One year and 50 % at home 😊 πŸŽ§

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧑

Last week was one year since I started in the costumer service agent job I’m working at now. One year, and it has went so fast.

I remember my first day very well, it felt a bit like coming home. But that’s because I have been working for this company before, just in an other department. And I also did enjoy working for this company at that time as well as I do now. So I think that’s also a reason why it felt a bit like “coming home” because it was just not a familiar place, but also a place where I like to be and work 😊.

First time I did also work as an customer service agent, but at that time for travels and trips. I liked that job, but because of the IS and all the “trouble” they manage to create around in the world it became less and less people that wanted to travel for a while, and then it was less work to do as well πŸ˜”.

Now I’m working as a costumer service agent for clothes, and I really like my job. In general nice and happy costumer, and a working schedule that suits me very well. I can combine this job with my teaching job and my online freelance work as well. And my hobbies too 😊. It feels for me like I can combine my jobs with my life 😊. Something I really enjoy to do.

It’s a bit busy days for me at the moment, but that’s because I need to save up money so I can manage to move my children and my stuff from Norway to Spain during one of the first months in 2021. And that’s just the way it is.

Except from this business because of my own online work I have at the moment, I feel I have the “perfect” working- situation for me. And special because I’m working from home …. again 😊. I so enjoy to work from home. I need to follow the working schedule and be on the phone at time, be at work on time, but still it feels like a freedom to just walk down from my bedroom and then straight to my livingroom and to my job 😊.

I do my daily morning routines like take a shower, dress up a bit and I eat my breakfast beforeI start working. In general do the things I did in the mornings when I was working at the office, but I have a bit shorter “walk” to my job now. I like that. And I can sleep a bit longer too. I like that as well. And in general I actually have a bit more time when I work from my home, then when I was working from the office. And who doesn’t like to have a bit more time? 😊 Well,- at least I do 😊.

Like I mention,- I have been working for this company one year now, and during this year I have been working over 50 % of the time from my home. The reason is called “the corona- situation”.

The “corona- situation” is not any “ideal” situation for most of us, but at the same time I need to admit, if it hasn’t been for the “corona- situation” I haven’t had this working from home situation that’s suits me so well.

So to be honest,- even I know some will think it’s not a good thing to be grateful for, “the corona- situation”, I’m in my own way grateful for having this opportunity to work from home. But,- it is because of the “corona- situation” Im working from my home. Something ( I’m repeating my self now πŸ˜…) but I’m actually very grateful and happy for this working from home opportunity. Special because I have more time and it’s even easier now to both combine my teaching job as well as my freelance online job. And yes, my hobbies 😊.

I do all my jobs on the computers. I have one computer from the company I’m working in as a costumer service agent, and then I use my private computer/ laptop for the teaching job and my freelance online works. I just need to turn around when I am finish at one job, and then I can do and continue my other work.

I’m teaching my students on Skype now, and even my students have found out that it’s “easier” for them to go to their laptop and have lessons together with me, then come to my home. They are saving time as well. They are even meeting up on time, and don’t miss lessons πŸ“š.

In some or another way all my jobs are about costumer service in different ways and settings, but it is about “serve” the different costumers as best as I can. If it’s to take an order or answer questions about products, or write a text about some kind of information or “serve” my students some knowledge about the Norwegian language or satisfy costumers in other ways. It’s still a kind of costumer service and jobs I actually like to do. Happy costumers in or another way makes also my working day easier, and me happy as well. And to be able to do this from my home it’s perfect for me 😊.

But one year ago I didn’t imagine that I should been working from my home as much as I have done this year. I don’t think anyone did. And now at days many people are having home office because of “the corona- situation”. Some like it, some don’t. But we are all different. Something that suits someone it’s not sure suits someone else. Like in most cases and situations in life.

How my working situations will be next year is difficult to tell. But I think I’m going to work from home for a while because of the corona- situation. Hopefully 100 %, and during the whole year, just do all my work from home. That would be very nice 😊.

Even there maybe will be a vaccine for the coronavirus during next year, thing still takes time. Also and special to find out and see how this “speed up created” vaccine is working out. It’s not sure it has the effect the government and the health professionals think. So until then I think it will be for the best to just work from home all the time all next year 😊.

I do miss my colleagues, but I have them in Teams and What’s Up, and we do chat up there 😊. And when I’m not at work I’m in general not spending time together with most of my colleagues anyway, its mainly during the work, working hours, working day and working situation I’m together with my colleagues.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧑.

See you soon 😊

My costumer service agent office in my home 😊🎧

I have been working for the same company a year now, and 50 % of this time I have been working from my home. For me it’s a perfect working situation as well as a life- and living situation 😊. I hope and wish for 100 % next year 😌. It makes me happy to work from my home πŸ₯°.

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