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Since I write a little bit about menopause and a little about my own experiences, changes and challenges in this new period and the phase I enter into my life now at days, – I choose to touch on a tender area that many women experience in menopause, but few talk about.  Understandably.  Decreased sex drive.

In the start of menopause this is not a very big challenge or problem for most women, but when the menstruation stops the estrogen level drops a lot in a woman’s body,- and for some reasons also many women experience decreased sex drive or no sexual feelings in this phase in menopause, or life.

Menopause goes through different “phases” in a woman’s body during a period for 4- 5 years from start to stop. The hormones are changing, the mood are changing, the body are changing, the life are changing in different ways and forms. Thoughts and feelings too. It’s new wrinkles and new hair colour, it’s “nervous” bladder and some other different changes and challenges, like hot flashes and depression, and a bit more too.

I’m in the beginning of the menopause, and I haven’t lost my menstruation yet, it comes still every month, but I’m bleeding less then before and my period last less days then before too. And I haven’t lost my “sexual feelings” yet either,- but I have been thinking a bit about this. Special because I know this also can happen to me. I’m not “excluded” from this challenge in any way during the menopause, and I know that.

Some will probably think and mean that I can’t write about something I have no experiences from,- and that is in a way true. But for me, as the woman and person I’m, this challenge will be easier for me to “meet” and write about if or when I’m standing there “with both of my feet”. And I can also imagine how it can feel to loose the sexual feelings. Something I actually don’t want to loose, but I have no guarantee for that.

No sexual feeling or ecreased sex drive is called dysfunction, and it can be lust problems, arousal problems, orgasm problems, pain problems during intercourse, dry mucous membranes / dry vagina. And to be honest,- non of this sounds very “fun” or good,- and of course also does something with the mind and the psyche to a woman.

There is still a lot of uncertainty about what is the reason for this happening in a woman in menopause, but a possible cause is the estrogen level which decreases after the last menstruation.

If a woman lives in a relationship, there are certain expectations for sexual activity.  And when the woman does not make it, even if the head wants, but the whole physical sexual desire does not happen to the body, frustration, shame and embarrassment arise.  A feeling of failure and not reaching out to her partner. Not even reaching out for her self,- simething that’s even more important then for her partner.

In addition to this, the body changes physically in other ways, as I have been written about, hair colour changes and new wrinkles, and also weight gain. Even thoughts and the mental changes and can be a challenges on it’s own. So it’s a bit to “handle” for a woman during the menopause.

It is possible to get various hormonal treatments from a doctor in relation to reduced sex drive, and several have been shown to work satisfactorily.  But, – there are also side effects with the various treatments.  Side effects that may worsen with age.  Like both heart attack and stroke, and some more.

As woman my self with still the sexual feelings I actually can imagine how difficult and challenging, shamefull and frustrated this must be and feel to closely suddenly have no sexual feelings. And also this “experiences” that the mind want to have sex, but the body just doesn’t want, in its own way doesn’t function sexually anymore.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do if I’m going to have non sexual feelings in my menopause. If I’m going to try to use some kind of hormonal treatments or not. But to be honest,- I think I’m going to give it a try, the hormonal treatments, – and instead going to try to be as healthy as I can by eating and drinking healthy, as well as exercise. Actually try to take as good care of myself, body and health as I can.

So why did I write about this subject today? One reason,- for myself so I can be prepared for what I can expect. An other reason,- also because I actually don’t want to be shameful or frustrated because my body and mind are living two different “life” when it comes to the sexuality during the menopause. But that can still happen even I did write this text today. I don’t know that yet, maybe I will feel shame and frustration? Maybe not. But I know it will be easier for me to write and talk about this tender area if or when I’m in this touchy “this situation” myself one day.

Sexuality and a sexual life are important for most of us, – both women and men. I think it is important to know that changes and challenges like this in the sexual area in life can “shows up” during the menopause,- and there can be some kind of help to get to make this a bit easier. And in general the woman are not the only one that can have challenges like this during the menopause. It’s not a shame to ask for help and advice during a new phase and period in life. I know I’m going to ask for help and advice during this new phase and period in my life when I feel I need some help and advice to handle the different changes and challenges, also the sexual changes and challenges if or when they are dropping by.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧑

See you soon 😊

No sexual feeling or ecreased sex drive can be a problem and challenge for a woman during and after the menopause,- but its a very sensitive, tender and touchy subject to talk about. It’s shameful, and it’s create frustration πŸ₯€. There can be different treatments to get for this, but many treatments have also different side effects for the health πŸ₯€. So it’s a bit to “handle” for a woman during the menopause πŸ₯€.

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