My moody eggs πŸ˜…πŸ₯š

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧑.

Like I mention in one of my last posts,- my hair colour is changing. And it is a part of “this getting older changes”. My hair colour is “suddenly” strawberry blond” πŸ“. How “suddenly” this hair colour changes actually did happen I’m not sure about because I have been colouring my hair for many years. But now at days I am trying to like and accept my new hair colour 😊. It’s not to bad this new colour, just s bit lighter than Im and was use to 😊. But to be honest,- I still don’t like this name of my hair colour,- “strawberry blond” πŸ˜….

Another change is my eggs, it’s less and less left for every month. But I still don’t know for how many more months of eggs I have left πŸ₯š.

What I do know and has started to recognize is that I have started to be grumpy and moody when I have my ovulation now, and not when I have my period 😳.

I think it’s maybe three or four months since I registered this, and I don’t think this “grumpy ovulation” has last longer then three or four months either. Because first time I actually needed to “put myself together” a bit. To think “why” am I so grumpy today? I knew I didn’t had my period, but I didn’t understand why I was so “touchy” πŸ™„.

I was moody because my daughter was on her mobile “all the time”,- something I actually are use too. I was moody because my daughter did overturned her glass of coca cola, which was perhaps not so strange with a moody and grumpy mammi 🀯. It’s not normal for her that I “grumpy- ing” away for “nothing”. I was moody because my fling did drink beer in the middle of the week. That is even actually not my problem what he does in the middle of the week. He is an adult man, and can do what ever he wants to do in his own time and in his own home. And this is just some very few, simple and stupid examples actually. I have probably more but I don’t remember at the moment,- and it will probably come some more stupid examples too πŸ˜…. Because it’s just actually for stupid and totally unnecessary things and stuffs I get grumpy and moody over at the moment, for around a couple of days every month,- at the moment.

I was moody and grumpy for “nothing”,- and that was a very strange feeling for me. I’m in general not so moody, not even when I have my period. But suddenly I actually was unfairly grumpy and moody 😳. Uff,- that was not a very good experience 😳. I don’t and didn’t like this new and ” bad habit” in my self πŸ™„. So now at days when I recognize that I’m starting on this unfair and totally unnecessary and meaningless moodiness and grumpiness I put myself together as good as I can,- and if I can’t do that, I choose to be on my own until it’s over.

The moodiness and grumpiness just last a couple of days every month, but still,- it’s not fair for people I care about to be sourrende by me and this “moody behaviour”.

I’m starting to be “grumpy and moody” just a couple of weeks after I have had my period, and not when I have it. And I get actually moody and grumpy over stupid and totally unnecessary things and stuff to be grumpy and moody for 😳. I’m not use to that 😳. I’m not use to that every tiny little thing is irritating me for a couple of days πŸ˜”. And to be honest,- that is not the best feeling.

I even got pimples and such impurities in the skin that I used to get when I got my period.  Now they come “jumping” when I have the ovulation.  Even in the middle of the nose like a luminous lighthouse πŸ’‘ πŸ˜…. And believe me,- I’m not getting in a better mood with a luminous lighthouse in the middle of my nose πŸ˜….

I’m not sure why it is like this, or why my “grumpiness” and “moodiness” has changed, but it has. In my mind I’m thinking it’s because my eggs are starting to be grumpy and moody. They “know” they are not going to be used anymore, and it gets less and less of them too. Maybe they starting to feel more and more lonely? And that creates them so moody? They know their “period” and “mission” are soon finish, and that’s make my eggs and me so grumpy?  They just can’t handle “all this”, and therefore put their “grumpiness” on my moods when I have the ovulation 🐣?

I have not a clue if this is correct. That my eggs are grumpy because they are getting less and less, and because I’m in the start of the menopause. Their “time” and “mission” in my body is soon finish. This is just my thoughts around and about what’s happen in my body, and with my mood at the moment,- and in my own way I choose to believe that’s the reason why my mood and grumpiness has changed from being around my period to suddenly “jump up” when I have the ovulation instead, is because  of the menopause πŸ₯š. I m in the beginning of the menopause. And also even more unreasonable grumpy and moody then when I’m in my period.

I don’t know if anyone else has or have this grumpy and moody ovulate experience in the menopause,- but this is my experience. It’s not the worst one experience I have so fare, special not when I’m more prepared for and “know” why I do act totally unnecessary grumpy and moody. I also know I can put myself together and behave, think through the reasons why I “behave” the way I do, and try my very best to behave well and good, say sorry if I’m unfair, and actually just keep myself for myself if it’s a “problem” for me to “behave” 😊. Be alone for a day and two until I’m not moody and grumpy anymore 😊.

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Do you have any experiences like this in your menopause? Or more correctly, under your last eggs period, your ovulating?

Well,- for me it’s more and less one month to next time I’m going to be unnecessary and unfair grumpy and moody for a couple of days- phu! I’m happy for that πŸ˜…. And I’m going to enjoy the next days and weeks without to much unnecessary moodiness and grumpiness, – that’s for sure 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧑.

See you soon 😊

My grumpy and moody eggs πŸ₯šπŸ€―

I think my eggs are starting to be a bit grumpy and moody because they know they’re “mission” soon is over. But why create me as a grumpy and moody furie because of that ? πŸ˜…

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