well as different kinds of bugs. But how we “act” with them around us also affects how much there will be.

It’s still allowed to use the head, the brain and some logic sence.

I have a lots of thoughts about this coronavirus- situation,- and I’m probably going to share some of them now and then with you too. I don’t say my thoughts are correct, or wrong,- they are just my thoughts.

If we don’t cover our mouth and nose with mask when and where we should, we will get a fee here in Spain. The thing is,- I’m more worried about the police and the fee then the virus,- so I’m using my mask not to avoid the virus, but to avoid the police and the fee. And them some will, of course, argue with “as long as I use the mask” I’m not going to get the virus or give the virus to anyone else. That’s true and correct,- but my mind is not in that “direction”, not my act either, even it’s looks like it is. I use the mask to avoid the fee. Do I sound cynical? Yes,- probably, but at least honest.

And I should really know why the virus don’t spread when I putting something like food or a drink in my mouth when I’m at a restaurant or cafe, or for a walk with a cigarette hanging out from my lips? Or a walk totally alone where there no one around me? But at that moment I’m stopping putting something in my mouth and between my lips I need to use the mask in a cafe or restaurant or outside in the public room because suddenly then the virus will spreads πŸ€”. For me and in my mind this is not logic.

These new restrictions in relation to the use of masks have been introduced for several reasons.  To prevent the virus from spreading again, especially since there has been an increase in infections in a few places in Spain recently.  Why has there been an increase?  There can actually be several different reasons for this, and not just one.  It can often be an advantage to find out what is the cause behind what is happening, but it does not seem to be taken into account. In my mind I think if you can find the reason behind then it should be easier to find a kind of solution too. I don’t think the “longterm solution” will be this new mask use restrictions.

Another reason for the new mask-use restrictions is because it is now open to tourism in Spain, and then tourists coming in from other countries.  When using a mask, this should prevent tourists from spreading the virus, if they have it with them in their “suitcase”, while at the same time preventing tourists from taking the virus back to their home country when their holiday is over.

Another thing is that’s the use of plastic gloves in the food stores is now removed. We don’t need to use plastic gloves anymore for shopping food. It’s just antibacterial infront of the door to the store you can use if you want πŸ™„. And I see people skip to use the antibacterial now when no one are “looking after them” anymore. So did we learn anything about to wash and clean our hands just some weeks and months ago? πŸ˜‰πŸ€”

My opinion is that the restrictions we did have before the 15. July was more then good enough,- and that this new ones will not do the protection and prevention people think/ believe. But like I mention,- it’s my opinion. It’s not sure I’m correct, it’s not sure I’m wrong. It’s actually just to watch, wait and see what’s happen.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧑. Stay safe 🧑.

See you soon,- hopefully 😊.

I’m still using my homemade, knit mask- and I have 3 different to use and choose between, change and wash after use 😷

It’s new mask restrictions in Spain at the moment 😷. And for some strang reasons the coronavirus will not spread when you eat, drink or smoke “outside” in the public room, or at an restaurant, cafe or bar πŸ€”. If I do believe in the new restrictions,- well,- I’m at least following them 😷.

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One thought on “New restrictions for the mask use in Spain πŸ˜·

  1. very interesting. I agree. Sometimes the bureaucratic orders do not follow logic. I think the relaxations are meant for compulsive eaters, drinkers or smokers. The virus probably also loves to eat, drink and smoke😊😊 It is too busy eating or drinking and doesn’t bother to spread.😊😊

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