Oh no, I needed to take a tiny step out of my comfort- zone πŸ˜³πŸ˜…

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧑

I have “recognize” that there will be different “comfort- zones” in my life I need to start to take a step and two out from, because if not I’m not going to “get anywhere”. Even I need to admit I have no idea where I’m going to “go” yet πŸ˜…. But if I’m not starting “walking” one thing it’s for sure, I’m not getting anywhere either 😊.

The thing is, I’m in general not aware that I need to cross over my comfort zone before I actually standing closely in front of it or it stand in front of me. Like when I needed to travel to Madrid.

And I’m not the only one that feel we “suddenly” need to move a bit out of our different comfort zones in our lifes. One thing is because the children has moved out from the sofa, just kidding, from the home 😊, and we need to find a new rhythm and dynamic in our life because of that. And an other thing is this “life changing process” that’s actually are happen in a woman’s body and probably also life and mind in the age of around 50 , this menopause πŸ€ͺ. (As well as for men too). And then it’s changes in life in general that makes it’s necessary to move out from different comfort zones in life.

And I’m not the only adult woman (and men too) that has “created” our own “safty” routines in our life 😊. A kind of safety net. The comfort zone or safety net can be where to shop our food, or what gas station to use for fill up the gasoline on the car, even filling from the same gas pump, or a routine for picking up the mail, or when to do the dishes or make the dinner. It can be small things and daily routines we in general are not thinking very much about, but “suddenly” they changes a bit because things in life changes. And we need to move out from a kind of “comfort zone”.

Comfort zones in life can be so many different things. It depends from person to person.

Routines create safety, and comfort zones, but in general we doesn’t think very much about it, because they are the routines in our life. We are used to them. We like them. They create our safety. They create a comfort we like.

I’m using in general the same food store, or actually I do switch between 3 different ones, but I have one I use most. And that’s because its close to my home, it’s cheap and I feel comfortable with shopping there. And when I had the car I did use the same gas station too, and I also in general use the same gas pump, pump number 5 πŸ˜….

Some will probably laugh at bit about me, and that’s fine 😊. And some will understand why I felt like I needed to take a tiny step out of my comfort zone one day this week when I realized that I actually needed to go to the store and buy my own ice coffee – alone too 😳 πŸ˜…. And that to a store I’m not use to use 😳.

This “ice coffee shopping for mammi” is something my daughter has done for me the last 3 months now, when she has been out for her walks. And,- then she use another food store to buy my ice coffee from then I’m using to buy food. Because in this store the ice coffee is a bit cheaper and it’s tasty good too, and they are in general not empty for ice coffee either like they in general are in the food store I’m using 😊.

My favourite coffee is Ice coffee cappuccino- so now you know 😊

So when I was out of my favourite ice coffee, cappuccino, I actually needed to go to the food store I haven’t use or been in for some years β˜•. It was actually not a big deal, and I didn’t felt on a “big ice block in my stomach” either because of this. I just realized and recognized that there will be some small steps out of my different comfort zone and routines, and habits as well, and even some big ones too, in front of me out there in the future 😊. And I’m not sure what they are or when they are showing up. So for me it’s just to try to get use to them, that they are “dropping up” now and then, small and without any big deal as well as big ones who will create some ice blocks in my stomach 😊.

I actually sent a photo to my daughter at Snapchat with a photo of my ice coffee and a text “Mammi needed to go out of her comfort zone today” πŸ˜…. Because in it’s own, but not very important way, that was actually still what it was, – a tiny, but not important, step out of my comfort zone 😊.

This ice coffee shopping is just a tiny and very little and small example, maybe even a stupid example, but for some this changes can be a big deal, when for others not so much. And it was also not a big challenge for me to take the walk to this store, it was actually a bit exacting 😊. Because I found also some tasty chocolate sauce and caramel sauce to use on my ice cream πŸ₯°. But I think it is a bit important to think about that something that can seems not like a big deal for some people can be a very big step out of the comfort zone for others- just because we are different, and maybe also because we are in different stages in life as well as in different life processes. Let’s not forget about that, and just respect and accept the difference in this area in life- that we all have different comfort zones, and that we all not like to take a step or two out of this 🧑.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧑

See you soon 😊

I manage to buy my ice coffee on my own and even in a store I closely never has been in πŸ˜…( this is the photo I also sent my daughter on Snapchat 😊)

When I was out of my favourite ice coffee, I actually needed to move myself a bit out of my “comfort zone” and use another store then I’m use to use 😳😊. It all went well πŸ˜…,- but I think it’s a bit important to think about that we all have different comfort zones in life, and what’s not a “big deal” for some can be a big challenge for others when it’s about moving out from different comfort zones in life πŸ₯€.

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