Life is so unpredictable and fragile ♥️

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

Today I had actually planned to write a bit about my holiday that has just started,- but I got a message yesterday evening that changed my mind and thoughts a bit. The life is so unpredictable and fragile,- and I have been thinking a lot about this lately, but even more during the last day.

Yesterday evening I got a message that a person that I “hang ” together with when I was a teenager just past away. Probably from a heartache, just 48 years old. And for me it is just 48 years old. In just a couple of months I will be 48 years old too. And this person was was not even an unhealthy person either. But still she/ he did die, suddenly and unexpected.

I’m not going to write very much about this person, because we haven’t been in touch since, I actually think it’s probably over 20 years ago, but we spent very much time together during the weekends when we was teenagers, together with some other good friends. We was a group of good teenagers friends hanging around, doing things and stuffs together. And I have only good memerois about this person that just pasted away some days ago, something Im very happy for today.

I remember great movie- evenings and table- games evenings. I remember good talks and a lots of laughs. I remember fun and joy, and actually music. Music because we also spent a lots of Fridays in the church at an teenagers club, singing in a gospel choir, and did a lots of fun stuff after the choir. I do remember weekends trips too, and that we spent time during the weekends in each others basements as well. Just doing stuffs, fun stuff. I remember even summer evenings with barbecue at the Norwegian beaches. And I do remember different types and kinds of games we did play like ping-pong and different competitions we did have 😊. We even celebrated birthdays together, new years eve and the Norwegian Constitution day, 17. May, together.

It’s feels good to have this memories from my teenages, and it feels great to feel that we actually was a very great group of friends together at that time 😊. I’m grateful for many fantastic memories from my teenage time,- and so many of this memories are from and together with this group of friends, as well as the one that just past away a couple of days ago 🧡. I did spend my teenage years together with some fantastic people, something I feel very grateful for today. We was together closely every weekend 😊. And I’m very grateful for the opportunity to have a lots of good teenagers memories together with them all, as well as the one that past away 💛.

Of course my thoughts goes to this person’s family and friends now ♥️. I can’t actually not imagine how difficult this must be for them, at the same time as I can, from my own perspective and experiences during the life ♥️.

I’m also thinking about the life in general, and my life. How fast everything can change. How fast the life just can be over.

Like I did mention I have thought very much about the life and my life lately, because I’m standing at the start line of a new epoch in my life now,- and this time it seems to be for real too,- not like last year. And I’m actually not sure where or how to start living my life, to start this new epoch in my life. Or is it a stop- line I’m standing on?

This heartache can happen to me as well. I don’t know that,- but at this point I choose to believe it could not happen to me. I’m standing on the start- line to a new (and a bit scary) epoch in my life. It’s just thoughts at the moment, about the stop- line, because I know someone in my age did just pasted away from a heartache. Then it is normal and natural to have even more thoughts about the life. The life, the new epoch in my life,- how to do the best of this. How to start? What to do?

After I got this message about my friend from the teenagers I became even more unsure where to start, how to do this- this new epoch in my life where it’s just me. I have the responsibility for just me- something that’s very new for me, as well as I now have the possibility to actually try to “catch” my dreams, wishes, hopes and goals in life without taking care or consideration to anyone else in my home,- just me and myself.

I have already made some plans for my new epoch in my life,- and trying to find and make a good progression plans too,- step by step, and with structure around, but not “all at ones”,- slowly and one or two things at the time.

But,- how much time do I have to live my life? One day or 40 more years. I’m allowed to believe I could be 87- 88 years old , or even more 😊.

What can I do to maybe avoid die from a heartache during the next years? Or a stroke? Actually different things. And it is this different things I have been thinking about the last days, as well as I being reminisced my teenagers days 😊.

But I have also been thinking about the fact that I can actually die totally alone,- and that’s scars me a bit.

But,- I have decided to choose to believe I can be old and healthy, and I have choose to try my best do the best of it all,- just change my planned schedule and structure a bit, and my priorities as well 😊. I know life is so unpredictable and fragile, but at the same time I can’t live like this day is my last day. I think I need to live a life that’s beste for me every day 💛. Even some maybe will think my choices it’s selfish,- it’s still my life,- and no one else’s,- and I think it’s time for me to live my life the way that feels and is correct for me 🧡.

And in the end of today,- I’m sending my love and good thoughts to my friend from my teenages years ‘ s family and friends ♥️. I know they are going to a difficult time at the moment ♥️.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡.

See you soon 😊.

In the end of today,- I’m sending my love and good thoughts to my friend from my teenages years ‘ s family and friends ♥️. I know they are going to a difficult time at the moment ♥️. At the same time as I have made a choice to live my life the way that feels and is correct for me 🧡🍀.

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