Thank you July πŸ₯€ Welcome August πŸŒž

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you all 🧑

July is over, and we have already started on August. Like most of the months this year also July just flew away. I’m not sure why it feels like the months goes so fast, but they do 😊. At least it feels like that.

July was a tiny bit challenging, but mostly because of the missing internet in my home, and the possibility to do different things online, like for example my work. I used to many days in July to just stay home and wait for an internet technician that “never” showed up πŸ˜”. But after closely 3 weeks of waiting we got the internet service “up and running” again.

It feels a bit waist off time to just sit there and wait for someone that’s not shows up, special when there’s a kind of appointment and promise that the technician are coming on “that day and that time”. And to be honest,- it’s irritated me a bit that people can have so little respect for other people’s time ⏳. Like I feel some people have.

So this time I say Thank you July for the internet 😊,- but also Thank you for some nice days in La Cala together with my friend and for some nice and sunny days at the pool and at the beach πŸ–. Thank you for the time together with my children and for my work 😊. You didn’t became the way I had planned and had in my mind, but that’s the way it is 😊.

We have also been living 4 different people, with different routines and habits under my roof in July, something that went supricely well 😊.

Now I can say Welcome to hot and sunny August 🌞. And it is hot at the moment. It is 42 degrees (Celsius) 🌑. That’s actually also the reason why my “welcome post” is one day to late this time πŸ™„. The heat did knock me a bit about yesterday πŸ˜…. The heat came so suddenly. Well, – I did knew it should be so many degrees, and so hot, because it was on the news. It has been warnings and remains about the heat, and how to handle it, special the focus of drink enough water πŸ’§. But one thing is to read it in the news, an other thing is to feel and meet “the wall” of heat for real. And it feels like a wall of heat, special when you’re coming from indoors and goes outside.

It’s a bit lower temperature inside the houses then outside. And this is also the reason why the houses here in South of Spain are created and built the why they are, because of the hot summertime. There’s no isolation in the houses and they are not made of wood, but of stone and concrete. Just for to keep the temperature a bit down and lower inside during the summertime 🏑.

August is in general a very warm summer month, and it’s also the main summer holiday month for the Spanish people. I Norway it’s July that’s the main summer holiday month.

I know August is a very, very hot month, but I always forget how hot it actually can be πŸ˜…. It’s a bit strange, because I really remember how cold the wintertime can be here in South of Spain, but still not how it feels to be sweat without moving πŸ˜….

In general there’s a lots of tourists in the area in August, and closely impossible to find a good place at the beach because there’s so many people. I’m not sure how it will be this year. The corona- situation has changed our life- situation and routines a bit, also when it comes to how to behave at the beach. And the holiday travelling as well.

I don’t know very much about what August will bring me. I know it will be warm and sunny, and I know my two youngest children are going to continue to live in my home for some more weeks, maybe even some months 😊. And I know I will have a tiny mini holiday in the end of the month. Something I’m already are looking forward too πŸ₯°.

I also know I have a bit work to do, special because I lost some work during the time in July when we didn’t had any internet connection in my home. I’m actually not looking forward to “catch up” the lost working- hours, but it’s still necessary to to it.

What kind of changes and challenges that will shows up during August, I have no idea, but hopefully not to much of them 😊. In my own way I’m very fine with the challenges July “put” into my life, and I don’t need anything more 😊.

All I can say today is Thank you July, it was nice to meet you, but also very fine to say goodbye to you 😊. And welcome sunny and warm August 🌞. I’m looking forward to meet you πŸ’›.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. Thank you so much using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧑

See you soon 😊

Thank you July, and welcome August 🌞. I don’t know very much about August, and what kind of expectations I can have. I know things and stuff not always goes the way I have planned 😊. So I haven’t to many plans for August 🌞. I know there will be some very sunny days, and some very hot days where the heat closely feels like “a wall” 🌞.

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