We look like ducks with flat beak and almost no expression πŸ˜·πŸ¦†

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you all 🧑

Here in Spain the new restrictions now is to use masks “all the time”, except from when you are in your home, at the beach and keep the correct distance, when you are doing workout outside, and when you are eating and drinking at a restaurant, cafe or bar, or if you go for a walk together with your cigarette πŸ˜‰. Or even when you are totally alone somewhere like in a park, or take a walk in a empty street you need to use the mask, to cover your mouth and nose 😷.

I’m not to happy with this new mask- restrictions, but I do follow them because I don’t want to have any fee.

It’s a couple of reasons why I’m not to happy with the mask- use. For the first I think the virus will spreads the same way when you are eating and drinking at a restaurant, cafe or bar,- as when you’re not eating or drinking. And I don’t believe the virus will spreads very much to anyone when I’m totally alone some where in the “public room” like for example in a park or at the street where it’s just me. I don’t believe the virus spreads more or less either when you “fire up” an cigarette in the public room, when it’s other people around you, or if you are alone.

And there’s something about the human “expression” that diseaper when all and everyone are using this mask. It’s create “something” in the society, a kind of insecurity and also a distance between people when you just can see the eyes. It’s just half of the face to a person that’s shows and for me that’s not natural 😷. The mask also, in it’s own way, are blocking a person’s energies. And it creates an anonymity and distance between people. The first thing we in general see, looking at and judging when we meet a person for the first time is the mouth of a human being. The mouth, and eventual a smile creates trust, along with the eyes. But without the mouth it becomes something halfway with the whole impression, and it’s more difficult to create trust as well.

In a strange way we all look a bit similar now, even we are different, and even most of us are using different kinds masks. We looks like a bunch of ducks with different flat beaks πŸ¦†.

And it’s like “something” is missing when you meet a person in the public with mask. Like for example a smile 😊.

But maybe that’s the way “someone” what it to be? Create distance and insecurity in the society? If I do believe it’s something “more” behind this mask restrictions then just for preventing and protecting all and everyone from the coronavirus and the Covid19.

You don’t see any smiles anymore,- and that’s a bit sad. A smile, just a tiny little smile can do so much for a person during a day, even when the smile is coming from someone you don’t know 😊. And the smile starts with the lips and mouth and then goes straight up to the smiling eyes, and suddenly theres a whole smiley face. That’s not the way it is in Spain at the moment. There’s not so many smiles to meet on the street, but a lots of different flat beaks without mostly any kind of expressions πŸ¦†.

In the religious perspective I know muslims are using nikab, something that covers most of the face, but not the eyes. I’m not going to mix in religion in this text, because the mask restrictions in Spain are not based on any religion perspectives as fare as I know. It’s about to prevent and protect for the coronavirus and Covid19. Just for information.

But if this new restrictions is better then the last one,- I don’t know. I don’t think so,- but maybe we get the correct answer after some weeks or months after following this new mask restrictions ? If the mask- use did prevent and protect the way it is thought for.

In the meantime I have decided to smile to each and everyone I’m meeting on my way, in the town, at the store or any other places I’m going to and need to use my mask, as long this mask restrictions are going on 😊. I’m going to smile to people with my flat mask beaks 😷. In general I do meet people with a smile, but it’s not easy to show when I’m using my mask and not my ordinary smile with my own mouth and lips and eyes 😊.

I have three knit mask to myself so I’m using. Not all three at the same time πŸ˜…. But changing when one needs a wash in the washing machine. My masks are knit by me, with 100 % cotton yarn so I can wash them, and with a panty liner inside they protect perfectly. It’s a bit hot under the mask, but that’s the way it is for all of us 😊.

My mask without a smile, my mask with a smile and me with my mask upside down- in case I’m not to happy 😷

What I did was to draw a smile at my masks, so I actually and literally do smile to all and everyone I’m meeting now. And yes,- it has an very pleasant and positive effect and attention too 😊. People are looking at me, and people are smiling to me as best as they can under their own mask, people even comes over to me and talk to me about my smile, my happy mask, my smiley, flat beak 😊.

And, if I’m not to happy I always can turn my mask upside down and get a not to happy face, and also still be able to express myself 😷.

Well,- I think this is enough “coronavirus and Covid19” – thoughts, opinions and expressions from me for a while 😊. It will probably come more,- but I feel it’s time to take a tiny little writing- break about that subject for some days or weeks 😷.

Ps- we will now see how long my mask is approved …. because in a little while there will be new rules for what are also approved masks ….. (… will this never end πŸ€”- it’s like “nothing’s good enough either? 😳- what do they wan? What do they except will happen? πŸ™„)

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. Thank you so much for using your time to drop by my blog today 🧑

See you soon,- I hope 😊

Me with my smiley face mask 😊😷

I do use my mask like I’m recommended to do,- but in my mind we more and less looks like a “bunch” of ducks with flat beaks, and no personality or personal expressions anymore πŸ¦†. So I did draw a smile on my mask,- and try my best to meet people with a happy smile now at days 😊. And it has an positive effect too….as long as it will last 😊….(because it can come new restrictions for what kind of mask that’s also are approved masks 😳)

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