Straightener for clothes πŸ‘—πŸ‘”

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧑

I do not mind doing housework, but ironing clothes is probably not one of my favorites.  That’s why it’s something my children have not seen me do very much or often – and maybe that’s why my daughter does not know what the “tool” we use to ironing clothes is called? πŸ˜³πŸ˜…

Last weekend, my daughter was going to a Thanksgiving dinner together with some friends, and then she wanted to dress up a little with, among other things, wearing a skirt πŸ‘—.

We are both working from home, but in different floors, so it’s easier to send each other a chatt on messenger when we have some questions or something we want to tell each other then starting yelling to each other πŸ“’.

And last Friday I got this question from her : “har me sΓ₯nn derre dings som gjΓΈr kler rette”= do we have a thing that makes clothes straight”. And she did continues as best as she could: “rettetang, bare for klΓ¦r” = straightener but just for clothes.

Oh my,- I started laughing and I was on the phone with a costumer too πŸ˜…. A new word for the “tools” we use to ironing our clothes.

I said yes,- we have 4 of this, and sent her a photo:

…and that’s true too. I have 4 old fashioned iron.

Well,- she for some reason didn’t want to use one of those iron even I told her I know how to use it, and could help her πŸ˜…. She did answer me with this: ” veeel, kanskje litt mer moderne”= “well, maybe something a bit modernised”. And then I told her that if she could remember what this “tool” was called I should answer her. Because obviously she didn’t remember the name on this “tool”- but I’m agreed with her that a straightener for clothes is a very good and in one way correct word.

But I did show her what a straightener for clothes is:

I have actually one of this too,- in Norway,- at least I hope it’s still in Norway- I like old things like this 😊.

My daughter couldn’t remember the name,- so she actually did send a text to her friends, to try to get the correct answer πŸ˜….

My daughter’s working chat- and she even did put the photo in it- just to be sure she would get the correct answer πŸ˜….

And she was a bit “proud” when she could text me back “iron” , but also very honest and told me to check my Snapchat, because she had sent me a screenshot from the conversation πŸ˜….

But, yes, like I told her,- I have a tiny, tiny iron, but still function iron, and the “job” will be done, her skirt would be nice and straight 😊.

It’s just that I don’t think she had in mind how tiny my iron actually is πŸ˜…. It’s a tiny travel iron a good friend in Norway gave me some years ago. But I don’t need any more or any bigger iron. It gets the job done, and even more perfect- it doesn’t take very much space either.

My iron looks like this- around 10 cm. A travel iron I actually just closely can have in my handbag πŸ˜… and perfect for me and my use of ironing.

I manage to ironing my daughter’s skirt, and it’s looked the way she wanted it to look, and she felt well dressed and ready for the Thanksgiving dinner πŸ”.

In between the days it’s important to find something to have a good laugh over, or a smile,- and we both got a good laugh this day, but maybe from different things at the same time over the same story 😊.

My daughter laughed over me and that I thought she was good that did find the correct name for “straightener for clothes” when she actually asked her colleagues, and she did laugh a lot when I did find the iron because she hadn’t seen in her mind that it should be so tiny πŸ˜….

I laughed over the “fancy” new name she gave the iron, and also a bit when I actually manage to ironing her skirt, because she didn’t thought that could happen 😊.

It has been some hard weeks lately, actually more then a month (I‘m going tell you in just a couple of days- but to get a bit distance to “it all” has been necessary and important first as well as short things out a bit) and then it’s good to have and find even some small things during the day to smile about or have a good laugh over 😊. Like the straightened for clothes 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧑

See you soon 😊

Me ironing my daughter’s skirt, the skirt got really nice and my daughter is both happy and still laughing a bit before she is going to the Thanksgiving dinner with her friends πŸ˜ŠπŸ”

I like to do housework because I like to have it nice and cozy around me, but I’m not the biggest fan of ironing πŸ˜…. And obviously I have ironing to little because my daughter couldn’t remember the name for the “tool” we use to ironing clothes- and then it became a “straightener for clothes” instead πŸ˜….

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