Some of my favourite paintings with a “touch of me” πŸ–Ό πŸŽ¨

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧑

In one strange way there’s a tiny little part of “me” in some or another way, in my art, in my paintings and in my painted glass bottles 🧑. It’s difficult to explain, but most of my paintings are “related” to “something”, like feelings and thoughts, or even a kind of memories inside me, or even things that has happen in my life 🎨. It’s a kind of “connection” or something I “give” in the paintings that’s difficult to explain.

Of course there’s some paintings I like better then others, and for different reasons there’s also some few I don’t like very much either. Like those I did painted in the beginning of the “corona- time” in Spain.

I did show you my coca- cola glass bottles in my last post. And in a strange way they remind me about our time at our Prairie in Norway, and my sons childhood as well as the Christmas- time and summertime too β„πŸŒž. And today I will show you some few others paintings, and try tell you a but about them so maybe you “see” a tiny little bit what I mean when I say it’s a bit of “me” in my paintings 🎨. They are all in one or another way my favourite paintings, but I have more favourite paintings then what I’m showing you today. Today it’s a bit for more trying to “explain” you what I do mean with “me” in the paintings 😊.

This painting did I paint during the Autumn in 2016. And it’s reminds me about a man I met that summer. The summer of 2016 I met a man from Paris/ France. He was on holiday in Spain, and I actually meet him at the beach, and, yes, we did “fall a bit” for each other πŸ₯°.

Title: “My heart in Paris”. It’s reminds me about a man from Paris that “touched” my heart 🧑. And now and the he still do 😊.

He was on holiday for two weeks, and he was closely just arrived Spain when I met him, so we had closely two weeks together. Except from the time when I was at work we spent all the time together.

We continue meeting 2 weeks two times a year for the next two years. But to have a “long distance” relationship like that, and on top of it, the language communication was not the best, it became difficult. He didn’t speak English, and I don’t speak French πŸ˜…. So it was a funny mix of Spanish, English and French πŸ˜….

But he did “touched” my heart, and then it become a painting 🎨.

We have still contact now and then, not very much, but we are in “touch”. His plan was actually to come to Spain on holiday in the end of this September, but the coronavirus did put a nice stopper on that 😊.

I still have this painting, but sometimes I’m conceding to sent it to Paris 😊. I see what I do, I don’t know 😊.

This next painting was one of the first painting I did paint in our new home here in Spain. Or that is actually not correct, – one of the first where I manage to, in my way, “let the past go”. It’s actually painted 2 years after we moved in, and I felt more “relaxed” about my/ our new and a bit unexciting “lifesituation”.

And when I write “our new home”, I do reference to the house and home I’m still living in. This has been a home for me and my children during the last 6 years, and it felt like a home at the moment we did moved in. And has become more and more like a home during the last years. A home we all 4 really needed after a bit tough and hard lasts years in Norway, and a bit tough and hard start in Spain too.

Title: ” Heart with lifestones”

The black colours are the sadness and pain during a challenge period on a couple of years. The white frame is for hope and peace. The sparkling is for dreams, and the red colour, including the heart, is for love and continue believe in love. Not necessarily the love between to partners, but love in life in general 🧑. And the stones, – we all meet some “stones” on our “road in life”. Difficult and challenges experiences in life. They can be heavy to carry, at the same time as they create who you are, in their own way.

I gave this to a person this summer. This person lost one of the parents, not during corona, but stil very suddenly. Then the meaning in the painting, the colours and illustrations still represent the same, but still in an other way. It represented this person sadness over the lost, at the same time the love and all the different things in life that the parent has given to this person πŸ₯€.

Title:”Fun with balloons “

This painting I did called “Fun with balloons”. It was fun to paint, and it’s joy, play, summer and happiness . Its painted in 2017. At that time all my three children had moved to Spain, all three had been living together in my/ our home. And all three in their own way did start finding their own way to start living their young adults life. My daughter was still living together with me, but still starting to be a young adult.

I still have this painting. Time will show what I will do with this one 😊.

This three are just really one of my favourites πŸ₯° Title ” A joyful heart with relaxing peace”, ” Embrace the colours in life” and “The Golden blue inspiration”

Thise ones I did finish in the beginning of 2020, in January 2020, and before I knew and understood what was going on in the world with the coronavirus. I was grateful after a great Christmas celebration together with my two youngest children and a friend of them. And I felt so ready to meet 2020 with inspiration and joy, and I felt so ready to embrace “the different colours” that I thought was going to “show up” in 2020. And I felt relaxed to my job, my hobbies, my life, my plans and goals.

Things did change a bit when we turned into March. But I still like the paintings and I still “feel” the same for “them”. I have given all three away to a friend of my son in the middle before he did moved back to Norway. I thought he needed “what’s in the paintings”,- and he also, in his own way, felt “connected” to the paintings 😊.

One of the last “favourites” I will show you today is this:

Title “A magic dream catcher” and “A joyful Spring in a sparkling night”.

Both of this I have actually painted on order from someone else. It was my first finish painting in 2020. And I had “no leashes”, except from the colours. The illustrations I could choose what ever I wanted. So it became a dream catcher because I knew some of this person’s dreams and wishes in life. And it became a joyful Spring, because I wanted this person to get the wishes and dreams to be real. To have joy and happiness in life πŸ’›. And believe it or not,- some of the wishes and dreams are actually on the way to be real for this person 😊. Something I’m very happy for 😊.

Thank you for your interest to take a look at some of my paintings today πŸ’›.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧑

See you soon 😊

Title:” Feelings in Spring green” – this one I have given to a good friend of my as a birthday present 😊.

An other one of my favourite paintings,- “Feelings in Spring green”. Painted in 2017. I like the colours, I like the heart. I like the feelings of hope that the Spring gives, and I like the colours of green because it’s a symbol for something growing, it’s at the same time a symbol for relaxing πŸ’š. Its some very few more of my, actually many favourite paintings (made by me) in my post. You are very welcome to take a look 😊.

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