A reminiscent evening πŸ₯°

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you all

Imagine it is 7 years since me and my two youngest children moved to Spain 😳. And two or three years later my oldest son moved to Spain too 😊. Where has the time gone? πŸ€”

It was never my plan to stay so long in Spain,- but suddenly 7 years has passed by 😊. Imagen that.

My two youngest and me had a reminiscence evening some evenings ago about our time and life, experiences, changes and challenges in Spain during the lasts years. My oldest son was in his home at the mountains this evening, but all four of us had a family afternoon for around a week ago, and a marvellous time together like we always have πŸ₯°.

I’m very grateful and very lucky,- I have three incredible and fantastic young adults children πŸ₯°. Imagine that πŸ’™πŸ’™β€. I just needed to mention it,- because I’m a bit proud of them all, and I do feel very lucky πŸ’š.

During our reminiscence evening we choose to focus on our good memories and experiences during this 7 last years.

It’s more then enough not to good memories, challenges and experiences to focus on,- but what good will they bring into our life,- except from “lessons” and learning, and hopefully knowledge too 😊. And I choose to look at them at that way now,- as learning and knowledge. But I haven’t been there “all the time” during this last 7 years. It has been hard work, and for me the focus has mainly been to survive and support my children as best as I possible could.

I didn’t had in mind 7 years ago that I should work so much, so hard and live so little. And I didn’t had a clue about the different challenges and changes we was going to “meet on” or go through. But at the same time,- life is work in its own way, and life is changes and challenges too 😊.

But in my mind and my dreams I thought I should be able to do a bit more other things expect from working,- like travel a bit in the country, look around, learn to dance bachatta, learn Spanish a bit better, explore the culture and the traditions, the history a bit more, and a bit more different things and stuff too. But okay,- it is what it is 😊.

I was dropped off in Spain with two children in the suitcase 7 years ago,- and it was actually not very fun at all, it was incredibly scary, to be honest. A new country, a new culture and suddenly a lifesituation I was not prepared on at all, and I also should take care of my son and my daughter as well, following them up as good as possible in this new country and the different and new lifesituation. Rais them, be a mammi for them as best as I possible could, be there for them in this new lifesituation. But,- incredibly,- in some way I did, we did, manage “it all” together in its own way 😊. It hasn’t been easy at all,- but like I mention,- we did actually choose to focus on the more “bright side” off being dropped off in Spain this evening 😊.

But to be able to focus on the “bright side” we needed to “touch” the “not to bright side” too.

All of my children have great memories from our life in Spain, special during the 4 last years, and that’s so good to know, and hear from them 😊. They have been travelling a bit in the country, meet new friends, got a lots of new experiences, new knowledge and even great work experiences.

I have meet many interesting people as well as got some incredible good and fantastic friends during this years. Friends and family from Norway has been visiting us as much as possible 😊. And I have got actually a lots of various work experiences during this years, as well as I know I can manage things, changes, challenges and situations I never had in mind I could be able to manage 8 years ago 😊. That is a knowledge worth to remember on not to happy days.

During this 7 years a my three children has been living together with me, and all has moved out, and then moved back again. The reason for moving back home to me, is mainly because of the corona- situation. A situation that effect us all,- not just me and my children, but mainly, and unfortunately, more and less everybody,- and probably not in the best way either πŸ˜”.

The three first years here in Spain my focus was actually to move back to Norway. But it was not a easy thing to do. It cost a bit money to move back to Norway, it is an incredible expensive country, and special when I didn’t had any home to move back to either. I did try to save money for moving, but it was not easy with a Spanish salary and a couple of kids to support. Maybe also that’s why my children feel that the three first years here in Spain was a bit more robust than this four last has been?

After a while I in away just gave up to be able to move back to Norway, at the same time as I didn’t start “living” in Spain either. I was and has just “been” here, done the best of the situation. I have on it’s own way not thought about moving back to Norway, at the same time as I haven’t give it to much thoughts about staying in Spain either. I have just been here. Been in the days, weeks, months and the different situations life has brought.

I don’t know what the future will bring me,- but I have lately been more and more “comfortable” with the thoughts of just staying in Spain and start living in Spain too. Learn the language and be a bit more part of the Spanish society.

What scares me a bit with this thoughts is to be old and alone in Spain, on the other hand,- that can happen in Norway too. But in Norway I at least can the language 😊,- on the other hand,- it will probably be easier for me to learn the spanish language now when it just me left in the home, no kids to take care of, follow up, raise up, drive “here and there”, be there for, be available for. I will get a bit different time,- and be mammi in a different way, and have a bit more focus on me and myself, my things as well as “studies of the language”.

My plan is now to work for to get the rest of our different things and stuffs we have in Norway to Spain during the Spring 2021. And not the opposite- to move back to Norway,- then I take “the moving life” from there I think 😊. And of course, – tey my very best to learn the Spanish language, – it’s on time to be honest.

I could think “what if” about the past,- and to be honest,- I have been thinking that a lot too,- but not so much during the last years. “What if” belongs to the past,- and two things are for sure,- I can’t go back to the past and change any situations there,- and can’t live in the past either. The life is here and now,- and the the mainly focus should be here and now to. It’s not always easy to remember or do,- but it gets easier and easier,- step by step 😊.

And I have a lots of things to be grateful for during this last 7 years 🧑. Great time together with my children,- both in family situations, school situations and working situations. That’s not for all and everyone to have 😊. I have got some fantastic friends and I’m really looking forward to use more time together with them now πŸ₯°. We have been living in a lovely home during the last 6 years, and I have got more and various working experiences here in Spain that I actually think I would got in Norway during this years. And,- I know I’m available to “survive” in situations I didn’t imagine I could manage to find solutions at, 8 years ago πŸ’š. I have got experiences and knowledge about the life,- experiences and knowledge I’m starting to like 😊.

What and where I will be in 7 years, – I have no idea actually,- but I have at least some thoughts and ideas, and some goals, hopes, dreams and wishes I’m working on,- and then we see. As most of us know, and have been learning, special during this year, 2020,- plans and dreams, wishes, hopes goals very fast can change direction….and that because of a society situation we even can’t change or control.

What I can say is, – all in all during this 7 years,- they have created me to the one I m today, teach me, give me wisdom and knowledge, experiences and learning I’m very grateful for ❀. Of course there are different experiences and situations I could easily manage to live without,- but okay,- that’s the way it is 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧑.

See you soon I hope 😘

18. March 2015,- its more then 5 years sgo this photo was taken. Its me and my gorgeous children in our patio, in the place that has been our home during the last 6 years 😊 And yes,- I have permission from all of my three children to post the photo of us 😊

Imagine we have been living in Spain for 7 years now 😊. It has been 7 great years with learning and wisdom, experiences and knowledge, changes and challenges, – and they all have created us in one or another way 😊. I feel I have a lot to be grateful for during this years 😊. If it will be 7 new years in Spain,- I don’t know,- but the thoughts it’s not so strange for me anymore 😊.

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      1. I noticed you comment that.you had asked their permission ,and got it. This appears to happen here in Australia too. I think it’s dumb. Then again I’m old and not at all pc

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