Bye September, Thank you πŸ₯€ Welcome to you October, I’m looking forward to meet you πŸ§‘πŸ€

Hi ❣It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧑

September went away more and less like the last months have done without to much ups or downs, just more and less with a kind of business 😊. But I’m still thankful for meeting September, and very ready to meet October now πŸ‚.

It’s still summertime in South of Spain, but more like a Norwegian nice summer 🌞. Unfortunately it hasn’t been to much time to enjoy the September summer,- but hopefully I will get a bit more time to enjoy the nice and autumn summer in October then πŸ‚πŸŒž.

My son in the middle did travel to Norway in September. It was a bit sad, and I do miss him every day, but lucky for me I can send him a text, or chat up with him or even have a live chat now and then πŸ’™.


It has been a lots of work and sleep too this month as well 😴. I’m alone on the phone line at my work at the moment for the department I m working for. Actually everyone I’m working together with are on a sick leave at the moment. So it’s a bit to do when I’m at the office now at days, and I’m unfortunately totally “finish” when I m coming home 😴. So then I’m enjoying sleeping πŸ˜…. The thing is I’m actually so exhausted when I’m finish at work that I can’t even choose to not sleep. It’s like my body just press the “off button” when I’m home πŸ˜….

I have been meeting my daughter’s new boyfriend too this month too. A swedish and very nice young man πŸ₯°. And it was and is so great to see how much in love this two young people are πŸ₯°. I have actually closely forgotten how it feel to be in love for real,- so I think I felt a bit extra great to actually see two young people be so in love, that this two young adults was and is 🧑.

They are going to move together now in the beginning of October, and I think it will be good for them both, as long as they both remember to give each other a tiny bit space as well as take care of each other πŸ₯€πŸ€.

It’s actually not very much “new” in my life, except from that my young adults children actually are moving out…..maybe for real this time? πŸ˜…

We have had a bit sore throat with fever and urinary tract infection with fever in the home during September,- but no sick leave from work. And yes,- its actually possible to have fever and be a bit sick without having Covid19 πŸ˜‰.

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I don’t want to have a sick leave so I do my best to avoid that one. I’m going to the doctor in October, but that for ask for a recommendation and permission to work from home and not at the office for a while. It’s a bit like working in a non- stop disco combination with a centrifuge in the washing machine at the office πŸ˜…. But it’s because we are many people working in a open landscape together with a company that actually need to have music, clapping and a pling pling bell every time they have done a sale πŸ›Ž. But that’s that “department” kind of work policy,- it’s just not a good work policy together with the “department” I’m working for, or either for my “flat battery” issue 😴.

It’s not the best noise and sound combination for me when I already have a bit “challenge” with sounds and noise (not for my colleagues either apparently ). So I hope I can get a home office for a tiny while until the bosses has find a bit better working solution for the open landscape solution and this mixing some very different “departments” together in one big area 😊.

And I have decided to be a teacher for a tiny little while too. Some hours closely every Tuesday until the middle of December πŸ“š. It’s actually “just” 8 teaching Tuesdays before Christmas. I am a teacher and I really like to teach, so I give it one more try.

I’m very patient, actually to patient. But when my patient is finish it’s actually finish too. Then there are “no way back”. So if my students can’t meet up 50 % of the schedules lessons or do the homework or let me know if they need to cxl a lesson I’m finish teaching them. And I know I’m finish this time. So I see what’s happen, but I do look forward to give it a last try, and I do look forward to teach a bit again πŸ“š.

I have also decided to try to rent out the two bedrooms my children has been using, together with their bathroom. But that’s not before in November. So I see how that will go. It’s still on the “planning level” 😊.

Like I mention,- September hasn’t been filled up with to much ups or downs, not to much changes or challenges either,- except from work, some sickness and a bit “falling a sleep” for hours. And of course,- a “Goodbye for now” to my son in the middle πŸ’™.

I don’t know to much about October yet or what kind of ups and downs, changes or challenges, joy and happiness, or new knowledge I will be meeting 😊. I know there probably will be some of it all,- but not quite what.

I know my daughter is moving out, and I know I’m moving into a new epoch in my life (like I thought I did last year in October too…..but obviously not to much in the way I had in my mind πŸ˜„). I know I’m going to be a teacher, and hopefully I will be able to start studying the language Spanish too. And hopefully I will manage to get back into my workout routines again as well. And spend time together with my children and friends, and hopefully I don’t need to sleep to much either, just this normally 7- 8 hours during the night and not 10- 12 hours during a day πŸ› 😊. That would be nice 😊.

Maybe there will come some new restrictions how to “behave” in the society during this corona- time in Spain during October. We got some new today, some restrictions that in its own way reminds about the different restrictions we had in phase 2 or 3 during this Spring. To be honest,- I have been reading through the new restrictions, but I haven’t “put” them to much in my mind, because they will not be a problem for me to follow anyway 😊.

So I will just say Thank you, September- it was what it was 😊πŸ₯€. And I welcome you October 🧑. I don’t know what you will bring me,- but I actually know you will be a bit different from the last months when I have been living together with my children and their friends,- because I’m actually going to live on my own in October πŸ₯°. And yes,- I need to admit I do really looking forward to live on my own now,- even I know I will be missing my children every day, I also do know I’m not going to miss to live together with them to much 😊.

I hope September was kind to you,- and I hope October will bring you joy and happiness πŸ€πŸ§‘.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧑.

See you soon,- I hope 😊

It’s still nice summertime in South of Spain,- even we are turning to October πŸ‚

Thank you, September πŸ₯€. You didn’t bring to much ups and downs and I’m thankful for that 😊. Welcome to October πŸ‚. I’m not sure what you will bring me,- hopefully joy, happiness and some new knowledge πŸ“š. What I do know is that I’m probably going into a new epoch in my life,- to be a mammi in a new way, and be living on my own πŸ₯°.

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