Look at this little shameful fellow πŸ˜”πŸ’›

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧑

It’s difficult to not write about the coronavirus, Covid19 and the situation around “this” and us. This is something that affects us all, daily, all over the world, in some or another way.

I read the Spanish news about the corona- situation in Spain as well as about the situation in Norway. And then I try to have a tiny “overview” over the situation in Europe as well as in the rest of the world. But mainly my focus are on Spain and Norway,- natural enough. I’m from Norway and I’m living in Spain.

The situation is not good, that’s for sure. The virus is “everywhere”, many are in infected by the coronavirus. But it’s not everyone that get sick, many just have the virus and don’t feel to bad at all. And, unfortunately, they actually don’t know they have the virus either. And then they, unfortunately again, can infected other people around them with the virus. Just because they didn’t knew they had the virus.

But I do read in the Norwegian news that people feel ashamed over be sick with Covid19, and ashamed over being infected by the coronavirus. And,- the worst part, in my mind and head at least, people are bad to each other. Behave bad, says and write bad things to people who are infected by the coronavirus. Why? Why be ashamed, and even a bigger why, why behave bad?

The virus are all over the world. It can infect me and it can infect you, and we don’t always know when, how or where, even infection tracking and focus on “close contacts” is one of several measures that have been put in place and implemented. And even we use mask and try to keep distance, as well as washing our hands in a proper way.

I can be infected when I’m at the store, or even when I’m sourrende by my “close contacts”. And I don’t get the infection on porpoise, like I choose to believe that most of the people who are infected with the coronavirus haven’t done this in porpoise. And if I get the coronavirus I don’t think someone infected me on porpoise either.

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But, of course I can be wrong,- there’s a lots of different kinds of people “out there in the world”. There will always be an stupid soul and three “out there”, a “badass”, we all know that. But I don’t think most of us, and people in general get an infection on porpoise and “just for fun”, and then “give” the infection to someone else, just for fun. So why the be ashamed, and why behave bad?

Of course there has been some different mistakes during this period. Cruise ship in Norway that kept the coronavirus situation a bit secret, and different kinds of events that shouldn’t have been completed,- religious event as well as different other events and celebrations. But it is what it is,- the virus is in our society. It will not disappear much faster if we blame on each other.

And aren’t we in a time where we actually should care a bit more about each other then even create more distance to and from each other?

The coronavirus and Covid19 situation creates distance between us already with all the different restrictions, and when we “goes around” and feel about shame and on top of that, also people behave bad, we are creating even more distance.

We can all blame at each other. I can blame the person in the store that use the mask under the nose instead of over and cover both mouth and nose. I can blame one of my “close contacts” to not be to careful, and I can blame you because you didn’t see any needs for washing your hands after a toilet visit. But how will all this “blaming” help?

I read about foreigners in Norway that gets the blame, and teenagers that have secret parties, and I read about secret parties here in Spain too, so “we” aren’t any better South here. I read about people who dont want take the coronavirus test because they are worried for the result, and that an positive test can create bad behaviour when it comes to people around this person. This is, in my head, not good!

We are actually in this situation all of us, it’s affecting all of us, and it doesn’t help to be bad or blame someone else. The virus will not disappear for that reason. And there is probably a reason and two that it is such a big “flourishing” of the virus …. again ….and even more then during this Spring?

Mistakes can happen, this is a very new “situation” for all of us. To both live in in our society with a coronavirus, as we as live with so many new and different restrictions. It’s not easy for no one to “learn” all this at once, and to learn to live with “it all” as well.

And it’s not just the secret party in Madrid or Oslo that is the reason. And it’s not just the foreign that had this meeting, and it is not just this person who using the mask wrong and so on, and so on. That’s not the only reason for why the virus is “flourishing” so much again. It’s a bit more behind the “flourishing” then “just then this and that”.

The coronavirus will not disappear when we walks around and blame each other either. The virus is in our society for now, and, unfortunately, that’s the way it is. Be nice to each other instead. And don’t walk around with any kind of shame because you are positive with the virus. Maybe you feel ashame because you have been on a secret party, and maybe you got the virus from ther. But you can actually not know it for sure. Because maybe you also got it from someone in your family or your close contacts?

It’s important to follow the different restrictions as good as possible, and be nice to each other, including each other as best as possible during a difficult time. Instead of creating even more distance and a feeling of shame fulness.

I hope you are well, doing well and feel well 🧑. I hope you are following the different restrictions where ever you are,- even you feel they are “stupid”, or minimizing your “freedom” in one or another way πŸ’š. The situation is more and less the same for “all and everyone”,- like the possibility for being affected by the coronavirus is more and less the same for “all and everyone” too.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧑

See you soon 😊

Many people feel ashamed because they have got the coronavirus. And the reason why they feel ashamed is because of other peoples bad behaviour πŸ˜”. In the time we all are going through, I hope we can be more nice to each other instead of create even more distance that we already have. The different restrictions do already create distance. Do we need more distance then this?

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