My daughter’s story: One honest and one dishonest douchebag 🙄😶

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

A year ago my daughter was beaten blue, yellow and purple- by her very jealous and suspicious ex- boyfriend, Simon.

She moved back to my home in a hurry, and I took her to the emergency. It was necessary. She looked a bit like a colour palette with some different colour spots “here and there and everywhere” over her body.

My palette with some of the colours my daughter’s body was “coloured” up with a year ago.

Simon is something I in my mind, and now to you too, call “an honest douchebag”. Why? Well,- he was a douchebag because he couldn’t manage to control his jealousy and anger, and he was so suspicious. He thought my daughter was unfaithful “all the time”. If she was 5 minutes to late home he was pretty sure she had “jumped around in the bushes” together with an other man. And one evening he couldn’t control him self anymore and did beat up my daughter….for hours.

Their home didn’t look not very nice either, because he had threw different things on her and after her when she did try to escape from him. Bottles, glasses and lamps. She tried to escape from him, but he hold her back and dragged her around on the floor.

Of course she was very scared and afraid. But she did also felt on quilt because in some or another way she felt it was her mistake that had made him so angry.

My oldest son did picked her up on the street after she did manage to escape from the apartment. And the apartment looked not very nice.

Some few photos from the apartment- my oldest son and his friend took this when they later the same day after picked up my daughter and brought her home to me, went back to the apartment to pick up some of my daughter’s things, like clothes, shoes and toilet bag.

A week or two after my daughter had moved out from the apartment and from Simon, a friend of her went together with her to pick up the rest of her things and stuffs. And Simon had cleaned up all that what was destroyed, washed my daughter’s things and stuffs, and even put and packed them down nicely in bags.

He did pay for the rent, but chose to move from the apartment after some few months because the rent became to much for him to pay on his own. But he paid and he moved out nice and quiet.

In his own way he tried to “fix it”- but he still couldn’t admit that he had a problem with controlling his anger, and he did still blamed my daughter for what’s happen that evening and night. But still I will say he was an honest man- still a douchebag, but an honest douchebag. And Im calling NC a very dishonest douchebag. Why?

Well,- for the first NC- Nathaniel Caprino Engbråten took her keys to the apartment from my daughter and wouldn’t give her any kind of access to pick up the rest of her things.

It took closely two weeks and a threat about the police before he hide the apartment keys outside, took a movie where he had hidden them and sent this to my daughter. So she could pick them up there.

I went to the apartment together with her, and I did warn her before we locked us into the apartment. My feelings told me that it couldn’t be a very nice “sight” that was waiting for us behind the door- and I was correct.

I feel that the photos gives a nicer impression then what it actually was.
Food, garbage and clothes everywhere
A mess in closely every room
How old this food was- I don’t know, and garbage after his steorider- injections….

NC had run away from/ moved out from the apartment like this, and he didn’t pay the rent either, or the electricity or for the water. And for a guy that didn’t have any money he had manage to eat a lot, drink and create a lots of garbage 😳.

But it’s probably some else money, from someone else credit card information that has paid for all this.

All his things was gone, his clothes and shoes, and of course some of my daughter’s things too. All her towels and duvets, pillows and bed clothes was gone. Her x- box and games was gone and a couple of more things. I don’t remember it all, but she does.

And “just in case” he had squeezed her clothes into cat shit and cat pee. Also burned some of her clothes as well with cigarettes and destroyed them.

Some of her clothes squeezed on the floor in cat shit and cat pee- it wasn’t the easiest things to pack when so much was so dirty as it was.

So maybe you now understand why I call one an honest douchebag and the other one an dishonest douchebag?

We manage to take with us my daughter’s things and stuffs and left the apartment. We “moved” in a big Uber box car 😅. Because I don’t have a car. It’s has been a couple of Uber and taxi trips lately- and sometimes even some unexpected one too, and in a bit hurry as well, because we needed to go to the police station.

But like my daughter mention in my last post- her story, this story, is not finish- it’s coming some more.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

How can someone leave someone else’s place, apartment, property like this? It’s disrespectful.

It’s a different between a honest douchebag and an dishonest douchebag. My daughter manage to meet them both during one year 🙄. Some people just “run away” from all and everything- don’t show any respect or responsibility. And some actually do try, in their own way to “fix it”.

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