Will there be a third corona- “wave” in the beginning of 2021 ? πŸŒŠ

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧑

We are a bit lucky during the Christmas- time, at least in Andalucia, one of the provinces in Spain. Two of my children and me are living in Andalucia 🌏. We are lucky because the restrictions are loosens up a bit during the Christmas- time πŸŽ„. At the same time it is not just lucky that the restrictions are loosens up, because the consequences can be a third wave of the coronavirus and Covid19.

The boarders between the towns and cities are open up, the opening hours in the stores will be a bit longer. Even the restaurants, cafes and bars can have open a bit longer.

For me and my children that means we are “allowed” to celebrate Christmas together, but just family. I’m not sure how they (the government, police and military) will be able to have any control over this new “Christmas restriction”, and also the maximum restrictions about how many people there’s allowed to be together in a private home during Christmas time and for the next weeks.

But in a way that’s not my problem actually. For me it’s so fine to just be able to celebrate the Christmas eve together with two (of my three) children that are living here in Spain πŸ₯°. We will just be us 3 together so I know that’s allowed, but to be honest I don’t remember the maximum number of people together.

The restrictions are changing “all the time” so its not easy to follow up all the time this different changes. It has been a lots of restrictions changes during this year. I just try to follow them as best as I can, even when I not sure about all if them anymore. But if or when Ikm unsure about the different new restrictions I just ask my oldest son because he has a bit more control then me.

We had the first “wave” of flowering of the coronavirus early this Spring. Then we had the second “wave” during this Autumn, after the summertime and when many people were suddenly more “rekaxed” to this “new” situation. During the summertime there was more parties and people together, a bit less restrictions for a while too. And of course then it come a new “wave” after a bit looser summertime.

And I think there will be a third one early next year. During January or February I think there’s will be a new flowering of the coronavirus again. But of course I can be wrong.

Why I think there will be a new wave? Because of the restrictions that are loosens up a bit for 3- 4 weeks during this December and the first week in January 2021. The restrictions are loosens up now, then the people also are loosens up, and more people will be more together during the Christmas- time, during the New year eve and also during The three Holy Kings day (5.- 6. January).

The restrictions we have at the moment are going to be finish 6. January 2021. We know that, but what kind of new restrictions we will get in January I don’t know. I only know that one of our ministers (I don’t remember his name) did speak in the news that this “loosens up” during the next 3- 4 weeks also would probably have consequences for the people after. One of the consequences is probably a new “virus- wave” and an other will probably be new restrictions.

The people in Spain like the celebrate, and they like to kiss and hug, and they like to be a lots of people together as well. And, like I mention, I don’t know how the government, police or military will be able to control the different restrictions in the different private home during this time. The Christmas- time, new year and the three Holy Kings celebration.

There are vaccine for the coronavirus under process and production, but I have some challenges and doubts to believe in a “hurry up created” vaccine.

I need to admit I don’t quite understand the “corona- situation and concept” at all. But I actually think there is a kind of “concept” behind “all this”. I just don’t know what kind of “concept”. I know it is a virus. I know many people get the virus. I know some gets really sick of the virus and I know some people are dying because of the coronavirus or Covid19. But,- in my mind it’s still something I can’t define but still there’s “something” I “feel” and think it’s very strange with the whole “corona- situation”.

If the different governments around in the world knew in front, like they have obviously have done, about the different “waves” of the coronavirus. Why do they handle as they do? Because both the government in Norway as well in Spain told “us” already early this year that it would come a wave number 2 during this Autumn. And in my tiny little logic head and mind the same will happen again in January and February after the Christmas- and New Year celebrations. But then why open up as they did during the summertime and as they are doing now during the Christmas- time?

I don’t understand why open up when they already know the different negative consequences for doing it? In my mind it’s not logic. But maybe my mind it’s not very logic when it comes to my different thoughts about the “corona- situation”?

I haven’t read or heard very much about “a wave” number 3 yet. But to be honest I haven’t read, listen or watch the different news either during the lasts weeks. I have had some very other different things on my mind. Not even very much Christmas has been on my mind lately.

If I understand the little of news I have been able to “catch up” during the last weeks it seems that the corona- numbers” are just started to go slowly down now. So why then get the numbers up again with loosens up the restrictions, for then again give new restrictions and get higher numbers again?

Well, well,- as I say,- I can be wrong when it comes to a third virus- wave. Its just one thing to do. Wait and see what’s happen during the next weeks and months, and do the best of it.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧑.

See you soon 😊

A clementine Christmas coronavirus 🌊🍊

I think, unfortunately, there will be a third coronavirus wave after this Christmas, new year and the three Holy Kings celebration 🌊. The restrictions are loosens up a bit during the Christmas- time, but how positive effect that will have? It’s just to wait and see πŸ‘€.

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8 thoughts on “Will there be a third corona- “wave” in the beginning of 2021 ? πŸŒŠ

  1. I’m not over the virus if it means a lock down and re group and that means time to keep things into perspective,bottom line in America alot of folks are spoiled and hard headed and act like this virus ain’t serious and two things,wait it out and use common sense, the metaphor in this virus at least here in America is that people don’t take care of others and the Earth and its a double edge sword peace and the best to you and yours

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    1. Thank you for your comment and for sharing a bit about around the situation in USA. I don’t very much what’s happen “over there”. But it sound a bit like here- people don’t take it to seriously. I wish you all the best🌹- Good thoughts from me to you πŸ’›


      1. Its Racial here and you probably don’t get the half of what happens here,the pandemic here has a Racial tie in and everything that has happened ties into the mental and denial over here,its hand in hand here.the best always to you

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  2. I’m so over this virus! Here in the U.S. we’re having another β€œwave”. They are tightening up on restrictions which makes no sense to me. They should have done it a long time ago. I have no answers on how to handle it other than people can no longer be isolated. Their mental well being depends on it.

    So happy you’ll be able to spend it with family. Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

    P.s. new blog stalker 😜

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    1. I’m so over the virus myself- and I’m not agree with all the different restrictions the government put in and out and in again. Its confusing and make no sense either 😳….in my mind.

      I’m very grateful for be able to celebrate the Christmas together with my children too ❀

      Ps- and in a bit you will too have a new blog stolker 😊….looking forward to follow you 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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