Then my last babyduck is out of “the nest” πŸ‚πŸ£πŸƒ …. for this time πŸ˜„

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧑

And then my last babyduck has moved out…..again 🐣. It’s more and less one year since the first time she did moved out, and around a couple of months since she moved back home, and now she is out if “the nest” again 🧑. Probably for the last time, at the same time she will always be welcome home, and there will always be a bed and space and room for her if she need it for some reason.

It’s the world wide corona- situation that is mainly the reason why all my three children and even a couple of their friends has been living together with me during most of this year. But now I’m on my own again 😊.

I remember last year I did write a post about “a new era” in my life. Well,- that “era” didn’t last very long 😊. This time I think it’s more a new epoch in my life that’s slowly starts up now when all my three children have moved out 😊.

Of course I have mixed feelings after my last babyduckhss moved out. I do miss all three of them,- and I did miss my daughter in the moment I did leave her on “the street” together with her boyfriend, near by their new apartment 😊. And, yes,- I did literary leave her and all her things on the street, gave them both a big hug and drove back home πŸ˜„. Sounds a bit awful,- but it’s not so awful like it sounds 😊.

My daughter has moved to Malaga, an bigger city in South of Spain. And to be honest,- I seriously don’t like to drive in big cities. Really not 😳. At the same time I really wanted to help my daughter to move all her things and stuffs into their new home, and a new epoch in her and her boyfriend life too 😊. So then I did drive her, even I don’t like it.

My daughter know I don’t like to drive in cities like Malaga, so that I in a way just left her and her thing in the street was fine with her. She did and does understand. And I think she’s very happy she didn’t needed take the train with all her stuff and things, but was left on “the street” instead πŸš‚.

My children and me have been driving on different trips together, and as long as we don’t need to “drop by” a bigger city with the car our trips in general has been incredibly nice and cozy πŸš—.

My daughter and me has also travel a bit “here and there” together in the car, and also together with “Ms. Google Maps” by our side 🌏.

In general we, my daughter and me, always drive a bit in the “wrong direction” πŸ˜„. And of course, my daughter and me are starting a tiny bit argue whose mistake it was that we did drive in the wrong direction. Her opinion is that it’s my mistake, and my opinion is that it’s her mistake. Probably it’s a tiny little mix of both πŸ˜…. Lucky for us this argue never last very long, and not with any harm feelings either. But it’s a bit overheated when we do have the argues, for some minutes, until we do find the correct direction again πŸ˜….

We needed to have two trips with my car into Malaga this afternoon with my daughter’s things and stuffs. I have just a tiny little Kia, and not a big moving car, so that’s why it was necessary with two trips πŸš—. After living in Spain for 7 years she has a bit things and stuffs. She has actually been living in Spain since she was 12,5 year, and next month she will be 20 πŸŽ‰.

The first trip went superserly well. We did find the correct direction with out any kind of argues, or to many other challenges. The only challenge was to find a parking place, but that was closely impossible πŸ˜…. So we did park on the street and my daughter’s boyfriend, I felt so sorry for him, he got, I think, 5 or 6 big bags to carry up to their new apartment, alone 😳. Lucky for him they have an elevator, because they actually do live on the 4. floor.

Well,- we actually did think trip nr 2 should even go more “smoothly” then the first one πŸ˜…. But of course not, for some strang reasons, we was suddenly in the wrong direction and on top of that the gasoline starter to be very empty πŸ˜…. If we haven’t miss the correct direction to their new apartment I should have enough gasoline, both ways, but since we did drive in a very strange circle the gasoline also started to be empty. It’s us two in a “nut shell” when we are on a kind of driving trip together πŸ˜…. It’s incredibly cozy and nice, as well as “spiced” up with a touch of argues, and the directions.

Of course we started arguing about the direction and whose mistake it was that we suddenly was in the wrong direction. And of course I also did started to stress a bit about the soon empty gasoline πŸ˜…. And my daughter did stressed a bit because she knew her boyfriend was on the street and waiting for her, and me, to just “leave” her there.

Well,- it all went well as it normally does, and my daughter didn’t have any harm feelings to just be “left on the street” together with her last things and stuffs, and a big hug from me, and big kiss from her boyfriend πŸ₯°. And I did find the way back home totally on my own too πŸ˜….

We also did manage to have some nice conversation on our driving trips today to Malaga. And my daughter told me that my children have actually created a tiny little plan over whom and how they should share and care and take care of me when I got old πŸ₯°. My heart went so soft, and filled up with even more unconditional love for my children. I was actually a bit surprised to that they have been thinking about things like that, and even talked about them πŸ’™πŸ’™β€. I m so, so grateful for my three lovely and fabulous children ❀. And and of course I wanted to start crying too, but I couldn’t, then we absolutely haven’t found the correct direction into Malaga.

So,- now my daughter is starting on a new epoch in her life, and I’m starting on a new epoch in my life πŸ₯°. And we have already planned a lunch date together in Malaga in a couple of weeks 😊. I’m already looking so much forward to this lunch together with my daughter πŸ₯°.

SOMMERSALG pΓ₯ damesko

It’s actually just a 30 minute train trip from my home to Malaga …… or around 20 minute with my car from my home to my daughter’s new home. I’m probably going to use the train as I normally do when I take a trip to Malaga πŸš‚. It’s because it’s easier. I don’t get lost in the traffic, and I don’t drive in the wrong direction, and I don’t need to find a parking place to my car, or try to find my car back after not remember totally where I did park in “the big city” πŸš—.

My home feel a bit empty now, and I really do miss my daughter’s energies around me πŸ₯°. At the same time I need to admit it feels a bit good to be alone now, and it feels a bit good to actually start on a new epoch in my life πŸ₯°.

I hope my daughter will be very happy in her new home together with her boyfriend, and just a 3 minutes walk to her job as well 😊. I hope the sun will shine on them both, and that their love for each other will grow strong and stable ❀.

And for me,- well,- I’m going to try to take one day at the time into my new and strange epoch in my life 😊. I have some plans, dreams, wishes and goals,- but one step at the time. We all have learned, special during this year, that things can change incredibly fast in life.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧑.

See you soon,- I hope 😊

Me and my daughter, – and yes,- I have asked for permission to use this photo 😊

My daughter has just left “the nest” and is starting on a new epoch in her life 😊. I wish her all the best, experiences and knowledge, happiness and successfulness, joy and a lots of love too πŸ₯°. And we did, as normal for us, had a tiny discussion about the wrong or correct direction to drive πŸ˜„. So I just left her on the street with all her things and stuff then πŸ˜‰πŸš—. A truth with a tiny modification 😊.

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