To teach, or study ? πŸ“š

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧑

This year is the first year since I started to work as a teacher where I closely haven’t been teaching. The reason is very easy at the same time a bit “complicated”. The reason is called Corona πŸ™„. And Corona is complicated, the virus seems to be complicated, the Covid19 too, but most of all the living- and working situations this virus has created for so many, many people πŸ˜”.

I can start teaching again now, I’m allowed to have students in my home now as long as the different restrictions are followed. But I’m not sure if I want to start teaching again πŸ“š.

From March this year and until now there hasn’t been very much “face to face” teaching, or classroom teaching so many places in Spain. Only the kindergartens open up a few months ago.

I’m not worried about getting the coronavirus by having students in my home, I can get the virus a lots of different and other places. But it has been a bit challenging to have some students in my home. And I don’t know if I want to have this challenges anymore.

Most of my students has been great, but there’s always some souls that create bit a challenged situations. For me it has been students that are not showing up, not letting me know they are not showing up so I just sit there and waiting for them, students that are not prepared for the lessons, haven’t done their “homework” for lessons I have prepared, and then students that are not paying for the lessons, if they are coming.

Maybe this sounds like small challenges, and in general it is, but not for me when this teaching situation is/ has been my income. I’m actually losing money ( and the time I’m losing when Im sitting there and waiting for someone that not shows up), and I have, unfortunately, lost a bit money and time, on this teaching work during the years I have been working as a private teacher here in Spain.

I really like my job as a teacher and I really like to teach,and in general I really like my students too,- but not to much when it is about losing money and time. Not when the teaching situation is actually a part of my job and income.

Already in the end of January this year I needed to find some other income solutions that replaced my teaching income,- and I’m actually fine with the solutions I have at the moment. I enjoy my costumer service agent job, and I like my online freelance texting, chatting and writing work from my home. So,- maybe I choose to just continue doing this instead. Instead of being a teacher again for a while?

There’s also another thing,- I want and actually need to learn the Spanish language in a proper way now. It’s on time. But to be able to do that, I need to study the language, learning, reading and use my time on the studies πŸ“š. And like everyone else I also have just 24 hours during a day to do different things and stuffs in my life. Its actually not, unfortunately, time, place and space for doing “all and everything” I want to do. It’s about priorities,- special when I don’t have my “pocket filled up with money” 😊. That’s the way it is,- and it is what it is 😊.

I still have a week to make my decision for what to do. To start up again as a teacher or not. In one way I have probably already made my decision,- but at the same time I know there’s one student that wants to take this Bergenstest in Madrid during next Spring, it is a test similar with the Oxford exam, but just for the Norwegian language instead. And I have the possibility for helping this student to do this.

This student wants to work in HR and are studying for that too. And then it is a big pluss to be able to work on and with different languages as well. Also to be able to understand and use the Norwegian language, because there’s a lots of Norwegian people working outboard from Norway in so many different countries around the world.

The thing is just that I know this student is one of those who are not always showing up, not always are prepared and not always give me a notice if he/she needs to cxl the lesson. I know those things because I have already been teaching this student for a while. Except from this year,- natural enough. And I have also told the student a couple of times that I can’t continue being the teacher if the “teaching- situation” are like this.

On the other hand,- this student can have growing a bit during this “Corona- months”, and understand that this kind of “behaviour” is not acceptable anymore. But I don’t know.

I’m a very patient person, as person and also as a teacher. In general I think it is a good habit to have, but not always. And I feel my patient as a patient teacher is starting to “get over” a bit now. I also know I’m a good and creative teacher,- but maybe for another time?

And it’s actually very important for me to learn and study the Spanish language too now. But I don’t think I will have the time or energy to both be a teacher and a student as well as I also need to do my jobs, and hopefully start “living” a bit, do my own stuff and things like spending time with my friends, start up my regular workout routines again, paint a bit, knit a bit, “run” “flinging” a bit too. And be a mammi for my children in a new way and direction.

So,- am I going to be a teacher or a student this Autumn? πŸ“š I think I have made up my mind, and I think I have a tiny solution too,- but I’m going to use the next week now to think things through,- at least as best as I can 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧑.

See you soon, – I hope 😊.

Some of my creative teaching materials I’m using when I teach my students Norwegian πŸ“š. I can also use them to study the Spanish language if I want 😊.

I’m not sure if I should start up again as a private teacher now during this Autumn, or use my creative teaching materials to start studying instead πŸ“š. Maybe I have already made up my mind for what I need and want to do,- but I’m going to use the next days to think things through anyway 😊.

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