Feeling of discouragement πŸ₯€πŸ˜Œ in a “new normal”…

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you during this time we all are going through 🧑

The infection of the coronavirus and the illness Covid19 continues to increase, in Spain, in Norway, in France, in Sweden, more and less all over the world 🌏. Some countries look down the borders again, and introduces curfew, others new and stricter restrictions.

People losing friends and family. People losing their jobs and income. People losing their homes and safety net. People are losing their hopes. It’s a feeling of discouragement πŸ˜”.

People can’t meet up with their family and friends like they want to either. In Spain we are just allowed to be maximum 6 person in a group… at the moment, butvthst can change from one day to another. We need to be home at 23.00 in the evening. Or actually I think this will be changed to 22.00 very soon. The police and military are looking after us so this restrictions are followed. We need to use masks all the time when we are not in our home 😷.

People can’t, or are recommended to not travel outside a country’s border, for visiting families and friends. In Andalucia the borders to other provinces are closed down at the moment.

The coronavirus and Covid19- situation are more and less the same all over the world. Some places less, some places more. And then this feeling of discouragement on top of it.

I have friends that haven’t seen their children and grandchildren this year. I have friends that are struggling with keeping their cafe “up and running”. I have friends that have lost their jobs. I have friends that have started to find daily peace in a bottle or two of wine. I have friends that are struggling with moving their butt from the sofa. I have friends that think they would not survive the virus or the life situation they are in. And I can really understand their feelings of discouragement.

How to manage keep the discouragement away in a situation like this? How can this be a “new normal”? It’s nothing “normal” with this situation.

Paiting nr 1: I did paint this in March 2020, and I did title it “From clear winter to growing Spring”. I thought maybe that was an possibility when I painted it in March. (The painting is 20*24 cm)

I did paint two paintings in March 2020. My plan was not to create them so colourless, and on top of that with sad colours too. But I didn’t manage to find the colours inside me. I tried to find hope and peace, but there’s a good touch of discouragement in both my paintings. I don’t like them very much, because they have the colours they have, and because they are a kind of a reminder about the start, the beginning of a difficult situation for so many people. The start and the beginning of “the corona- time”. And,- the colours in the paintings are not even “me” or “normal” for me and my paintings either. I even did try to title my paintings with a touch of hope, but they both should probably have a title with a touch of discouragement in instead.

I’m based in my home now at days. And Im very fine with that. I like to be home. I only goes out when I need to shop food or other necessary things. And now and then, not very often to meet some friends, or my children, but I actually prefer to invite my friends and children over to my home for a nice and cozy time instead. And I feel grateful, for in general I manage to keep this feeling of discouragement on distance. I try to focus on other things in life. Easy? Of course not,- the life, the society, everything around me, us all, reminds me and us, about the coronavirus, the Covid19, the difficult situation, the situation in the society and in the world.

I try my best to avoid to be infected by the coronavirus. I don’t want to be sick, and I don’t want anyone around me to be sick either.

But the whole situation feels unnatural for me. And I can’t see or understand that “this” will be “the new” normal. I don’t even know what “this new normal ” is. A feeling of discouragement can’t be a new normal.

Is using mask “all the time” a new normal? Or be sent home to bed at 23.00 in the evening? Or not hug the people you love? Or not be able to have a bigger “celebration” of any kind with more then 6 people? Or go around with a feeling of discouragement more and less all the time? Is it illness and sickness, worries and struggles, sadness and anxiety that are the “new normal”? Is changing of culture and traditions a new normal? Or not to be able to make plans? Just some few, small daily and maybe weekly plans?

I don’t hope so. I don’t hope this is the new normal. I hope that this “new normal” is something that will pass away, and bring us into a “normal” where there’s less of this different negative things and more positive directions for most of us πŸ€. And much, much less feeling of discouragement for most people.

I’m not sure if I had this feeling of discouragement during March this year. I think I felt more unsure about the whole situation, the corona- situation, and the curfew, and the quarantine, and all the restrictions then discouragement. I did try to find a kind of hope in my paintings at that moment, instead I see today that both of my paintings actually reflects more discouragement then hope.

Hopefully there “something” good in thise two paintings, in one or and other way. Maybe at least in the wings and the titles? Maybe the wings fly away with the feeling of discouragement? I hope so 🧑.

After the rain comes the sun. I choose to believe that β˜” 🌞. I need to believe that 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are, – and I really hope you manage to remove the feeling of discouragement, even I know it’s difficult 🧑. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧑

Painting nr 2: I did title this painting “From colourful Autumn to shiny winter” ( size 18*24 cm). Can that be a possibility during this seasons? I’m not sure.

In the beginning of March we was suddenly in curfew and with very strict restrictions here in Spain. Our life was “turned” a bit “upside down”. I did paint two paintings in the beginning of the curfew. In my mind it was for hope. But now I can see it was a feeling of discouragement instead. I just didn’t knew that at that time. And ps- its not very often I say I don’t like my paintings,- but to honest I’m not the biggest fan of this two paintings at all. You can see the other painting in my text.

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