Evolution or conspiracy? πŸ§¬βš—

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you all 🧑

The coronavirus and Covid19 have created different thoughts, discussions and opinions between many people,- and two discussion areas that goes again are evolution and conspiracy. Is the coronavirus and Covid19 a part of a natural evolution process, or is there actually a conspiracy behind? Is the coronavirus and Covid19 natural “created” because one lady in China did eat a bat, or is the virus designed?

I’m not sure what to believe to be honest,- but I think there’s something “strange” with the whole situation πŸ€”.

Evolution is a term in the biology and is used in relation to gradual changes to one or more species. Changes to the nature that implies, among other things, changes in the organization’s building, genetics and ecological behavior. These changes mean that new species may occur and others die.

An evolution often takes over a greater period of time. That is, either from some generations to millions of years. Slow and gradual changes in either a plant or animal cells. These change create new abilities in the individual, or make the individual dies out.

Conspiracy is something else then evolution. It is being designated as a complot or a conspiracy between powerful people.

Conspiracy theory is an attempt to explain a political, social or historical event and its underlying cause. The incident has a rear-associated cause that is secret and often decisive (and misleading). It is a social observation, and an action that is staged by a secret alliance between powerful people, and not as open activities or as a natural event.

Things that are wrong in the world are due to the fact that a powerful group in secret is commonly to their own agenda. A social observance that suppresses the truth. Different theories are therefore incorporated and extensive, and direct proof is this is difficult to find, and there is a lack of concrete evidence. In most conspiracy, it is about it for a political fight of a kind, and power.

Like I mention, I’m not sure what to believe,- but there’s something strange with the whole situation. And I do put this text a bit on the tip too,- just so you know 😊.

There are stories that coronavirus and Covid19 are created to create fear and control, and distance between people. That the virus also has a connection with 5G networks.

It’s about having control of mankind and “clean up”. It’s about census and metals in the new Corona vaccine. It’s about the perception of vaccine. A vaccine containing metals that make the 5G network can control a person who has gets coronavaxine. It’s about vaccines to young people between 0 to 15 years containing substances that stop ferrigite, which in turn will sooner to lower reproduction of people.

It’s about splitting people apart. It’s about creating fear, uncertainty, disagreement, conflicts between people. It’s about opposition. It’s about control. Create distance in between people both mentally and physically. And so much more. And name as Trump, Obama, Gates, even Justin Bieber and queen Elizabeth are mention, and some more 😳.

Well,- there’s a lots of disagreements in the world at the moment, as well as fear and conflicts too. More then it has been before, and on a different level as well. And the distance between people are literally too. We need to keep 1,5 or 2 metres distance, the masks use create also a kind of distance, and the different disargment creates a distance as well as the fear of getting the coronavirus does.

There is now hysteria, pre-emption and discrimination in relation to corona.

In terms of “discrimination” related to coronavirus, I can take an examples, a simple and stupid example, but still an example. I have friends in Norway that now will not have a visit from me if I had traveled to Norway on vacation now, and that because in the case I have coronavirus. Because I live in Spain. In my mind that’s a tiny bit discrimination, because my friends in Norway can have the virus as much as I can have, ( I have even been living much more “safer” and more protected then most of them),– but still they believe that’s not even a issue. They can’t have the virus because they live in Norway, but I can because I live in Spain.

There’s, now at days, a lots of post on Facebook, from Norway, Norwegian Facebook friends, about that travel to South of Europe on holiday now at days are “kokelimonke” (=stupid). I don’t think it’s more stupid to travel to South of Europe on holiday then fill up “everything” in Norway with Norwegian tourists. And soon, very soon there will be tourists from other countries too in Norway as well. Then what?

What is the difference between having a lots of Norwegian tourists overall close, close together on a overbooked mountain hotel, like having tourists on a beach hotel here? That’s probably not will be overbooked this year because of the coronavirus and the different restrictions we have here in Spain.

And in the same “case” this pre- emption shows up too. Because if ,in this case, a Norwegian one was on a one week holiday in Spain, and, unfortunately, this person get the coronavirus and Covid19, the sentence will be “I don’t feel sorry for you, you got what you deserve because you did travel out of the country on holiday”. But it’s not sure that’s the case and situation at all. You can get this virus “everywhere” now at days.

I do use Norway and Spain as examples because I’m related to both countries. And yes,- I’m a bit negative on purpose, I m putting this text a bit on the top. As an simple example of “disagreement and cynicism as well as criticism and split people a bit a part from each other.

This Spring Norway was so “happy” because now the Norwegians “needed” to be tourists in their own country. They even reccomend the Norwegian to be tourists in Norway. And yes I know it is for protection so the coronavirus doesn’t comes “from here and there and everywhere to Norway”. But it’s also connected to the economy in Norway. Why don’t share a bit about the economic situation and the tourists? We do anyway and already share the coronavirus and Covid19 situation. The virus will be here anyway, and a “second wave” with coronavirus and Covid19 will come too. That’s what “they” told us, or “we” already was told this Spring that a second wave was expected during this summer and autumn too. And yes,- I do know I’m a put “things” a bit the tip now too.

Norway has not been “missing” any tourists before, so why this big focus this year? There has been Norwegians that’s has travel to other countries during the summertime as well as a lots of people from other countries has traveled to Norway for a holiday and two.

And now Norway got not just a lots of norwegians that travels around in the country, in just a couple of weeks there will be a lots of tourists from other countries too travel around in Norway. Then what? The capacity is already overbooked, and the possibility for more coronavirus from “here and there and everywhere” is bigger. First it was a “hysteria” for not having any tourists, now it’s a “hysteria” for having to much tourists. And of course the reason for protecting people from getting the coronavirus and Covid19. I know that πŸ˜‰.

I know that Spain at the moment are in the red zone again, and I do also know I’m a bit quarrelled, and put “things” a bit to put on the tip now. And I do understand why Norway doesn’t want to have more coronavirus- situations and Covid19 into the country. And I do understand why Norway reccomend the publication to spend their holiday in Norway. I’m just making a bit big deal of this to show an example 😊.

Any way, – if there is a conspirator around this coronavirus and Covid19 there’s already created fear and insecurity, worriedsness and a kind of “hysteria”, as well as disagreements and conflicts, and distance between people too.

I still don’t know what to believe, if the virus is a part of the evolution or if it’s designed as a part of a kind of conspiration,- but I need to admit that I have many different thoughts about the coronavirus and Covid19 situation. In my mind there is something “strange”, but I don’t know what it is.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧑

See you soon,- I hope 😊

A bit critical me hidden behind both sunglasses and mask so no one can get any expression from my mood, fear or happiness, joy or insecurity πŸ˜‰.

I’m not sure if the coronavirus and Covid19 are designed or did “fly” into our lifes with a tiny bat. I don’t know if the things that are happening in the world are a part of the evolution or some kind of conspiracy. I just know that it’s doing something with “all of us” and not necessarily in a positive direction.

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