What’s the point of a quarantine,or masks or the distance … then? πŸ€”πŸ˜·

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If someone travel from another country to Norway they need to spend 10 days in quarantine. And,- like I have mention before,- I use Spain/ Norway- Norway/ Spain in different examples or context in my textes because it is most natural for me. I’m from Norway, but I’m living in Spain.

At the moment the coronavirus are living it’s own life both in Norway and in Spain. With that means it’s spreading , more then during this Spring. But why? I’m not sure why, I can only have my own thoughts about the situations. I’m not a proff on coronavirus or Covid19.

But let’s say person A travel from Spain to Norway. Unfortunately this person did travel during the evening and night, and there wasn’t any testing for the coronavirus either on the airport in Spain or in Norway.

Person A is healthy, but we don’t know if this person have the virus. Many people can have the virus without being sick. So let’s just assume that person A actually have the coronavirus but are still feeling well. And anyway, this person are going to be in 10 days if quarantine in Norway.

Since person A is travelling from Spain this person needs to use mask at the airport, both inside and outside in Spain, and also in the plane. Because in Spain we required to wear masks as long as we do not stay at home.  Or eat, drink or smoke in the public space.  In Norway, it is recommended to wear a mask when you are not staying at home, but if you do not want to wear a mask, it is perfectly fine as well.  Do you see the difference.  Mandatory and recommended, – two different words for the same remedy that will try to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Anyway,- person A is going to live together with a person B in Norway. This person B doesn’t use mask, and in general dont live with to many restrictions either, more recommendations that this person can choose to follow if she/he wants.

When person A and B meets they actually give each other a big hug. And like I mention,- we assume person A have the coronavirus, but the person doesn’t know. And the use of mask and the keep of disease doesn’t exist anymore.

After living together for 5 days person B choose to go on a 3 days trip together with 5 friends somewhere in Norway. But,- person B can now have got the coronavirus from person A. And then “give” the virus to the five different friends, and maybe even some more people they are meeting on their travel.

Then,- what is actually the point for person A to be 10 days in quarantine?

This person is in quarantine, but someone else is actually spreading the virus.

The thing is, that this example is, unfortunately, not an exception in Norway. It’s the normal “quarantine behaviour”. And how do I know,- because I’m actually chatting with Norwegian clients 6- 7 days a week, between 2 and 6 hour per day. Age to the clients are between 30 and 70. So,- shouldn’t they know better? It’s adults people. Or do they live by the rule “What’s happen to everyone else can not happen to me “?

In my mind is not strange that the virus then are spreading so fast and so much in Norway as it does at the moment. But my mind can be wrong.

And maybe the Norwegian ones should stop pointing fingers at the people that’s travel to Norway? Because obviously it’s the ones who already lives in Norway, and lives with recommendations that have the problem with 10 days of quarantine, and are spreadingthe virus, – and not the ones that already have been living with imposed restrictions since March 2020. We actually get a fee and consequences if we don’t follow the different restrictions. What does the Norwegian ones get if they are not following the recommendations? Well,- okay….they can get the virus.

And then we have the use of masks. I’m actually not sure for how many weeks we have been living with the imposed restrictions to wear mask when we are in the public space, but it is a bit more then a couple of weeks.

Even we here in Spain have this imposed restrictions for wearing masks the coronavirus are spreading fast and highly. Why? I’m not sure why, but what I do know is that we don’t need to use the mask in the public space when we are eating, drinking or smoking a cigarette. For some reason the virus is not spreading then…..or maybe that’s not correct?

There’s a lots of young adults who gets the coronavirus in Spain at the moment. Why? Maybe during the party- time when the drinks are “flying high” and the cigarettes are “on fire”? Because,- repiting my self now,- but in situations like this the virus is not spreading. During drinking and smoking without the mask? On the other hand, – it’s very difficult to eat and drink with the mask.

You will not get a fee if you are not wearing a mask and are drinking, eating or smoking. That’s the way it is. And the virus is not spreading in situations like this either.

And when it comes to the distance….well,- under a party- time the 1,5 metre distance changes to maybe 15 cm distance instead?

In Spain you will find such signs and marks everywhere, only with different appearance.  It should not be difficult to keep your distance, – but as many of us know, – when alcohol goes in, the mind goes out.

In Spain you will find such signs and marks everywhere, only with different appearance.  It should not be difficult to keep your distance, – but as many of us know, – when alcohol goes in, the mind goes out. When that’s said,- wow,- the children and the teenagers at school here in Spain are super good to keep the distance in the school area. Really. But, on the other hand, there’s not so much alcohol in the mind in the school time,- hopefully.

And is it just “the party happy teenagers” and young adults here in Spain that are spreading the virus? I’m not so sure about that, but I don’t know.

I don’t know what the reasons are for why the virus are spreading so fast and are higher now both in Norway and in Spain. Both countries try to deal with and handle the situation as best as they can, but in different ways and directions, and obviously no one are correct.

But it doesn’t seem like 10 days of quarantine have the best effect in Norway, or the imposed restrictions for using the mask, or this keep distance either here in Spain. So what will be the next attempts to curb the spread of coronavirus? I haven’t any ideas. A new lock down? All over the world? Or something new and different?

I need to admit that I still think that maybe Sweden still so fare had and have the best solutions in this coronavirus- situation, and how to handle it,- but I don’t know. It’s just my thoughts.

It’s not to much to do, it’s just to do the best of it, follow the different restrictions and hopefully things and challenges will change to the better. One thing is for sure,- pointing fingers does not work. The virus will still be spreading.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧑

See you soon, – I hope 😊

So fare I can’t see how 10 days of quarantine has helped to not spread the coronavirus, or the use of masks, or the distance restrictions. Because if those “acts” should be preventing to not spread the coronavirus,- then why are there more infected people with the virus now then during this Spring? It’s just a question. Not an opinion.

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