On “food- haunting” 🏹 πŸ˜Š

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧑

It’s Sunday, and Sundays are my daughter and me on “food- haunting” 🏹. Sounds very serious? 😊 It’s actually not so seriously as it’s sounds like. We are actually using an app called “ToGoodToGo”, and buy food from different bakeries, cafeterias an restaurants, actually also from gas stations. The food they are selling out are to good to throw away, but at the same time not to good to sell for full price anymore. But for us it’s tasty and well fully edible, and cheap food.

The food is like the name on the app,- it is to good to go. Simple and easy. And the app is not complicated to use either 😊. I’m not the biggest fan of app’s, but I have and use some few, and one of them is “ToGoodToGo”.

I have actually been waiting for this app to be available here in Spain for the last 4 years. Because it’s around 4 years since the first time I heard about the app from a friend of my in Norway. She recommended me to use this app, but unfortunately it took a bit time before this app did “travel” to Spain ✈.

Of course we can use the app and go on “food- haunting” every day during the week, but we are both working, me and my daughter, and we are not always working at the same time. So we decided to use the Sundays for “food- haunting” as well as a day where we are having a good and long walk together.

My daughter and me in “food- haunting” and a good walk together as well.

On this Sundays we get some quality time together, and even some exercise.  On such a trip we actually walk more or less 10,000 steps. My daughter is counting 😊. I don’t care how much steps I’m walking,- it’s a nice walk anyway, fresh air, as well as a kind of exercise together with some food- shopping. And of course some great time together with my daughter πŸ₯°.

Even we live together at the moment, also both are working from home now at days, and we are sourrende by each other more and less 24 hours every day, it’s nice to have and spend a bit different kind of time together then just the time we are use together in our home πŸ₯°. And it’s nice to do something “different” too 😊. And I don’t mind to save some money either and buy cheap food.

In general we never know what kind of food we are buying or get, but so fare so good. We have been lucky and got food we actually do like and enjoy to eat. But it is more like “suprice bags” of food, and that can be fun too 😊.

Here in Spain we can see on the app what kind of store that’s have “ToGoodToGo” food to sell, what price it’s and what time we can pick up the food.

So my daughter and me are taking a look at the app, making plans where to start the “food- haunting” and where to stop, and where we can pick up inbetween 😊. Then we reserve, order and pay for the food, and pick it up between the hours we should.

We are using around 10 to 15 euro on our “food- haunting”, and then we in general get one or two breakfast- kind of food, two to four lunches and two to four dinners. That’s not to bad at all. We get good food, tasty food and fully edible food, and cheap as well 😊. The stores don’t need to throw the food away, and they actually earn a bit money instead. And a bit money is more then no money.

It’s still not to many bakeries, cafeterias, restaurants or gas stations that’s using the app here in the area yet, but hopefully there will be more little by little, I hope so. I hope so, not just because then it’s more stores for us to choose between, but of course that will not be a to bad thing 😊, but I think the different stores that’s using this app are not at least losing money, even they don’t maybe earn to much money either, with using this app. And people get great food for not to much money as well 😊.

I’m not sure how many countries in Europe or other places in the world where this app is available, but I do recommend both bakeries, cafeterias, restaurants and even food stores to start use it as well as people to start to buy food during this app. The store don’t need to throw away full functional food, but maybe even earn some money instead, and people has the opportunity to buy cheap and tasty food as well 😊. In my mind it’s a win- win for both the stores and the buyers 😊.

And maybe this is even more a win- win now at days when the corona- situation turning so many peoples, stores, cafeterias and restaurants into a challenged economic situation?

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧑

Our “ToGoodToGo” food from our one of Sunday “food- haunting ” 😊

It’s sounds a bit serous to go on “food- haunting”,- but it’s actually a bit fun 😊. And on Sundays me and my daughter have a “food- haunting” day “spiced” up with a nice long walk 😊. It’s a nice way to both get cheap food, some exercises and some quality time together πŸ₯°.

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