I have dressed on and up….πŸ•πŸ€­

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧑

As a child I liked to play with dolls, babydolls as well as barbie dolls, and of course I did dress them up too. My mam and boths of my grandmams actually did knit and sew cloths to my dolls. Babydolls clothes and Barbie dolls clothes. All my dolls was in general very well dressed πŸ‘—πŸ₯Ώ.

I put my baby dolls in the doll wagon, and my barbie dolls had their own tiny small doll wagon to the barbie baby dolls. I went for a walk with my baby dolls, and I did play that I went for a walk with the barbie baby dolls.

My granddad did actually made a doll house to my barbie dolls, so they had their own home 😊.

But,- I didn’t just dressed up my different dolls in the dolls clothes I got from my mam and grandmams, and went out for a nice walk 😊. I did dressed up small baby cats too, and put them in my doll wagon and went out for a walk. I even did steal small baby birds from the nest and did dressed them up as well, in barbie baby doll clothes πŸ₯. Maybe that’s why I call my children my baby ducks? 🀭

And,- yes I know,- it was not a very nice thing to do with the baby birds. But I was just a child and didn’t knew better. I just wanted to play with them, and dress them up a bit. My mam was not to happy either when I stole baby birds, so I actually did hide them in my doll house so she couldn’t find them ( … and yes, if you wonder, the small baby birds did die, and I became a bit sad over that πŸ˜”).

In Norway there was a writer who did write stories about a wooden stick too, when I was a child. This wood stick could talk and do things, and I really enjoyed it when my dad did read for me about all the different things and stuffs this wood stick did. His name was Knerten (by Anne Cat. Vestly). And his clothes was, of course and natural enough, bark. You know what’s around the wood. 🌳.

I found my own Knerten out there in the Norwegian woods, and of course I changed his clothes, bark, to something more “fancy” like colourful leafs from the trees and green moss.

When I became older I started to look after our neighbours children, babysitting and also went to the playground and did play with them there. And yes,- of course I did dressed up the children too. But not in doll clothes, or colourful leaf, but in their own clothes from their own wardrobe πŸ‘•πŸ§¦. But I did choose the clothes 🀭.

I became a mammi for my three children too,- and dressed up my oldest son in clothes with different blue colours, my son in the middle in clothes with different green colours and my daughter in clothes with different clothes in colours of red, pink and violet.

And of course I have dressed up my self a lots of times too, in both fancy clothes, nice dresses and comfortable trousers as well 😊. Now at days I use a lots of just comfortable clothes in my home πŸ§¦πŸ‘š. But I really do like to dress me up too πŸ‘ .

When I started to work in the home nursery I needed to help sick or older people to get dressed. Sometimes I did choose the clothes, other times they chose the clothes on their own. I was not always agree with their choice of clothes but okay,- it wasn’t me that should use the clothes 😊. As long as they felt nice and comfortable that was the most important thing 🧣.

So when I do think about it,- I have been dressing on and up people in different ages as well as not people too, for s very long time πŸ˜….

But so fare I have never dressed up a dog in my life, not a puppy or a grown up dog. Not before now at days,- and that was not a easy thing to do πŸ˜…. But I did manage it, and now I can say I have done that too, dressed on and up a dog πŸ•.

There were dog paws here and there, and I was afraid I would break the paws because he waved them so much when I had to dress him. But lucky for him and lucky for me, there was not paws broken, just a fancy jacket on, and a happy and warm dog 🐾.

My son told me that his dog wanted his jacket on when we went out for a walk. I didn’t see the need because Zorro, the dog, has a lots of hair on his body. Shouldn’t that keep him warm? But I did what I was told, and dressed up Zorro too, in a fancy red jacket 🧣. Obviously he actually did like it, even it was a tiny challenge to put it on πŸ˜….

And,- when I have been writing this text, and thinking about who I have actually been dressing on and up since my childhood, I have also been thinking if I have chosen the “wrong direction” in the work area in my life πŸ˜… ? I don’t feel I’m overwhelmed interested in clothes, and fashion and “the last news ” when it comes to clothes. But at the same time I obviously like to dress on and up my self, as well as others, even the dog was fun to dress on and up when I manage to do it πŸ˜ŠπŸ•.

Probably not one of my most interesting textes I have been writing, but it was actually a bit fun for me to “go back in time” and remember who I have been dressing up and on from my childhood,- and it was a dog that took me on this “memorie- trip” πŸ•. Just because I needed to dress him on and up for a walk, and then I suddenly remember Ihsve been doing this for many years, dressed on and up 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧑.

See you soon 😊

Zorro in his fancy, warm and comfortable jacket 🐾

When I did start thinking about it,- this was the first time I have been dressing on and up a dog πŸ•. And I have obviously been dressing on and up not just children and people, also a wood stick got some fancy colourful leafs as clothes when I was a child πŸ‚ 😊.

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