There was a tiny little thought behind each gift πŸŽπŸ˜Š

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧑

Yesterday I was invited to a birthday party,- and not to anyone (for me at least ), – but to Natasja πŸ₯°. And it was a very nice and cozy birthday party in her and her husband’s cafe- Casa Barella πŸ₯€.

For me she is a very special friend, and a special friend needs also some special thoughts behind the gifts πŸ₯°.

My birthday gift to Natasja 🎁

Natasja like pink, and for some reason she likes clocks, or maybe it’s just “the time” she like? 😊 I know she likes both the clocks and the time, but in two different ways ⏳. And she like wine too 🍷. And she likes flowers as well πŸ₯€. So I tried to “create” a birthday gift to her that’s in a way gave her those things she like 🎁.

It became a pink flower plant called Cala πŸ₯€. Why? Because it was pink and because she lives in La Cala as well has her (their) dream is there, in La Cala- their own cozy cafe- Casa Barella 🍡.

Then it was a pink wine, still because she likes both pink and wine 🍷. And I did put two snack bowls together with the wine. One in the same green colours that’s are in the cafe, and of course, one in the colour of pink. The wine bottle I put in a paper bag with the text “success and successfulness”,- just because she is a success,- even she does think so herself. And I wish them all the best success for their cozy cafe πŸ₯°.

Of course she also got a birthday card with pink flowers- Rose’s to be more correctly. Still because of the colour pink, and because she is a strong and elegant woman, like the roses are 🌹.

And to the end,- I did paint a painting to her in the colours she loves so much with the illustrations she also like very much,- the clock and the time, and some flowers too ⏳πŸ₯€. I’m going to tell you a bit more about this painting in my next post,- because it’s “just” not only a painting 🎨.

Unfortunately the painting was drying a bit to slow after my mind 😳. So I couldn’t wrap it in wrapping paper πŸ˜…. Then it was just to try my best to bring it with me on the train and in the taxi without any paper, as well as avoid that any people got in “touch” with the painting. Both so the illustrations was intact as well as to avoid that people got oil painting on their clothes 🎨.

It all went well,- but I need to admit I felt s bit stupid on the train, walking around in my highest heels πŸ‘ , and to be honest, not quite my longest dress either πŸ˜…, and a bit no to dry painting πŸ–Ό. And the dress- it was a gift from Natasja so it felt like a suitable dress to use it. It’s a very nice dress, it’s the safe colour black, it’s short (I need to admit I like it short…or very long- nothing in between), and it was also a special event and evening,- a birthday party, and it was from Natasja 😊.

Me dressed up for Natasja’s birthday party 🎁 My high heels and my short dress- but I actually felt a bit pretty 😊.

Hopefully Natasja liked the gifts, most of them she in some or another way can “use”. About the painting is another thing,- but then it’s just to hide it away 😊.

Beautiful flowers and delicious food πŸ₯°.

It was a great party and celebration- just the way like Natasja is πŸ₯°. The food was, of course, made by the chef in the cafe, and tasted delicious πŸ₯°. I think we got 5 or 7 different flavor dishes.  I do not quite remember because there was so much good food, and so many exciting flavors.

I’m very grateful for the invitation and I had a fantastic evening together with Natasja, her lovely husband, Klaus, and her/ their friends πŸ₯°.

So inbetween my jobs I do something else too, now and then πŸ˜…πŸ˜˜.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧑.

See you soon 😊.

Look at this cozy cafe in La Cala- Casa Barella- ready and decorated to a celebration for my lovely and fantastic friend Natasja on her birthday 🎁

I was in a great birthday party this weekend 🎈. I did try my best to give the gift some thoughts 🎁. I even did dressed up in a short, nice, black dress and high heels πŸ‘ . Want to take a look? 😁 And I had a not very dry painting under my arms on the train too πŸ˜…. It was a great party with tasty food for a fantastic bestfriend πŸ₯°.

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