Time just flies by, it’s 20 years ago …. already πŸ₯°β€

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧑

Today it’s 20 years since my sweet, charming and amazing daughter was born πŸ₯°. Imagen,- 20 years ago 😳,- and I still feel it was “just around the corner ” I gave birth to her 😊. ….and if course I still feel I’m 27 ….πŸ˜‰… not quite, but in general I still feel I’m “young”, so it’s a bit strange that my last baby duck today is a young adult woman 😊.

A birth is in general difficult to forget, and I still remember when I got her on my stomach, and the nurse told me it was a girl. I knew, if the baby was a girl, I wanted to give her the name Mathilde. My favourite girl name, and my favourite doll from my childhood I also named Mathilde ❀.

When I got her in my arms, my sweetest Mathilde ever, she was like a doll too. This tiny little baby girl I just have given birth to. So sweet and so tiny. The most perfect baby girl in the world 😊. I fall so in love her, this little girl I did hold in my arms πŸ₯°. A love so big and so unconditional that it’s difficult to explain with words 🧑.

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My daughter’s name means “power, might and strength, and a struggler/ a fighter”. It suits her very well. She is a “fighter” and she does her things and stuffs in life with power, strengt and dignity 😊. And she really keeps on working, “struggling” to reach her different goals in life. And she do manage them too πŸ†.

She have a job she really enjoy, and she is a “goal- setter”, and she has already risen slightly in both degrees, salaries and areas of responsibility in her job. Good work, girl 😊,- or maybe I should say “young adult woman” πŸ‘ .

Today this little, sweet, tiny and beautiful baby girl is now become an amazing young adult woman πŸ‘ . She is strong and powerful in her own way. She is mighty and can handle “a fight”, different challenges and various “struggles” in life with power, inner peace and strength. I’m so grateful for being her mammi, and I’m so proud of what she has manage in her life so fare πŸ₯°

She was an very easy baby, and a child as well. And I can’t even “complain” over a though teenager period “together” with her either 😊. Of course there has been some very few “challenges” or “teenager- cases”, but nothing to complain over, and not very much to tell about either 😊.

Now she is living in a bigger city in Spain, Malaga, together with her boyfriend. She is not so very fare away from me, only 20 minutes with train πŸš‹. And that’s good to know, even we can’t see each other at the moment because of some new restrictions.

But last Monday I actually did take the train to Malaga, to my daughter, and I had the shortest trip “ever” into Malaga. I think I was there just for maybe 3 or 5 minutes before I took the same train back to my home πŸ˜…. Reason- well,- from last Tuesday 10.11.2020 we got some “new” restrictions in Spain. And one of them is that we can’t border the different city- borders for the next two weeks. I had something in my home my daughter needed before this “kind of city lock down” happen : 🌑,πŸ–₯, πŸ•―and a bit more. And the “fastes” way to give this to her was to take the train, meet her at the train- station, give “it all” to her, and take the same train back home. ( …you know me and big city driving is not the bestπŸ˜…). And yes, I did sit on the train with a TV on my shoulders, an heather in a bag and some candles holders and other things in an other bag 😊.

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My plan for today was actually to take the train to Malaga after work, invite my daughter to a better dinner with some cava bubbles in the centre of Malaga 🍾πŸ₯‚. Celebrate her a tiny bit πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆ. But I can’t do that today πŸ˜”. I can’t celebrate her 20 years birthday together with her because we are not allowed to border the city- borders. So I can’t even give her a hug, just a virtual one πŸ€—. And I can wish her a great birthday as well,- hopefully her boyfriend take very good care of her, spoil her a lot too πŸ’™. Because she really deserves to be spoiled to day, as well as a lots of other days too 😊. And I can tell her that I love her unconditional, and that I’m the luckiest mammi in the world just because she is my daughter ❀.

2020 has been a “different”, difficult and challenges year for most of us in many areas in our life. But hopefully we can celebrate a bit more next year then 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧑

See you soon 😊

My daughter and me before she moved out. 16.sept.2020- and I’m allowed to use this photo in my post 😊

My amazing daughter is 20 years today 🍾. I gave her my favourite girl name when she was born, a name that’s both “suits” her very well, as well as describe her personality perfectly πŸ’›. Imagine,- my last child and baby duck is a young adult woman πŸ‘ . A young adult woman I’m so proud of and so grateful for being her mammi ❀. I wish her all the best of everything in life ❀.

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