Numbers and statistics also affecting our mind … πŸ“ˆ πŸ˜·

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you all 🧑

It’s around 7 months since the coronavirus did turn the world upside down πŸ™„,- and for what?

There has been and still are many different theories, and different practices and restrictions in different countries around in the world for trying to minimize the consequences this virus could do, would do and still are doing.

Many people has died, some of the illness Covid19 and many because of other diseases. But for a reason they are still counting and register the death as a Covid19 deaths because they had the Covid19,- even when it was not the Covid19 that actually was the main reason for the death.

Many people have been sick because of Covid19, and even more have tested positive for coronavirus without being sick at all.  And, – there are probably also people who have been carriers of the virus without knowing it, or having been ill.

The Covid19 is a painful and horrible disease,- special when it comes to the lungs and breathing. And it’s an awful way to die of the disease because one is slowly suffocated, and the suffocation begins at the base of the lungs as bubbles that block air, bubbles that fill the lungs and that creep upwards towards the throat.  Very briefly summarized.

There are numbers and statistics to follow all over the world. How correct they are is another thing.

I have had, and still have, a lots of different thoughts about the coronavirus, the Covid19, the numbers and statistics, and the society and world- situation during this last 5- 6 months.

I have also had different opinions during this time, opinions that has slowly changed a bit during this time as well.

In the beginning of this pandemi I, for example, thought Sweden did handle the corona- situation very strange. But I have changed my mind,- I may start thinking that Sweden so fare has handle the situation better then many countries. Even better then Norway. Sweden did in it’s own way used my simple and stupid “cockroaches- example” actually. The country didn’t do very much out of it all, they didn’t put the country and the society “on hold”, but still they did protect the weakest in the society.

I have also been disagreed with the president in the USA in many different situations and cases (and yes I know his name, I just chose not use it). But there’s now one thing I may think maybe he is a bit correct in,- no matter how stupid it seems and sounds,- and that is to stop “couting” the testing for coronavirus “here and there and everywhere”. Not because I think the coronavirus and Covid19 is a joke, and not because it’s not necessary to do the testing. But because numbers and statistics does something with a human’s brain and mind. Yes, of course the statistics will goes down if we are stopping testing for the coronavirus. It doesn’t mean that the coronavirus not will be around us anymore,- but people’s mind, focus and energies will change when numbers and statistics are changing.

Numbers and statistics do something with humans, and as in this case, coronavirus, corona- situation and Covid19 disease, – and there is not necessarily anything positive.  Red and negative numbers create fear, aggression, anger, insecurity.

Who are these numbers and statistics important to?  Me?  And in case why should it be important for me to know this?  What can I do with this numbers and statistics?  Not very much.

What can I use these numbers and statistics for?  Almost nothing, except that it gives me information, information that I can not really use for anything meaningful in my life.  It tells me how many are infected, how many are sick, how many are dead.  And it’s negative numbers too. And how can I use this information in a sensible way? And another thing,- I don’t believe that the numbers or statistics are correct either. And I do believe that this negative numbers also have an negative effect on the human.

Some people find it exciting and important to follow how many people are carriers of the virus, how many are ill, and how many have died from Covid19.  But there is very little information on how many people do not actually have the virus, or who have the virus but are not ill.  Or how many have actually recovered from Covid19.  Where are these numbers?  Where are these statistics?  This is more interesting because these are actually positive numbers. This numbers will have an positive effect on the human,- so why don’t use that information instead? Or at least together?

I know that numbers and statistics are important in relation to research, and in relation to how to deal with the virus, the disease and the situation, the society situation as well as the world situation. But for the tiny little very normal human this negatives numbers and statistics just create negativity in the society, and for the human. But maybe that’s the “thoughts” behind this negative numbers and statistics too? To create negativity, worries, fairs, insecurities, aggression in the society?

I don’t know,- it’s still my thoughts about and around this “corona- situation”. I may be correct, I may be wrong. What I do know is that negativity creates negativity, and positivety creates positivety.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. Thank you so much for using your time to drop by my blog today 🧑.

See you soon,- I hope 😊

There’s red numbers and statistics, and there’s green numbers and statistics πŸ“ˆ. Some in a negative direction and some in a positive direction πŸ“Š. Both are necessary, but for different reasons. I like to focus on the green ones,- but it’s not easy when it’s the red ones that’s “shows up”.

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