After crash flying into the Christmas- time, we landed soft, smoothly and relaxed πŸŽ…πŸŽ„πŸŒΉ

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧑

It’s in the middle of the Christmas- time now, actually we are slowly moving out of the Christmas, and slowly into the last days in this very strange year 2020.

The Christmas- eve and the Christmas- time in our home became very cozy and relaxed, and without to much of our “normsl” traditions, but still some very few. I didn’t thought it should be like that just two weeks ago. I actually didn’t thought it was possible to create a nice and cozy Christmas- eve this year, two weeks ago.

Two weeks ago my plan was to start to prepare the Christmas- time, to start bake the different Christmas cakes and put out the different Christmas decorations in our home. But I needed changed those plans a bit, or not just a bit, a bit more then a bit, and instead use my time on my daughter, the emergency, move my daughter back to my home and create my home back to her home as well. And this things takes time. Its not done in a bit.

It felt like a sky high crash flying straight into a Christmas where nothing, absolutely nothing was ready for Christmas and the Christmas- celebration. And to be honest, I didn’t manage to have or be very much ready for our Christmas- time and celebration this year either. But with some help and some small creative “solutions” we manage to get a very good atmosphere and cozy Christmas- eve anyway πŸŽ„. And in a strange way it still became Christmas, a nice one too 😊.

Some small decorative items created a bit Christmas- time in our home this year πŸŽ„.

Two weeks ago my daughter moved in a hurry back home. Her ex- boyfriend didn’t treat her very well. If you haven’t read about what’s happen, you can read it in my text “I don’t know what to say”. I have choose to try to not use more of my energy or time about the situation and happenings. I’m trying to use my energy on my daughter instead, the present and the future as well. So I m not going to use very much time to write about this either.

I have use my time now, during the last two weeks to sort out my thoughts and feelings around this situation. That’s also the reason why I haven’t been able to write very much in my blog. I needed to use this time to something else. To sort things out in my mind and my soul,my thoughts and my feelings. And to be there for my daughter.

I have already use to much of my energies and time on men like my daughter’s ex- boyfriend, and this kind of energies are not very powerful, good and positive. They are actually exhausting, and feels like they are eating up my heart, thoughts, good feelings and soul. I don’t like that very much.


I have had this kind of negative thoughts and feelings to much already inside me. Because of my own ex- boyfriend. And feelings like this will not bring anything good into my or our life either. Easy to “let go”? No, not at all. Its necessary to use a lots of energies to change focus and negative energies, thoughts and feelings to as small negative feelings and thoughts as possible. The anger will not bring anything good in my or our life on a long distance term anyway. But I did allowed me to be angry and sad, and cry for a while. I needed to allowed myself to go during this “process” for to be able to manage “this” , and slowly things gets a bit better 😊.

In this case and situation I choose to not try to use any more energies at all on my daughter’s ex- boyfriend or men like him. It’s not worth to use any energies on “this”. So I choose to try to use no energy on “this” and as much positive focus and energies about what’s in front of me and us instead Today and the future. It’s not easy, I’m lying if I say it’s easy. But little by little, step by step, and day by day it’s gets a bit easier 😊. We can’t stay in the past anyway, the life isn’t there. The life is here 🧑.

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I don’t wish him, my daughter’sex- boyfriend (or my ex- boyfriend) anything bad, and for many this sounds like I have forgiven and forgotten their acts. I haven’t. One day I will explain for you why I don’t wish people anything bad. But not today. I have also tried to raise my children to do the same,- do not wish anyone anything bad. It’s some good reasons for that. I will come back to that another day.

Well,- like I mention, I didn’t have very much ready for this Christmas because my plan was to do so much from the 13. December and the following week. Because the following week was my holiday. And to be honest, I have been a bit worried about our planned nice Christmas celebration and Christmas- time this year too. How to manage it? How to manage bake cakes, decorate and send Christmas gifts to my family in Norway? How to manage create a nice and cozy Christmas- eve after this? After using necessary time on my daughter, and the circumstances she was in?

And I didn’t manage very much either, but still we managed to create a nice, cozy and relaxing atmosphere and Christmas- eve for my daughter and myself πŸŽ„. It’s strange how little it’s need to take and do to create something good, nice and relaxing 🌹.

This is from our Christmas celebration this year, and it’s mainly the dinner and the dessert that is from our “normal” Norwegian Christmas- celebration πŸŽ„

My oldest son couldn’t, unfortunately, not be together with us, because he needed to work. He lost two working- days when he did help out his little sister with picking up her things and stuffs in the apartment in Malaga. And he need to earn money as most of us do. To food, and a place to live.

I manage to create homemade Norwegian caramels and a confetti cake called “Delfia- cake” ( I will share the recipe one of the next days) and the dessert for Christmas- eve, Dronning Maud pudding. That’s it 😊. That was our “Christmas cakes” this year.

My friend, Natasja did buy the Christmas- meat and potatoes for me, and my sweet daughter did went to a store where they sold kohlrabi and Brussels sprouts. I myself manage to make the dinner with the different accessories.

I even manage to create some “easy” Christmas kind of decorations in our home. Not very much, but still a bit. At least enough to create a cozy evening and atmosphere around us. With candles and a nice Christmas smell in our home from the different spices I used in the meat.

And we did had a very nice, a bit different, but still good Christmas celebration and Christmas- eve together, my daughter and me πŸ₯°.

After a nice and tasty Christmas- dinner we did watch the move “Ice-age 5: Collision course”. A really nice and a bit funny movie 😊. And we was just relaxing in the sofa. We didn’t do very much more out of the Christmas- eve then this, but still it became a very nice and cozy Christmas- eve πŸŽ„.

We slept very well both of us this night,- and are ready for the next lasts days in this very strange 2020. So yes,- it’s possible to get a soft, smoothly and relaxe landing after something that felt a bit like a crash flying into the  Christmas- time πŸ₯°. I didn’t thought that was possible two weeks ago, but it feels so great when it became possible.

And yes,- it’s possible to have a cozy and nice Christmas- eve even when its was just the dinner this year that still was a part of our Christmas traditions. And a couple of Christmas cakes. But we are in a year where most traditions are changing in it’s own way. Even the Christmas- traditions for many people all over the world.

I hope you all had a great Christmas- time, even it didn’t became the way you had in mind, and even you maybe needed to change some of your traditions because of the coronavirus circumstances we all are living with in our society.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧑.

See you soon 😊.

A rose from our patio- a rose that’s growing up and shows us hope, believes, love – the future 🌹

I didn’t thought it was possible to create a nice and cozy Christmas- eve and Christmas time for my daughter and me this year πŸŽ„. And I didn’t manage to keep up any other traditions this year then our traditional Christmas dinner and dessert πŸŽ„. But still it became a very nice, cozy and relaxing Christmas- eve 🌹.

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