“Two off, one left … ” πŸ’™πŸ’™ β€

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧑

My son in the middle “has left the building”,- and I’m left with a bit mixed feelings 😊. I miss him, at the same time as I know this is the way it is. The children grows up and out from the home, start their own life. Go their own ways, get their own experiences in life. And that’s the way it works and should be 😊. In one way I have just “borrowed ” him, in an other way he will always be my son and be a very big part of my life,- even when we don’t live together anymore πŸ’™.

It was strange and empty to travel to work today and not have him together with me in the car πŸš—. Because I have actually been so lucky that I have not just been his mammi his whole life, but I have also been his teacher at the school the first year we was living in Spain, and during the last 9 months we have been working in the same company as well. So yes,- I’m a bit use to have him a bit around me, not just in our home for the last couple of months, but also at my work 😊.

Now he is on the way to Norway for some new adventures and experiences in life 😊. And all I want for him is to be happy with what his doing, and do the things he travel to Norway for to do 😊. Maybe he moves back to Spain one day, maybe not. Time will show πŸ€.

When my oldest son moved out during this Spring the moving happen so suddenly. We knew he was going to move, many times πŸ˜…. The moving-day was just cancelled a lot because of the corona- situation,- but suddenly he got “green light” to move out, and then had three hours to prepare his things and stuff for the moving- process, – and of course I was working when he was moving so it all became a very short “Goodbye and see you soon- and remember I love you to the moon and back again and a bit more then that” πŸ’™.

I didn’t had so much mixed feelings that day my oldest on moved out as I have with my son in the middle, – but I think it was because my oldest son “just” moved into the mountains and still lives in Spain. Its just around 50 minutes from me to him with th the car πŸš—.

My son in the middle moves to Norway now,- and that’s a bit more then 50 minutes with my car to see him πŸ˜…. And I also don’t know when I will see him and meet him again. Hug him and kiss him. Probably not before next year, because of the corona- situation.

At the same time,- I know I have been very lucky this year,- it’s not for all and everyone to be able to spend so much time together with their young adults children in the world situation we are living in at the moment. I have friends that haven’t been able to meet their children or grandchildren this year, and it’s not even sure they will be able to meet them this year either πŸ˜”.

To be honest,- even when I do miss both of my sons it’s all very okay. I have mixed feelings, but that’s just because I’m a mammi and they are my children πŸ’™. I’m actually ready to be a mammi in a new way now,- and I don’t think its something wrong to admit that 😊.

My children will always be my first priority in life, my love in life, and I will always be there for them,- and of course they are always very welcome in my home, to stay for a while, and help them out, but it doesn’t need to be a permanent solution anymore,- to live together 😊.

Like I mention,- the “Goodbye and see you soon” to my oldest son was not in the way I did had in mind. And the “Goodbye and see you soon” to my son in the middle was not in the way I had in mind either. Even that one I actually should been a bit prepared for, but I wasn’t.

Everything happen so fast at the airport too. In my mind I thought I should and could follow him to the security control, like I always has done before, and give him a long, long hug, and some kisses too,- but this time I could just follow him to the door, and that’s it 😳.

I wasn’t prepared for that,- even I should be,- we are actually living in this (stupid) corona- world. So it became a shorter “Goodbye” then I had in mind, and of course I did started crying too. The security lady felt a bit sorry for me,- when I did dryed my tears and told her “He is my son”. It sounds a bit dramatic πŸ˜…,- but it wasn’t. Even it was a short “Goodbye- see you soon”,- it was a goodbye with a lots of love ❀.

Well,- now both of my sons are on their own adventures in life,- and it’s just me and my daughter left. But not for to long,- she is actually moving out in around 3,5 weeks. And then it’s just me. Me and maybe some new experiences and “adventures” in my life too? I don’t know,- but I know it will be some new experiences and adventures in my daughter’s life,- and I’m very happy for her for that 🧑.

Two of my three children has started on new adventures in their life (again- but that’s because of the corona-situation),- it’s one child left in my home,- but not for to long. It feels strange, but also a bit okay πŸ₯°.

I have chosen to focus on my children as best as I could during the time they have been living together with me during this year. I have told them many times how much I love them, how proud I’m, and kissed and hugged them a lot πŸ₯°. I’m so so lucky that I got this opportunity one more time, and it was also probably the last time for being a mammi in that way too. I’m also more ready to be just me now, then I was just a year ago 😊.

So new changes and challenges, adventures and new experiences, new wisdom and new knowledge are “just around the corner” for all four of us, – just in different ways and settings πŸ₯°. It is a new area and epoch in our life πŸ€πŸ’š.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧑.

Me and my son in the middle at the airport 7. Sept 2020- and yes I have permission to post the photo of us πŸ₯°. And I really like this photo- it’s love,- it’s my son in the middle and me πŸ’™.

See you soon my son in the middle,- and I wish you all the best for your new adventures and new experiences in life πŸ’™. Do what you need to do, and be happy πŸ’™. And remember,- I love you so much, more than any words can explain β€πŸ’™β€.

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