And it’s Halloween again πŸŽƒ

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like that 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧑

It’s Halloween again, but this year it will be a different celebration then it has been before, at least here in Spain πŸŽƒ.

This year we are not allowed to be more then six people together. Not in our home, not in public, not at a table in a restaurant. And we need to be in our home at 23.00 in the evening, not a minute later, and we are not allowed to go out from our home before 06.00 in the morning 🌟. There’s just a few exceptions and that’s if you are on your way to or from work, or if it’s an emergency situation. Even the restaurants and bars need to be closed at 23.00, the guests need to start moving home at 22.30.

All this is actually not a very big challenge or problem for me. But I need to admit it has been nice to be able to choose myself when I want to go home, how many guests I want to invite to my home and when my guests should go home. I can’t choose that, my guests can’t choose that either. Or,- if we want to have a fee, if course, we can ignore the different restrictions.

Like yesterday evening I was visiting my friend Natasja, and I did look at my watch all the time so I was not going to be to late back home.

It was a very cozy evening, and incredibly great to see her again πŸ₯°, but at the same time I didn’t relax totally, because I was a bit worried to be home to late πŸ˜…. I feel a bit like a child,- be back home before midnight πŸ˜….

But look what I got from Natasja yesterday, – the sweetest mask ever πŸ₯°. ( …and I also got a very tasty cupcake too 🧁). And of course I did use the mask at work today too. By the way,- it was my last day at the office today for a while. I was moved back home for home office this evening. I think there’s a new lock down and curfew “on the way”,- like that one we had this Spring. But I think, if there comes a new lock down and curfew, it will last longer then it was during this Spring πŸ˜”.

Me with my new, sweet Halloween mask 😷

I’m not going to do to much special this Halloween. At the same, during the time we are in, it’s a bit “special” to just be able to see and meet your friends 😊.

I’m going to work during this Halloween weekend, but a friend of my is also going to visit me tomorrow evening 😊. It will be so great to see her again. I haven’t seen her since before the first lock down in Spain.

We are both working in the same company, and we even live in the same city. But she has had home office since the first lock down, and hasn’t been back at the office after. And we also meet up differently now at days then just a year ago. And the last thing,- I have had people, my children and their friends living together with me in my home most of the time this year, and you live, well at least I do,- live different when I live together with someone else, then when I live more and less on my own. Anyway,- it would be great to see her again,- like it has been with all of my friends during the lasts weeks 😊. Even she need to go home before 23.00 tomorrow evening πŸŒ™.

softies home pajamas

And we probably need to try to meet up now before we maybe goes into a new, totally curfew and lock down 😊.

Halloween is a celebration of the family and friends that has passed away, but because of a illness and a virus that actually are killing people all over the world, we cant celebrate the Halloween in the “traditional” way. Not even All Saints’ Day ⚱.

Culture and traditions are changing during this corona- time, not just in Spain, but all over the world. But,- culture and traditions has actually always been changing, just not so fast as now at days.

I hope and wish you all will get a very nice Halloween celebration wherever in the world you are πŸŽƒ. Try to do the best of it πŸŽƒ.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧑

See you soon 😊

The tasty cupcake and the sweet mask I got from my friend Natasja yesterday πŸ₯°

It’s Halloween again, but the culture and traditions are changing, and that’s a bit fast too πŸŽƒ This Halloween celebration will be a bit different this year then earlier years πŸŽƒ, and some of the reasons are different restrictions we need to follow during this corona- situation and time we are living in πŸŽƒ πŸ”. Ps- do you want to see me wearing my sweet Halloween mask? 😊 You will find a photo in my text 😊.

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