Then we try the dating again πŸ˜ŠπŸ₯‚

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧑

Two months after the planned date with my earlier neighbour we actually managed to have a date 😊. The date was delayed because he got the coronavirus and then became sick with Covid19 πŸ˜”. But now he’s “back in business” again and healthy and feel well. And yes,- he got his two vaccines ling before he was infected by the coronavirus- in case you wonder 😊.

I’m actually not sure if I should call it a date or a meeting, because I have knew my “date” for seven years now, and we have in a way “dated” a bit before too. Four years ago we “dated” in our own way for around three years 😊. So we do know each other a bit.

To be honest,- I’m actually not sure what “dating” means,- but the way I do understand “dating” is when two people like or are interested in other each meet up and spend time together as well as do things together. In my mind a date doesn’t necessary means that we goes out for a drink or a dinner, but spend time together in some or another way 😊. But I think we can have different understanding for what a date is.

Me dressed up for a date- and this time no sickness and Covid19- so my date did showed up 😊

Since we do know each other, my date and me, we decided to have the date in my home,- with barbecue and red wine mixed with coca cola, because my date like the red wine best that way 🍷. And to be honest ,- the wine do taste good mixed with some coca cola. It’s not to bad at all 😊.

We had a very nice and cozy evening together. It was good to see him again, and very nice to talk with him too,- even we now and than can have some communication “challenges” because of the language, and maybe also because we are a woman and a man too 😊.

I like that we have different things to talk about and even some similar interests as well. He likes to paint and create too, and he likes to fish too. And he is a bit handyman as well, and can fix different things in- and outside the home. I like that.

I haven’t been fishing since I lived in Norway, and I did like to fish and I have now and then missed to stand there with the fishing rod, the sea, the silence, and maybe even some fishing luck too 🐟. And it’s a fishing pier very close to my home, a place where we can stand and fishing, and I actually want to go there and just be there and fish. Try to get a fish or two, but it’s nice to be together with someone else that have the same interests as my self. Like maybe my earlier neighbour. We see what’s happen. Maybe I’m going to go to the pier on my own too one day, I just need to get both fishing equipment and a fishing rod first 🐟😊.

My “date” also like to spend some time on the beach under the sun, like me, and maybe the best,- he actually like to spend time together with me, at the same time as he has actually respect for this need I have for use my own time, to be alone. Maybe because he actually also like to use his time in the same way?😊

We have decided to meet up now and then,- but what’s more that will happen I don’t know. I’m not stressing anything, and to be honest I Iike it this way,- that we meet up now and then and just spend some time together. Not stressing anything anywhere 😊.

And,- I’m still not in this “relationship” corner in my life,- so this kind of “deal” or agreement we have suits me actually very well 😊. And I’m very relaxed to “this” together with my earlier neighbour 😊.

But at least there was someone that manage to go on a kind of date with me πŸ˜…. And it was a really nice and cozy evening too,- and I’m looking forward to meet and see him again 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧑

See you soon I hope 😊

Creating a cozy atmosphere at my terrace for a nice and cozy meeting, or maybe some will call it a date 😊

I’m still not in the “dating- corner” in my life, or “relationship- corner” either,- but I did say yes to meet up on a kind of date together with someone I have knew for some years 😊πŸ₯€. And it was a nice and cozy evening that’s probably is going to be repited 😊πŸ₯€.

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