With age come also some various changes πŸ˜Š

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧑

I’m getting older, no doubt about that 😊. And with the age there’s also some different changes and maybe even some challenges, both outside and inside in my body, and probably some changes (and challenges) in my mind too 😊. The changes are not just that the kids grows up, gets older and are moving out,- there’s some tiny other changes as well πŸ˜„.

Its changes we for some reasons don’t talk to much about, or write about or even can find to much literature, fact or information about online or in books.

I’m not sure why it’s like that, because we can find a lots of different information about the puberty and teenagers age, pregnancy and the different changes and challenges from when a baby is newborn and up to 3 or 4 years old. But information about “what’s happen” when we turn into the age in a place from 40 to 60 it’s not so easy to find. And some people are even denied that they have been through or are going through this phase and period in life πŸ™„. But they are….

I’m not sure why it is like this, but for me it seems like a tiny bit of shame to get older and get and have this different changes, challenges and experiences we go through when we get older. Or is it more like a secret what’s happen with the body and mind when we have turned a certain age?  From the age between 40 and 60? πŸ€”

When we get older we meet a new phase and in our life, it is this menopause, the middle crisis and the middle age “changes”. It seems like the same thing, but obviously there’s some tiny difference between this. And believe it or not,- both men and women are going through this period and phase in life.

I know my body are changing, I’m getting older. I’m going into the menopause, but I don’t know quite where in the menopause I’m. Probably in the beginning. And I’m not either sure how long the menopause last, but I have been reading about it, and in general the menopause last for around 4 years, maybe 5.

I’m a bit fascinated about this “scary”, “shameful” and “secret” age, phase and period in life. The menopause, the middle age and the midlife crisis. Probably because I don’t know to much about this, I don’t have very much knowledge about this, we don’t talk or write to much about this either, and probably because I know Im going into this period and phase myself. So I’m actually a bit curious about “it all”.

The only thing I know is that I’m “there” myself, in some or another way. I can only use my own experiences put together with the knowledge and information I can find online or in books when I write about this period in my life. Or use the very little information other people has told me about for example menopause.

I’m going to write some texts about this new and strange period in my life, because it’s not just the change, challenge and new experiences that my children are growing up and moving out. Something more are happening,- like I mention, with the body, the health and the mind as well. And why not share it? Maybe it can be useful for some readers my experiences during this period and phase in my life? Even I don’t have to much to share at the moment, I can share the experiences I have so fare.

I’m not going to say or tell that my experiences during the menopause, middle age or midlife crisis are correct or wrong, or like a kind of “manual” for “all and everyone”, because they are just my own experiences. I have more and less just my own experiences to share with you, put a bit together with some knowledge I have been reading about, or maybe some information (and own experiences) someone has shared with me. But in general people are, for some reasons like I mention, not to happy with sharing their own experiences during this period and phase in life.

The hair colour is changing, and suddenly theres some new lines in the face and they won’t even move πŸ™„. Thoughts and mind are changing a bit as well, strong opinions can suddenly change, because of the age, because of life experiences. Focus on the health, thoughts about what you have completed in your life, and the life in general, – because suddenly you are in the middle of the life.

The body is changing, both outside and inside. Hormones are dancing and jumping suddenly more, strange and different. For women the period are stopping, there’s suddenly one day no more eggs left and for men this tiny belly get more difficult to keep inside the belt, its hanging more outside.

Menopause is in general about the hormones changes for a woman, as well as for the man, but in different forms and different speed.

Middle age,- well the name says more and less “it all”. You are in the middle of the life,- hopefully. You are around 40- 45 and have hopefully 40- 45 years left in life too. And of course there’s thoughts about this. Thoughts like “what have I manage, what have I done, what’s left, did I manage what I wanted to manage in this age, am I in the place in my life where I wanted to be?”

The middle crisis is in a way the same, but a crisis is a crisis,- and thoughts can have a more negative effect. Dreams you had is not completed, lost youth, and many feel this lack of happiness. It’s stress and depression. many make up a status in and over life, and are not to happy with the result.

Of course this thoughts and feelings are not the same for all and everyone, but many. The changes are there any way,- even for them whose actually denied that they are in “the middle age” period and phase in their life.

Many feel a kind of loneliness because the children are growing up and moving out. Their life and focus has been their children,- and what to do when the children are not living there anymore?

I have felt a bit on this loneliness feeling my self, and the same time as I can say I don’t regret one tiny little second I did choose to use on and for my children ❀.

I’m 47 years old, so I know I’m in this period and phase in life,- the menopause, the mid age and the midlife crisis. And like I mention,- I will try my very best to share my experiences and knowledge, thoughts and feelings around and in this period in my life.

My experiences will not be correct and not be wrong,- they will just be my own experiences, nothing more, nothing less.

If you want to share some of your own experiences about this period and phase in your life you are very welcome, – you can even send me an email to: laila2701@msn.com if you want 😊.

This was more and less an just a kind of “information post” about what you can “expect” from me in my next textes, but it will not be to much yet,- because I have in nature’s own way just started on this “new period and phase” in my life 😊. And as we know,- every age has it’s own charm, probably and hopefully also this “middle age” phase and period in life too 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧑.

See you soon 😊

A colourful sunset high up in the mountains in Andalucia 🌞

A colourful sunset high up in the mountains in Andalucia/ Spain 🌞. A sunset that on it’s own way reflects the colourful changes and challenges we meet in menopause, midlife and during the midlife crisis. Positive colours as well as a bit darker colours. Like life on its own way is during the different periods and phases we all goes through 🧑. Every age has it’s own charm, hopefully this “mid age” too 😊.

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